Status: Finished 10/20/11.

Perfectly Messed Up

Can't Live With Pain, Can't Live Without It

Now, four months later, I'm eight months pregnant and the size of a whale. Before getting pregnant, I weighed one hundred and forty-five pounds; fast forward to this moment right here: I'm one hundred and eighty pounds. I still can't believe that I've gained this much with our unborn child. I'm so irritable, I don't even know how anyone puts up with me.

"Pierre!" I yell from our bed.


"Could you come here for a second?!"

"I'm coming!" he said, running up the steps.

"Haven't I heard that before." I said sarcastically.

I looked up and Pierre was giving me the look.

"What did I say?!"

I rolled my eyes. He sat down beside me.

"Okay. Sorry."

I gave him the lip.

"No need to say sorry, I know how moody you are."

"How do you put up with it, though? I really want to know!"

"I love you."

I blushed.

"You're so cheesy, you know that?" I giggled.

"Yeah, but you love me for it."

I nodded. I kissed him on the lips, then laid my head on his shoulder. I just decided to relax and enjoy the moment as much as I could. Not much time had passed when I felt one of his hands on my stomach.

"Let's see where you are."

He felt all around trying to find our baby, which made me giggle a little, since it tickled, but that didn't last; the baby kicked.

"There you are. I can't wait to see you and see how beautiful you are."

A tear ran down my face. Pierre looked up.

"Why are you crying?"

"You tell me why." I said giving him a knowing look.

"I can't. I can't describe it."


"You are too smart, you know that?"

"Yeah..." I smirked.

He laughed and attacked me with kisses. For the rest of the day, I laid there because I was so tired and hated getting out of bed, but of course, I had to so I could pee and shower.
When it was around ten, which was really early, I fell asleep because I was exhausted and I had no idea why. Hopefully, I'll feel better after a good night's sleep.

4 Hours Later

I woke to a wet bed and horrible contractions. No! It can't be time already! It's too early! I screamed and that caused Pierre to wake up and turn on the light. He immediately helped me off, then proceeded to grab my bag beside the bed, while holding onto my hand. Luckily for both us, we were fully clothed, besides shoes.

"Come on, I'll get us there fast."

I just nodded, since I was in so much pain. Once we had socks and shoes, we were out the door and on our way to the hospital. By then, the pain had stopped for a while, but when we got there(ten minutes later), it was back. I screamed again. I had imagined the pain would be horrible, but I hadn't thought it would be this bad. I managed to talk to Pierre about something important before more pain set in.

"Can we get a wheelchair over here?! We've got a pregnant woman over here!" he shouted.

"Could you call Sheena for me please?"


He used my phone as I waited for a nurse.

Pierre's POV

The minute I heard Skyla scream, I sprung into action. We both knew what it was and were out of the door in no time. The whole time I was wondering why the baby was coming a month early and I hoped nothing was wrong. I had also never seen her in this much pain. It frightened me at the very least because this whole situation was crazy.

I called Sheena as she said.

"Skyla! What the fuck?!"

"Sheena, it's me. Pierre."

"What's wrong? Where's Skyla?!" she panicked.

"Skyla's water broke and is having contractions. We're at the hospital as we speak."

"Holy shit! Ok. We'll be there as soon as possible!"

I hung up and took a breath. Looking forward, a nurse and a doctor finally came. I heavily sighed. About fucking time. The doctor immediately looked at Skyla who I knew was pissed, upset and in pain.

Skyla's POV

"How far apart are your contractions?" the doctor asked me.

"Ten minutes." she said biting her lip.

"Ok. How far along are you?"

Did he really need to know that? I'm having contractions! That shouldn't matter! I'm ready to give birth.

"Eight months."

The doctor gasped. That couldn't be good.

"We'll get you to a room immediately. Having contractions this early may indicate possible complications for the baby, you or even both."

I cried then glanced at Pierre who was beside me with tears in his eyes and had a look on his face that I could not describe. I knew he wasn't one to cry, but now he was breaking down and I realized how he felt when I would try not to cry and if I was, try not to let him see me cry; my heart ached. As I was being wheeled in, he grabbed my hand and kept a strong hold on it as if he needed strength. I placed my other hand against my forehead and felt perspiration. I'm sweating? What the fuck? When did that start? They quickly placed me on a bed and placed an IV in my arm and gave me something for the pain, along with checking my vitals; thankfully, all was good with me and the baby.

I sighed heavily and laid back.

"What's wrong?" he asked.


"There has to be."

"I'm scared. I just don't want there to be any complications."

"I'm scared too."

"I have to put that at the back of my mind or I'm going to go crazy."

He nodded and kissed me on the lips.

"We're gonna get through this, no matter what happens."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Before I knew ten more minutes passed and I screamed as contractions kept hitting me. The doctor and nurse came in and immediately starting taking my vitals again. Once again, normal. I was getting impatient about Sheena arriving because I needed her so bad, but my prayers were answered, a few minutes after the doctor and my nurse left. She gave me a huge hug.

"Thank God, you're here! I'm bored, just lying in this bed."

Pierre cleared his throat.

"I can't really talk to you about girl stuff, honey. Seriously, you'd get bored."

David laughed, along with Sheena. He fake-pouted.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

I kissed his cheek. He blushed. Even after ten minutes passing, I had no pain, making me think it might be quite a while till the baby arrived. Luckily, for me, I had Sheena to talk to and Pierre, of course for a while.

9 Hours Later

I couldn't stand lying here any longer; I wanted the baby to come already, so I could finally rest and not worry much. The last time, the doctor was in here, which was an hour ago, I was eight centimeters. Can't I just be ten centimeters already? He came in, only five minutes later.

"Let's see how you are now." he said as he lifted my gown.

He smiled as he put it down.

"You're ten centimeters. It's time for delivery."

I sighed happily, then smiled at Pierre, who was in sexy scrubs, once he left to get ready.

"I'm so excited." I squealed.

"Me too." he said with nearly as much excitement.

Now, David and Sheena were in the waiting room, getting some sleep. When the doctor came back, joining him were a couple nurses and supplies for the delivery. Who knew how long this would take, but I was ready for whatever was to come. Right before we started, I looked up at Pierre and he squeezed my hand. The first push wasn't so bad, but I knew it was going to be a shitload of work.

Two Hours Later

The baby was almost here and I had one more push left, so I was relieved, but something was wrong as I saw a look of panic on the doctor's face.

"The baby can't breathe! We need to deliver now! Ms. Wallers, push as hard as you can!"

And I did. I pushed so hard, I felt like I was going to pass out, then I heard crying. I fell backward, taking a breath and crying.

"It's a girl."

We decided not to find out until the day of the birth, so we could be surprised. Pierre was ecstatic. I can't even describe the look on his face. All I can say is that it was one he never had before.

"Do you have a name?" the doctor asked.

"Yes. Charlotte Summer Bouvier."

Pierre and I kissed before he cut the cord. They handed me her seconds later, clean, healthy and beautiful. She had the same brown eyes her dad has, but she had my lips and nose. I rocked Charlotte back and forth, trying to cease her crying, which only quieted it a little, but once I touched her face, she stopped crying and smiled.

"Hi there cutie, I'm your mommy."

She giggled and touched my face.

"She is so beautiful. I don't what else to say." Pierre said.

"Would you like to hold her?"

"Yes. I would love to."

Seeing her and her father, made me smile and tear up at the same time. I wanted Sheena and David in here as soon as possible, but I knew I would have to rest, before I could do that; I was beyond exhausted.