Status: Finished 10/20/11.

Perfectly Messed Up

This Moment, Right Here, Right Now

It's finally the day. I'm in disbelief; only over a year ago, I was a hot mess. Nothing was going right in my life between my job and my best friend. Today couldn't be any nicer; it's the middle of July in my hometown in Pennsylvania and the weather was perfect. I was worried that it was gonna be ridiculously hot, but luck is on our side today. Right now, it's nine-in-the-morning and I'm getting my hair done along with Sheena(my maid-of-honor), and my other bridesmaids, my cousins Mila and Lily.

"I'm really looking forward to meeting Pierre." Mila said excitedly.

"Me too. I can't wait."

I smiled to myself.

"Well, he can't wait to meet you guys either."

"So, how long have you two been together?" Mila asked.

"I'd say about 2 years now. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Now, I have a 9 month old daughter." I said shaking my head.

"And she's as cute as a button. Actually, she's way cuter than that." Lily said cheerfully.

I glanced at Carly who was in her stroller besides giving me her highly renowned smile. When we got her dress fitted, she was excited and didn't want to take it off. I was excited to see her in it. Anyway, our hair would be done in a matter of minutes and then I'd be doing my make-up and putting my dress on. My dress. I mentally sighed.

"What's the smile about?" Sheena asked happily.

"I'm thinking about my dress." I said with tears in my eyes.

"Aww..." I heard simultaneously.

I blushed and faced a mirror to see how my hair was looking so far. *thumbs up*
Not even an hour later, we were in my aunt's house, getting ready until the start of the wedding which would be in her gorgeous backyard. Sheena decided to do my make-up because she really wanted to but was excellent; she'd make an ideal make-up artist for anyone.

"How's it looking?" I asked in the middle of her putting it all on.

"Amazing. Pierre's heart will probably skip a beat when he sees you, but when doesn't he?" she said with a laugh.

I blushed.


When my make-up was done, I almost teared up, but I managed to hold it in.

"Well, only one thing left to do before I walk down that aisle."

After I put on my dress, with some help of course, and I had my shoes on, I was speechless.

"Oh my lord..." Sheena said along with everyone else with their mouths dropped, including my mother.

She walked over to me and hugged me tightly.

"Mom, I can't breathe."

"Sorry honey. It's're so beautiful right now and I have tears in my eyes." she said beginning to wipe her eyes.

"Mom. Please don't cry." I said as we let go.

"I can't help it. You know that."

"You can start crying during the wedding, though. I won't mind." I said laughing.

She started laughing.

"Ok then. I love you, honey."

"I love you too, Mom."

A few minutes later, we got word that everyone was to start heading out and my cue would come soon after.

"I'll see you soon, honey. You get to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa for a while. How does that sound?" I asked Carly.

She just giggled.

"Well, that sounds like it's good. I love you." I said before kissing her on the cheek.

"See you soon sweetheart." my mom said as she hugged me.

I smiled.

"Ready to go?" my dad asked as we were about to head down the aisle a few moments later.

"Oh yes. Yes, I am."

He grabbed my hand and we walked down to the aisle. I glanced up and saw Pierre at the end and I almost started crying. Fuck, I almost stopped breathing. By the time I reached him, a tear began running down my face. Damnit. He graciously wiped it away for me.

"Thank you." I mouthed.

"You're welcome." he mouthed back.

"Today, we are gathered here to unite Pierre Charles Bouvier and Skyla Marie Wallers in holy matrimony..."

I was impatient. I just wanna have that ring on my finger and...

"Would the groom like to recite his vows?"

Yeah...I forgot to mention that we decided to write our own vows.

"I can't believe how much time has past and how fast I'd fall in love with you. You are the most amazing woman I've ever met. Scratch that. You are the most amazing person I've ever met. I'm proud of all that we've gone through and I know that we can get through anything. There's no one else I've loved as much as you, except our beautiful daughter Carly. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you."

I had to catch my breath and get ready to recite my vows.

"Now, would the bride like to recite her vows?"

"After all I went through before I met you, I didn't think I'd ever fall in love again, but I did. I trusted you almost immediately that first night and I fell head-over-heels in love with you in no time. I know that there's no such thing as being perfect, but you are. You are perfectly unperfect and the dorkiest, sweetest man on the planet and I don't know what I'd do without you and Carly, the cutest little girl in the entire world. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much."

" the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Pierre did not hesitate one single second. The kiss seemed to last for an eternity.

"I now welcome Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Bouvier!"

Everyone cheered as we made our way back down the aisle. I was in too much of a hurry to change, see our baby girl and head to the reception.

"Skyla!" I heard from Sheena was coming into the room.

"Hi!" I said running out to hug her.

"You were beautiful. The wedding was beautiful. Oh my goodness." she squealed.

"Basically, it was perfect, right?"

"Oh yeah. It was absolutely perfect."

I couldn't stop smiling.

"Ooh...can I see it?!" she asked, obviously referring to my ring.

After we pulled apart, I showed her my ring.

" That's gorgeous. You are one lucky woman."

I blushed.

"Well, just wait till you and David's wedding."

She giggled.


Several minutes later, we were in the parking lot of where the reception was to take place and I was reunited with my daughter.

"Hi Carly, I missed you so much!" I said happily as I held her in my arms.

She noticed my ring, so she tried to reach it but couldn't.

"You wanna see it, don't you? Well, I'll show you it later, okay?"

She just cooed.

"May I see the ring?" my mother asked excitedly.

"Of course."

I tried to move my hand a little so she could see it.

"Oh my...that is...I have no words. I'm speechless."

I smiled and nodded.

"Hey honey." I heard my dad say, giving me half a hug.

"Hi Dad."

"Congrats. That was an amazing wedding."

"Thanks. I appreciate it."

Fast-Forward To The Reception

We were now just inside, only a few steps and I had to find Pierre. It didn't take long at all. He was coming out of the bathroom and walking towards me.

"Hi Mrs. Bouvier."

"Hi Mr. Bouvier." I giggled before leaning in to kiss him.

"Hello Carly." he said kissing her on the forehead.

Like with me, she tried to touch her daddy's ring.

"She did the same thing with me." I laughed.

"You wanna see this?" he asked smiling.

She just kept grabbing at his hand; she must be getting frustrated. He held his hand out and let her touch it, then she got to see mine as I handed her to Pierre. She had a look of wonder looking and touching both of our rings.

"She is too adorable. I swear." I said kissing her on the cheek.

"Can I have a kiss?" he asked her.

And she reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

"How about Mommy?"

I moved closer and she kissed me on the cheek. Before we knew it, the reception had started and Pierre and I were in the center of the huge table surround with close family and friends. Sheena was now on the stage where the music was playing, which we had stopped for the time being, so she could give her speech.

"Skyla. Pierre. I couldn't find two people who would make a better couple than you guys. You're both dorky beyond belief, always make each other laugh even with the corniest jokes and make each other so happy. Not to mention, you guys made a beautiful child, so yeah, you two are pretty awesome.

Everyone laughed.

"Pierre, thank you for making her whole again. I was so scared and worried about her. I didn't want to lose my best friend, my sister. I don't know how she'd be now if she hadn't found you. I'm glad that she found the guy that she didn't realize she was looking for. In all of the years that I've known her, which is my whole life, she has been the happiest she has every been. I am proud to say I'm looking forward to being your sister-in-law. Cheers!"

Everyone clinked glasses, then Pierre's brother and best man, Jay, came up to speak.

"As Sheena said, you two make up the best couple. That statement couldn't be truer. I'm happy for you guys, you have no idea. I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. As alike as you two are, I'm surprised that both of you haven't clashed, but at the same time, I'm not. Your daughter, my niece couldn't have better parents than you two. I just love you guys and I love her.

"Skyla, thanks for restoring him after what had just happened to him when you met him. He found a true woman, who wouldn't turn out to be the complete opposite of what he thought she was. You're such a sweet person, I don't know the last time he met anyone that nice. I'm proud to say that I'm so glad that I'm your brother-in-law. Cheers!"

Glasses were clinked again and then the real fun began.

"I love you." I said minutes later as I danced with him.

"I love you, too." he said about to kiss me.

"May I interrupt?" I heard from Sheena on the stage.

Everyone stopped and turned to listen.

"I was asked by a certain dark-haired friend of David's to play this song. Here it is, Mr. and Mrs Bouvier."

I looked at him wondering what he asked her to play. He just looked at me the way he has been this whole night, very lovingly. As soon as the first few notes began to play, I knew what it was and I began to get teary-eyed. It was Something by The Beatles.

"You are the best person in the world." I said as we got close again and began to dance.

"I beg to differ." he said as he brought his lips to mine.

Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me
I don't want to leave her now
You know I believe and how

Somewhere in her smile she knows
That I don't need no other lover
Something in her style that shows me
I don't want to leave her now
You know I believe and how

You're asking me will my love grow
I don't know, I don't know
Stick around, and it may show
But I don't know, I don't know

Something in the way she knows
And all I have to do is think of her
Something in the things she shows me
I don't want to leave her now
You know I believe and how
♠ ♠ ♠
For everyone who still reads this, I hope you all enjoy!! :)

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