Fiercely Impulsive


Sam hung his head down. His eyes could not stay open and his mouth seemed unable to close correctly. Dean stared at him with a grin on his face. Sam was not drunk, yet. He only had a little too much and was unable to control is face any longer.

"Why don't you go back to the hotel?" Dean suggested, then pat Sam's back. Sam face turned towards the door and he nodded his head. "That's my Sammy," he then commented.

Sam turned back to Dean. "Are you coming?" he asked with a slur. Dead shook his head. "You going to stay for that girl, huh?"

Dean jumped off the stood and pulled Sam off. It was harder for Dean to do that because Sam was a good three inches taller than him. Sam weighed more too. Dean secretly wanted Sam gone because he always threw him off his game. Girls were more attracted to Sam's puppy dog eyes and sweet face. He was more approachable too. That is why he had to leave.

The bar was quieter as the brothers fought. Dean pushed as hard as he could and finally got Sam out the door. A few other men started to laugh. Dean nodded towards him, a fake smile on his face. Sam still fought until they were in the parking lot.

"Come on, Sammy! Go to the hotel, take another shower and have a girl's night!" Dean mocked. Sam bunched his eyebrows together and his nose wrinkled. "Don't wait up too."

Sam went to say something but Dean pushed him towards the direction of the hotel. "Dean! Come on, Dean!" Sam called as Dean walked away. He turned around and swatted the air lightly. It usually was hard to get Sam to listen when he had alcohol in him. Sam frowned but he started to walk back to the hotel in silence.

Dean returned to the bar. The crowd chucked as he entered but went back to their business. Dean ordered from the bartender. He made a hand movement towards the drink the woman had in her hand.

"You want to know how many margaritas I've made tonight? Eight. The woman has drank three that she has bought, and the rest were bought for her. She hasn't accepted one. I doubt she will accept this," the round bartender muttered. Dead glared at him and took the drink. He smashed some cash on the counter and left.

The woman seemed to expect Dean. She didn't even look up but her body movement was directed towards him. "You might as well take that back. I don't accept drinks from strangers," she said. The woman's voice was odd on Dean's ears. He has a husky undertone that made him slightly shiver.

"Hey! Who said this was for you? I happen to like this girly shit," Dean snapped. He pulled a chair up to the table and sat the drink down. The woman still did not look at him, she kept her eyes in the book.

"I didn't say you could join me. There is a reason why there isn't any chairs here."

Dean grinned at her. "I don't have to ask to sit at a public owned table." His eyebrows twitched upwards in an arch.

The woman finally slammed her book down. Her clear blue eyes bore into Dean and he could have sworn he saw a slimmer of fire in them. "" she asked slowly, saying each word independently. Dean slightly flinched in response, until he saw the inside of the book.

A bellowing laugh came deep from Dean's belly. "I'm just trying to have small talk. But I find it very funny how you have your nose in a book, yet you are on your cell phone. Why not just sit on your phone?" Dean asked, leaning forward. The woman pushed her phone aide and tried to hide her smile.

"Men tend to leave me alone if they think I'm smarter than them."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Then why come to the bar then?"

The woman squinted her eyes and frowned. "Why don't YOU leave me alone too?"

"I like this spot," Dean murmured then picked at his nails. The woman glared as he slowly scraped out the dirt from the last hunting trip that was caught under his nails. He got that classic grin on his face the whole time.

The book was slammed shut and the woman took her phone and started tapping the screen. "Then I'll move," she snapped and went to get up. Dean jumped back and raised his hands, he tried his best to get an apologetic look on his face.

"Come on, just talk to me. That's all I want," Dean stared her in the eyes. The woman looked down and her eyes met again with Dean's. She sighted loudly and sat down. Her arm reached across and took the martini and slipped loudly.

"Fine, what do you want to talk about?"

Dean leaned in and slowly licked his lips. "What's your name?" Dean asked.

The woman pressed her lips together and frowned. Her eyes shifted around, almost like she was uneasy. She saw something in Dean's eyes that she never saw before. It made her smile actually.

"Zooey. My name is Zooey," the words passed her lips without a second thought. Her body inched forward towards Dean. "What is your name, then?"

"Dean," he used his husky voice and his eyebrows twitched upwards. Zooey grinned in reply. "What?" Dean asked.

Zooey shrugged her petite shoulders, "It suits you".


Four martinis later Zooey was starting to stumble. Her body processed alcohol quicker than Dean's. It hit her three times as hard too. Dean had drank a few more beers and he was still able ro process his surroundings. He had built his immunity years ago. Zooey, however, did not. As she stared up at Dean her eyes started to sway and her mouth refused to stay closed. Dean chuckled each time her words slurred. On the inside Zooey was even more unstable. There was a fire in her lower belly that seemed to grow each time she stared at Dean. His face was so good looking to her. She always had a weakness for the strong-jawed men.

The bartender wiped up the last of the spilt beer. "Okay, y'all, time to go," he grumbled. The people that were left in the bar started to groan. "Come on. It's three in the morning, I have to lock up." They groaned still but one by one they started to leave. The bartender smiled and he stared at Dean then pointed towards the door.

Zooey leaned forward, "do you want to go home with me?"

Dean's eyes widened and his looked around the bar. His gaze met Zooey's and he nodded eagerly. Zooey grinned, gathered her belongings and proceeded to leave. Dean got up quickly and took her arm so she wouldn't fall. He cautiously held her as they left the bar.

"My hotel is just down the street," Zooey instructed. Her hand pointed towards a small, run-down hotel just a few blocks from the bar. Dean smiled but just as they started to walk the street Zooey's legs went out. Dean caught her before she hit the ground. She let out a small scream but Dean lifted her up and cradled her.

"I think you had too much to drink," he commented. Zooey nodded in agreement. He lightly laughed the pressed her closer to his chest. Zooey giggled and stuck her hand on his chest and squeezed his shirt. She pulled herself up and met his lips with hers. Dean was taken by surprise, but it was pleasant. Though, he could taste the sweet martini on her lips. Zooey kissed more passionately, her arms lifted up and took Dean's face in her hands.
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