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Perfectly Messed Up

This Is Some Kind Of Family

A couple weeks have passed and my parents, along with Pierre's parents are coming today to meet each other and little Charlotte. I'm excited, but since I haven't gotten enough sleep since Charlotte was born, I'm also exhausted. In a matter of minutes, they'll be here and I don't know how much energy I'll have. Sounds like I'm going to need a major dose of caffeine...yay.

"Are you okay?" Pierre asked, looking at my face as he came into into the bathroom.

"Yeah, I just haven't had any adequate amount of sleep, since two weeks ago. I'm excited, but it's hard to notice it." I said with a slight laugh.

"Do you need me to get you some form of caffeine?" he asked seriously.

"Do we have any energy drinks in the fridge?"

"Yeah. I'll get you a Monster."

"Thank you! I love you!" I said before kissing him on the cheek.

"You're welcome. I love you too."

I finished up in the bathroom and went to check on Charlotte, who was safely sitting in her swing, staring at me.

"Hi cutie, you get to meet both sets of grandparents today. Are you excited?"

She simply smiled.

"I will take that as a yes."

Pierre came up beside and handed my well-deserved drink. We sat down on the couch and watched television till Charlotte's grandparents got here. When they did, Pierre got off the couch and answered the door, while I went to pick up our daughter. I turned around and saw Pierre introducing everyone. I walked over and stood beside him.

"Hi Mom, Dad." I exclaimed.

"Hi honey, hi sweetheart." they said simultaneously.

"So, this must be the little girl that I've been hearing so much about! Can I hold her?" my mom said happily.

"Of course!"

I carefully handed her to my mother, but she protested, not wanting to be away from me.
Everyone laughed. After a second, she settled down and relaxed against her.

"Mom, Dad, this is Skyla Wallers, the girl you have heard so much about."

"Hi, it's nice to finally meet you both."

"It's nice to meet you too." they said simultaneously.

I did the same with my parents and immediately, they already loved Pierre. Today was going to go amazingly well and I couldn't help but feel relieved and completely and utterly happy.

"What's on the schedule for today?" Pierre's mom asked with a smile.

"Going out to lunch at Chili's, then a tour of New York City." I said.

"Sounds fantastic!" my mom exclaimed.

I excused myself and went upstairs to finish packing up Charlotte's belongings, so we could leave and be on our way. Since there were seven of us, we went in separate vehicles: my parents, Charlotte and I in one vehicle and Pierre's parents and Pierre in another. My mom sat beside me, up front, while my dad sat behind me with his granddaughter.

"She is so well-behaved." my mom said.

"Not at night though. She cries once every hour. She's so restless."

"That sounds familiar." my dad said while laughing.

I rolled my eyes and laughed slightly, but kept my eyes on the road.

"Anyway, Pierre proposed two weeks ago." I squealed.

"Why didn't you tell me before?" my mom asked.

"I wanted it to be a surprise."

"That's so great! Do you two have any idea when you want to get married?"

"I wanna get married in the spring, but I don't know about Pierre."

"Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"Do you guys care what I put on?" I asked when turning on the music in my car.

"No, not at all." my dad said.

I turned on her daddy's band's first album and our little girl began to dance in her seat.
Everyone laughed.

"She could not be any cuter. Is this the first time she has done this?" mom asked.

"Nope. I wanted to show you two that. I did that the day after we came home from the hospital on accident and I should've taped that."

We made it to Chili's in less than half an hour and found a table big enough for all seven of us. Charlotte was at the head of the table in a high chair, obviously, then Pierre sat across from me, my mom and my dad, his mom and his dad.

"I showed my parents what Carly does when I play a Simple Plan cd." I told Pierre after we ordered.

"Really? Did they enjoy it?"


"Yeah, she made us laugh." my dad said.

"You have to video tape that and send it to us." Pierre's mom exclaimed.

"Of course. I'll remember to do that next time it happens." I said with a smile.

Pierre mouthed, 'Did you tell them?', while all of our parents were deep in conversation. I knew what he meant by that and I did; I told them he proposed to me two weeks ago. I nodded. He leaned over the table and we kissed. We heard an audible aw come from them. Pierre and I rolled our eyes.

"So, you asked her? Was that what you two were silently talking about?" his dad asked.

"Yeah...something like that." Pierre answered.

"Can we see the ring?" his mom asked excitedly.

"Well, yeah!" I said laughing.

I stuck my hand out and let everyone see it.

"That is one gorgeous ring!'" his mom practically squealed.

I already liked his mom the way I liked mine. During lunch, much conversation went on and we found out how alike our parents were and Carly fussed when I was eating because she wanted what I was eating. All in all, lunch went quite well. After we ate, we started our short tour of New York. When we went inside FAO Schwartz, Charlotte's eyes lit up and she cooed. She was going to be spoiled beyond belief today and for years to come.

"Did you just see her face?" I asked everyone.

"Yes." I heard simultaneously.

We shopped in there for almost an hour and came out with three huge bags of toys. After four long hours in the city, we drove home to eat dinner as a big family before our parents had to head to the hotel for the night since we didn't have enough room in our home for everyone and they had to leave tomorrow. It reminded me that if Pierre and I had any more kids, we would need to buy another home to accommodate everyone, including guests. I made vegetarian lasagna for everyone that I prepared before we left, so all I had to do when we got back was stick it in the oven to cook it.

"How's the lasagna?" I asked the entire table.

"Wonderful. It tastes different though..." my mom said.

"Oh, it's vegetarian lasagna. I made it because Pierre doesn't eat meat."

Pierre kissed me on the cheek and I blushed.

"What was that for?"

"I love you."

"You're such a cheeseball."

Everyone laughed, even Charlotte. Once dinner was over, I put all the dishes in the sink to wash them, then went to say goodbye to everyone.

"It was nice to finally meet you and little Carly." his mom said.

"It was nice to meet you too."

She gave me a hug, then her husband said goodbye to me in a similar way. While this was happening, my parents were giving Pierre a long lecture, which made me giggle. My parents have also been overprotective of me especially because my past relationship with the ex currently in prison changed me a whole bunch.

"I'll see you later Skyla. You let me know when you start planning the wedding." my mom said after she spoke with Pierre.

"Well, it'd be hard to plan it without you. I love you Mom."

"I love you too and I love Charlotte too. She's a bundle of joy."

I blushed and looked over at Pierre who was holding her and saying his goodbyes to his parents at the same time. My dad spoke up.

"I love you honey and I'm glad you finally found someone who treats you right."

"I love you too Dad and I'm glad I found him too. I guess the best way to find a guy is on accident." I said with a slight laugh.

After they left, we walked back inside and I was even more exhausted than when I woke up, but that was to be expected.

"Your parents are awesome." he said after we put Charlotte to bed and we were in our room.

"So are yours. They could not be more alike."

"You can say that again."

I rubbed my eyes.

"Exhausted?" he asked.

"Yeah. I might go to be bed early, but I'm not sure yet."

"Well, that sounds like a good idea."


"Today was a fantastic day."

"...and it was exhausting, but I'm glad it went so well."

"Me too, Skyla. Me too."

We kissed and relaxed in our room for the rest of the night until Charlotte cried after one of the most fun days we've had in a long while.
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Charlotte's Swing

When I was thinking of the title, I was thinking of Some Kind Of Wonderful-Grand Funk Railroad, although it has really nothing to do with the actual chapter; it just popped.