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Chapter thirteen

“Oliii.” I whined as I opened the door. I’ve yet to tell him what just happened and godammit, I really don’t want to. So I came up with a plan to sugarcoat it by spending the entire day out and then telling him tonight.

“What’s wrong, Josh?” he asked. “Did you get into a fight with your mates?”

“No, I don’t remember when I last talked to them. But I wanted to see if we could spend the day with each other. Y’know, go out and walk around.” I said and buried my face into his chest.

It’s like I could see his face from the confusion as he slowly wrapped his arms around my chest. “W-What would you like to do then? Hang out at the park? Go to the cinemas?”

“Let’s go to the aquarium and get our mind off things!” I said as I grabbed his wrist and dragged him out of our dorm room.

“Do you have any money on you?!”

“I have like £55 on me! We’ll be fine, I promise!” Hah, “fine”.


I’m the biggest fucking liar when I say the word ‘fine’, oh my god. First off, it was pouring down rain and the line to buy your tickets felt like I’ve been waiting for thirty-five years. Secondly, I don’t even like aquariums. If people from school are here, I’m killing myself without giving it a second thought.

“Two adults?” the lady asked. No, two toddles. “That will be £15 each, please.” EXCUSE ME. WHAT. YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU, I’M NOT PAYING FOR THAT SHIT. OLIVER, I’M ABANDONING YOU FOR MY MUSIC CAREER IN A MONTH HAHA OKAY BYE.

Alright, mental rant finished. I slowly dug out £30 from my pocket and handed her the money. Oliver’s definitely paying me back before I leave him without a question.

“Have you ever been to the aquarium?” I asked him as we went to the jellyfish exhibit. This might be the only interesting exhibit here other than the shark one which I kind of want to see.

“No, my parents never brought me even when I was little. We weren’t necessarily the wealthiest family so that’s why. I’ve always wanted to come here and see the different animals so I’m really excited.” Stop. You’re making me regret everything.

The jellyfish exhibit was pretty amazing. They were placed in large tubes and at the bottom there were lights of different colors which made the jellyfish change color, too. At the walls were tanks with either more jellyfish, spider crab, or an octopus. A lot of photographers were even here taking pictures which was interesting.

Next exhibit was a mixed one. A large glass tank filled with stingrays was placed in the middle of the room and trees and live butterflies were decorated. Guessing it’s a rainforest setting? Whatever, it was calming for me. I even found out you were allowed to pet the stingrays since the ends of their tails had been clipped off so I was psyched about petting one.

“It’s so slimey!” Oli squealed the second his fingers touched the stingray’s back. He’s such an oblivious child sometimes.

“What do you expect it to feel like?” I teased at him. “All scaley like a reptile?”

“Shut the hell up.” he lightly pushed me. Hey, it’s not my fault you didn’t know the texture of a stingray. “Which exhibit is next?”

“From my calculations, it’s the underwater cave.” I said, pointing at the door with a sign that said “Underwater Caves.” Someone get Oliver some glasses, please.

Alright I didn’t know what I was expecting in this part but what I definitely didn’t think we were actually going to be in an underwater cave but goddamn they fooled me. Different types of fish swam by the glass and you could even see the silhouette of a shark or two at the top. Tranquil music filled the air and the lights danced around the cave as each fish swam in front of it. Oliver was too excited to see this he even ran ahead of me to look for different fish. I honestly wasn’t even the slightest bit annoyed by it. He was smiling like a child which made me more happy than ever. It’s been awhile since this has happened so I wanted to let him enjoy the time before I tell him the news later on. Dammit, Josh, stop thinking about that and try to have some quality time here.

We eventually came to the end of our little aquarium journey and the exit was through the gift shop. Nothing in it seemed exciting so we just walked right through without stopping for a quick glance. “Did you have fun?” I asked him once we left the building.

“It was amazing! That was literally the best thing I’ve done in my life, Josh!” he said and hugged me tightly.

“Oli, there’s people around.” I nervously said.

He pulled away from me a few seconds later. “Oh, whatever! I’m really happy we did this today and I don’t know how to repay you!”

“No need to worry about it. I needed to clear my mind out and just have fun with you. Looks like it worked, didn’t it?” I smiled at him. “Now, let’s get back to our dorm and relax for the rest of the day.”

Before I completely break your heart.


“Fuck, I completely forgot I have to talk to our art teacher about the project due in two weeks. I’ll be back in a little bit.” Oliver spoke up from our silence. He quickly got up and ran out of our room. And by that, I immediately grabbed my phone and called Alex.

“Hello?” his voice came up.

“Alex.” I said. Beautiful way to start up a conversation. Someone get me a medal.

“What is it, Josh?”

“I need your help.”

“On my way.”

I don’t even need to properly explain my problems to Alex, he just comes straight to my dorm room without any questions until he gets here.

About five minutes later, a knock came from my door and it was obviously Alex. I opened the door slowly to his face with a worried look on it. “What’s wrong, dude?”

My mouth was about to open but I closed it a second later. Doesn’t matter what I do now, Oliver’s going to find out sooner or later about me finishing early so might as well get some tips. “It’s about Oliver.”

“Josh...” he cooed at me. See what I mean? Alex fucking understands me even when there’s no explanation. “Are you scared to tell him?”

“Yeah, I’m fucking terrified about it. I have no idea how he’s going to react to it. Oliver’s a hard person to read and you have to be careful about what you say to him. How should I tell him?” I asked whilst closing the door and sitting down on my bed.

“All it takes is slowness. If you tell him too quickly, it’ll most likely result in yelling and crying. Make sure you explain why you chose to leave early and maybe he’ll understand. This isn’t recommended but perhaps you can put Tom somewhere in the conversation? You know, explain how he’ll still have Tom to hang out with when you’re gone. But don’t do that unless it’s needed.” Alex is definitely the best person to go to when it comes to advice. Even if he hasn’t been through it, he understands and tries his be as helpful as possible.

“What if he denies it all and thinks I’m just leaving him for good?” I asked. Dammit, I hate how this came to mind but it’s true.

“Nah, that doesn’t really sound like something he’d do. I know he’ll be sad but denying? Josh it’s like you just met him. Trust me, you’ll be fine. Besides you even said that you’d keep in contact with him no matter what. If you stick to your word, you guys will do just fine.” he said and gave me a side hug.

“Thanks, Alex. I’ll try to remember that.” maybe telling Oliver the news won’t be as bad as I thought.

“Okay, I have to go since Zack wanted to practice a song today. Bye!” he said and headed to the door. “Oh, hey, Oliver!” FUCK.

“Hi, Alex!” he replied with a smile. Smiling leaving in approximately five minutes. Maybe ten if I’m lucky. “What were you and Alex talking about?”

“I just,” I paused, “Needed help.”

“With what? Maybe I can help you.”

“Actually, you kind of are my problem.” Okay, that was maybe a minute and five seconds so I lose yet again. “Don’t take this in the wrong way. You’re not bothering me whatsoever. It’s just that something came up yesterday and I regret my decision.”

“Wh-what is it?” YOUR VOICE. STOP.

“My scores were so advanced that our headteacher was able to let me finish early and I chose to accept the offer. Please don’t think you didn’t come across my mind while I was deciding because you were in it the entire time. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but the smile you had on a few hours ago was too precious for me and I ruined it all. Will we keep in touch after I leave? It’ll kill me if we stop talking completely.”

The expression he had on his face was impossible to make out. He seemed so lost and sadness clouded his eyes. Yup, this tells me I ruined everything. “It’s just that....everyone I’ve known has left me at some point in my life. The only person I got back is Tom but now you? I thought we were going to finish sixth form together. I thought you tolerated me, Josh. Guess you don’t and now you’re leaving.”

“Don’t think of it that way! I’m getting you on the last day and bringing you down to London so we can live in a flat together. I’m only gone for a month and I’ll be coming back the second I can. I fucking love you and-”

“Prove your fucking love to me!” he cut me off.

His eyes were filled with lust.

And so were mine.

-switching to Third Person-

Josh practically tore off Oliver's pants and boxers. Oliver did the same to Josh in return.

"Get down." Josh demanded. He nodded and placed his back on the bed while Josh bit down on his ear and made scratches on Oliver's chest. The fresh red marks made a pleasurable sign across his chest and Oliver wanted more than just marks. Making his way down, Josh sucked, licked, and nibbled his boyfriend's neck and chest-leaving rather large hickeys. Moans escaped from Oliver's mouth as he raked his nails down Josh's back repeatedly. "You are so fucking adorable when you moan, I can't handle it."

Josh's hair eventually became tangled in with Oliver's hands that moved all around. He smirked and made kisses down Oliver's stomach and bit down on his hips. Moving farther, Josh gave Oliver's thighs butterfly kisses and nipped at them. "Your whole body is so fucking irresistible." he moved his body back up bit his bottom lip. More and more moans came from Oliver’s mouth and he bucked his hips upward and pulled Josh’s shoulders down. Their mouths crashed together and Josh’s tongue ran over his partner’s mouth, begging to go in. With a smirk, Oliver bit down on Josh’s tongue and dragged it in his mouth.

He pulled Oliver from the bed and slammed him against the wall and grabbed the bottle of lube. Small whimpers came from Oliver as ran his fingers up his back, teasing him. Opening the cap, Josh squeezed the lube out and rubbed it on two of his fingers.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yes." his boyfriend quietly replied.

Josh inserted both fingers at the same time, slowly but quickly. Oliver let out a small shriek at the sudden pain inside him and got closer to the wall. . Going a little bit farther, Josh spread his fingers out inside his boyfriend and bit down on his shoulders for comfort.

"Fuck, right there!" Oliver screamed out. A smiled appeared on Josh's face as he went farther and continued biting down Oliver's shoulders. He pulled out both fingers and sucked on his partner’s pale skin.. "I need more." his boyfriend begged.

Grabbing the bottle of lube, Josh squeezed some on him and grabbed Oliver's hips."If you want more, you have to do a favor for me,"

"What is it?" asked Oliver.

He slowly moved his mouth over to Oliver’s left ear and whispered, "Scream my fucking name so loud the others will know who lives here." his voice was demanding. Josh grabbed his boyfriend’s hands, which were up against the wall, and slowly inserted his member into him. Oliver’s breathing grew rapidly as Josh went farther and farther into him. Pain spread across Oliver’s lower half of his body, it was a pleasurable plain, though.

“Go up farther, you’re almost there...” he moaned.

After thrusting in him and still no scream, Josh got an idea, "I'll fucking give you more." he said and grabbed a chunk of Oliver's hair and gave him one last thrust.

Oliver's upper half of his body shot straight up as he screamed at the top of his lungs. "Fuck, Josh!" not even a second after, Oliver came on the wall.

"I can’t..." Josh yelped out as he came in his boyfriend and pulled his member out and slid down to the floor.

Oli's P.O.V

My entire body was hurting, specifically my lower half. Hickeys and scratches decorated my chest and back. It was getting hard for me to breathe at this point. I helped him up and onto his bed and lied down right next to him. Josh was looking right at me and breathing just as hard.

"Did I just....." his voice trailed off from the sudden realization.

I gave him a friendly smile and giggled. "Yes, you did. And let me say, it was pretty enjoyable. Next time we do it, it's going to be my payback."

"Payback? Oh, Love, it's going to be pleasurable payback." he smiled a pulled me into his chest.
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