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Chapter three

I opened my eyes to see that the sky was starting to get a light blue in it. The dorm room was completely silent, it felt like I was the only person in there. Slowly turning myself, I checked to see if my flatmate was still sleeping. Thankfully he was. His hair was extremely messy and was pretty much everywhere, the side of his face was buried into the pillow while his arms practically hugged it. A small snore was coming out of his mouth with each breath he made. He was so precious. I grabbed my phone from the floor and checked the time. 07:15 it read. School starts at 09:00 so I should probably start getting ready. I quickly grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom to change.

After I finished changing and getting myself ready, I left the bathroom to see Oli making his bed. He was already in his clothes, too. What. How long was I in there? I went over to check the time and the clock said 07:47. Well damn.

“You sure take a while to get ready,” he teased me as a blush came on my face. “Excuse me, your highness, I've got to brush my teeth.” He’s so polite, what the hell.

It seemed so lovely to take a walk outside. A few students were already walking around campus just talking, in fact. We’re allowed to leave our dorms before class started? No wait, they’re heading to the lunchroom. Breakfast perhaps, that would make the most sense. As much as I wanted to leave, I didn't want to be rude and just abandon Oli. Not even a minute after I said that, the running water went off and he came out of the bathroom.

“You’re-you’re still here?” he asked when he saw me. Did he want me to leave? Great.

“Oh, did you want me to leave already? I’ll go if that’s the best-”

“No,” he cut me off. “I rather enjoy your company with me.” MY HEART.

“It’s not like I’m going to be rude and just leave you all alone, that’s not how I treat people.” I cooed and moved a piece of his hair out of his face.

“Come on, let’s go get some fresh air.” he suggested and made his way to the door. I smiled and grabbed my dorm key and followed Oli downstairs.

The walk was absolutely enjoyable. We didn't head to the cafeteria, we just walked around campus and talked about random things. I couldn't care less that I was skipping breakfast, I’d rather have this moment happen right now. Some students even came up and introduced themselves to me, how sweet.

Ten minutes until classes started. Oli and I headed back to our dorm room so I could get my backpack which was filled with all my things. Take my advice right now, never put all your things in a backpack, you’ll want to just throw it out of a window and say “Yea, man, I totally carried it all the way downstairs!” …..not like I've done that or anything....

The morning bell rung as everyone headed to their lockers and got their stuff for first hour. Everyone....except me. Oli and I were in the office, waiting for my schedule and lock. My backpack was breaking my back so I set it down beside me. “Alright, Josh, here’s your schedule and lock with its combination. Go pick out your locker and come back to tell me the number.” the office lady said. Hey, at least I get to choose my locker. It’s going to be in a shitty location, I just know it.

Both of us left the office and took a look at my schedule.


Calculus 09:00 - 10:25
Biology 10:30 - 11:55
-Study Hall-
Economics 13:00 - 14:30
Technical Theater 14:35 - 16:00


Computer 09:00 - 10:25
English 10:30 - 11:55
-Study Hall-
French 3 13:00 - 14:30
Health 14:35 - 16:00

I literally have no idea if this is a good schedule or not. Health class being my last class of the day is going to kill me since I’ll be struggling to get up the stairs. Thank Jesus I took French 1 and 2 before coming here. Well, they would probably put me in Spanish 3 if I took it as my foreign language. “What classes do we have together?” Oli’s voice spoke up. He looked at my schedule for a moment. “We have French 3 and English together, that’s all.” Damn, I wish I had him in all my classes, but two won’t be as bad. After all, he is my flatmate so it’s not like I’m going to only see him during classes. “Shall we go pick out your locker?”

Nodding, I followed him up to the second floor of the school. He showed me his locker, which happened to be next to my first class on Mondays and Wednesdays. I walked around the hallway a couple of times before I was able to find a locker next to my French class, not too far from Oli’s. He helped put my things in and get my binder for Calculus. Ugh, I still had to go all the way back down to the office, tell the lady my number, and then go all the back to my first class. I’m so lazy, it amazes me I even got up this morning.

After I finished telling her my locker number, I headed back the stairs and into Calculus. They weren't even learning anything, the teacher was giving everyone a lecture on something when I walked on. Being the new kid isn't the best when you get to class late, all their heads turned to me as soon as I shut the door. “Who are you?” the teacher asked in confusion. NOT EVEN THE TEACHER KNOWS OF MY EXISTENCE. SCREW THIS SCHOOL, I’M OUT.

“My name’s Josh, I’m the new kid,” I stated to him. Either he took something this morning but his face legit just lit up in a smile.

“Lovely to meet you, Josh! I’m Mr. Jones, this is Calculus!” he said, shaking my hand. Wow, really? Shit man, I thought it was Bible class! Thank god you helped clear that problem up. “How about you tell us a bit about yourself?”

How about you go fuck yourself. I mentally slapped myself and glanced over to the students, who were basically watching me like hawks. “I....sing a little...” my voice trailed off.

“Oh, maybe this school can have a star shine!” Mr. Jones said. Stop before I slap your face, okay? “You can take a seat by Jack over there.” a hand shot up which I guess told me that was Jack. I headed over and saw an empty desk next to a boy with pretty rad hair. Rad. Really. RAD. No but seriously, he had skunk hair and I've always liked it, but it definitely wouldn't fit my style.

“My name’s Jack Barakat, obviously.” he said as I sat in my chair.

“Thanks, I’m Josh Franceschi,” I took a moment looking at the boy, “Did I see you yesterday in the cafeteria with that Alex kid?”

“Alex? Alex Gaskarth?” he asked me, “If you mean him, then, yes, I was at that table.”

“Oh, cool.” me and my well thought out sentences.


My first two classes and study hall pretty much just flew by. I was able to make a friend or two in each class so I was in a good mood. Lunch was next and that meant I was able to sit with Oli now. He was putting some books into his locker when I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder, causing him to jump a little. “Hey, I thought it was you!” his voice sounded really happy so suddenly. “Do you like it here?”

“It’s not bad. Calculus is really boring and Biology is just a lot of no brainer things.” I told him. I swear his eyes were just lighting up as I went on rambling about the school so far. He’s such an angel, I love him. “Would you like to go get lunch and eat outside?” Oli nodded happily and took me by my wrist and dragged me to the cafeteria.

He didn't get anything but water while I heated up my Italian leftovers from two nights ago in the microwave. Alex wanted the two of us to sit with him but Oli said he wanted to sit at the outside tables for lunch; hey, I’m not complaining. Spending lunch with him was such a delight. He’d make cheesy jokes and go cross eyed to make me laugh- let me say, it worked pretty well. I just....I just really want to kiss his face and play with his hair right now.

I’m growing quite fond of you, Sykes. Quite fond...
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