Fiercely Impulsive

A female vampire leads a massive war with all the monsters against the Winchester brothers and the rest of the Hunters on Earth. Both sides are equally matched, but who will win? The Winchester brothers always seem to be put in between something. But this time it's different. It's about Dean Winchester. He will fight anything for those he cares about.

Only, Dean Winchester isn't only fighting for his brother and his family; he's fighting for the love of his life. The one woman who can decide the fate of the humans, the Hunters, and Dean's family. The one woman he loves with all his soul. A average human by the name of Zooey.

But something happens to Zooey, something evil. She isn't who she used to be, and Dean cannot stop it. But there is a way he can save her life. But can he? But most importantly, if Zooey dies, who else will fall with her from the blade of Dean Winchester.

Dean Winchester isn't the type to let things slide. Especially if you hurt is family. He will find you, and he will kill you.