Status: Finished 10/20/11.

Perfectly Messed Up

Skyla is a 21 year old woman with so many problems, including letting go. Trust is not even in her dictionary and she keeps in her own world. An older man, from a famous band, feels confused and is angry because his fiancee broke up with him. Will these two find each other and help one another, before they fall apart?
  1. I'm Gonna Go Ballistic!
    Intro to our main characters' lives.
  2. Broken Down
    Tears run, music plays and people help ease the pain.
  3. Stitches, Scars and Smiles
    Pierre and Jenna have quite the conversation at his house.
  4. Skittle-Like Heaven
    Skyla and Sheena talk about Pierre, plus all of them meet, after a phone call.
  5. Smooth and Tough, Like Laffy Taffy
    Skyla and Sheena have quite the time at Panera Bread.
  6. Turning Up the Volume
    Having fun as couples, having a sleepover and having time pass.-Please read author's note.
  7. Breathing and Breaking Out
    Three months later and a big day.
  8. Sweating Out All The Bad Stuff
    Moving in and moving out.
  9. Sorting and Dealing
    Skyla and Sheena first time without their boyfriends and it gets pretty interesting.
  10. Tangled and Messy
    Pierre's first week without Skyla.
  11. Chaos Like Crumbling Cookies
    Skyla and Sheena head out to a club and later on, Skyla gets an unexpected call.
  12. Cracked Like An Egg
    Skyla talks with Lizzie and it doesn't go well. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE
  13. Try And Break Me, Just Try, I'm Rock Hard
    Phone calls, ex-boyfriends, current boyfriends, an ex-girlfriend and whole lot of fun.
  14. Crank Up The Love To 11
    Skyla and Sheena reunite with their SP boyfriends at their last concert back home.
  15. Surrounded By New Things
    A little surprise.
  16. I'm An Emotional Rollercoaster Ride And You're Along For The Ride
    Four months along and emotions run wild.
  17. Can't Live With Pain, Can't Live Without It
    At eight months, what is going to happen to Skyla?
  18. Being A Mom Is The Toughest Job Of All
    Skyla and Pierre come home with Charlotte.
  19. This Is Some Kind Of Family
    Charlotte's grandparents come to visit.
  20. Nothing Like This Kind Of Life
    Sheena and David have important news to tell.
  21. From Lovely To Ridiculous
    Wedding gowns to a day in the city.
  22. Bitches And Bracelets
    An unpredictable day in the city.
  23. This Feels Like A Dream
    Picking up Carly's bracelet and a lovely day.
  24. Who Doesn't Love Surprises?
    Wedding stuff and a big surprise.
  25. This Moment, Right Here, Right Now
    Pierre and Skyla's wedding and reception.
  26. Absolutely Perfect
    Sheena and David's wedding, reception and huge surprise.(Final Chapter)