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Perfectly Messed Up

Turning Up the Volume

Pierre's POV

In a matter of minutes, I ate lunch, got to know Skyla and Sheena, Skyla asked me to be her boyfriend and now I'm at her apartment. I was hoping for this to happen, but once it did, my head was spinning.

"Pierre, are you alright?" David asked from beside me on the couch.

"Yeah, why?"

"You looked like you were daydreaming."

"Oh, I was, kind of. My head was in a daze from today's happenings."

I supposed David had quite a day too. He too has a girlfriend, but unlike me, he just met her today. He's the kind of guy who moves fast, but me on the other hand, I wait at least a day.
When I met Skyla, I thought that I was just helping another person out. It turned into getting to know a girl and needing to spend time with her as much as possible like I have only one more day to live.

"Today was pretty amazing, wasn't it?" he sighed happily.

"Yeah. It was."

"I'm glad to see that you're happy again. It sucked seeing you angry and upset; it was
like you weren't yourself."

"Luckily, I met Skyla. She had problems of her own, so I felt better about what happened
that night."

"Where'd you meet her and what were her problems?"

I wasn't going to ask the second question; that was too personal and was something only, Sheena and I knew about.

"At the park."

"Are you going to answer the other question?"

"No, because it's none of your business. I wouldn't want to get in trouble with Skyla."

"Oh. Okay. I'm sorry that I asked."

"Don't be. You didn't know. Anyways, Sheena seems pretty awesome."

"Oh, she is. She just has to be the most straight-forward and cutest girl that I've ever met."

"I have to say, she has good taste in friends. Skyla doesn't take any shit either and has the greatest taste in music."

"Thanks." I heard her say as she came to sit beside me.

I pecked her quickly on the lips.

"You're welcome."

David moved over to the sofa to sit next to Sheena, but she moved onto his lap once he got comfortable. The pair looked way more interesting than us. Skyla just laid her head on my shoulder and I wrapped an arm around her.

"So, what are today's plans?" I asked.

"I was thinking of watching a movie or two." Sheena answered.

"Sounds good to me. How about we watch Anchorman first, then Twilight?"

"That's a hell yeah!"

They high-fived.

"Hey! Don't we get a say?" David asked.

"I'm hearing voices, Skyla. Are you?"

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"I am actually. They're annoying as can be."

Skyla grabbed Anchorman and put it in the DVD player, after turning the television and player on. I picked her up, placed her on the couch and tickled her. David was tickling Sheena as well, but they were on the floor.

"Stop it!" she said laughing.

"David, I swear to God, that if you don't stop, I'll kick you in the balls so much that you'll never want to have sex again." Sheena yelled in his ear.

"Only if you stop yelling in my ear and stop ignoring me."

"Fine." she said.

"I'm not going to stop, until you stop ignoring me."

"I'll stop, so does Mr. Desrosiers and Mr. Bouvier agree with us?" she said rolling her eyes.

David and I grinned.

"Yes." we said in unison.

The movies were amazing, well Anchorman was. Twilight was too much of a girl's movie, although there were vampires in it. It was seven at night, and we were so hungry.
Naturally, we ordered in food, Mexican to be specific. As we ate, the only thought in my mind was of Skyla and I having our privacy.

"Does anyone want to sleep over tonight?" she asked.

Yes! Maybe this would be our chance.

"Yes." Sheena said.

"Mmhmm." David said while chewing his food.

Ugh, what a pig.

"Pierre?" she asked sweetly as she looked into my eyes.

She was thinking exactly what was crossing my mind.

"Of course, I do." I said winking.


Skyla's POV

Tonight's a sleepover night, except there are two guys, one of which is mine. Pierre and I plan on having privacy, but we're not doing anything sexual, so get those dirty thoughts out of your head. After eating, we immediately began playing Monopoly, but we played on teams; couple against couple. I rocked at that game.

[30 Minutes Later]

David and Sheena had about 1,000 dollars, while Pierre and I had a million.

"This is bullshit! You're cheating!" Sheena screamed at me.

"No. I'm not. I told you how good I was."

"I thought that it was all hype."

I shrugged.

"You two win. We give up."

Even David was holding his head in his hands. Pierre and I began to laugh. I looked at the clock. It just so happened to be midnight and for once, I was tired at this time.

"I'm going to change." I said to Pierre, once we put the game away and were in the kitchen by ourselves.

"You can wait outside my door."

He smiled and I pressed my lips against his, immediately getting a response.

"You taste like strawberries."

I blushed.

"Well, you taste like chocolate."

"I love the combo."

"Mmm. So do I. I have a nickname for you now."

"As do I, Ms. Wallers."

We walked up to my room and I changed, while he waited for me.

"I'm decent!"

He walked in, only wearing his boxers. I was in awe. His body was gorgeous. I, on the other hand, was wearing pjs. I felt inadequate in my shorts, that didn't look like underwear and a spaghetti strap top.

"You're gorgeous." I said.

"Thanks, so are you."

"You're welcome, but you do realize that I'm talking about your body?"

"Yeah, and I was talking about yours."

I blushed.

"Do you want to go to bed?" he asked.

"Yes and with you."

"You get into bed and I'll shut off the lights and shut the door."

Once he did, he slid in beside me.

"Are you ready to sleep yet?" I asked.

"Not yet. "


I interlocked my fingers with his as earlier. We talked for an hour, at least until my eyes began to get droopy.

"Sleepy?" he asked.


"Is it okay if I wrap my arms around you? If you don't, that's okay. I'll understand why."

"It's more than okay. I'd love it."

The feeling of his arms around me was great. Soon enough, comfort led me into a nightmare free night. I woke up around eleven, the next morning, with Pierre out of my bed, causing me to be sad.

"Aww...don't be sad."

I smiled as he came and laid on the bed, flat on his back. I placed my head on his chest, while an arm wrapped around my body. I admired his body with my eyes and my hands.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"But of course. Are you enjoying what I'm doing?"


As I kissed his lips, he turned and kissed back fully, grabbing the back of my head.
I moaned even more as he kissed and nipped at my neck. I got a moan in return when
I bit his lip before we went back into making out. We stopped breathless after about ten minutes. We smiled at each other before he had to leave.

Two Months Later

I'm at Pierre's house, thinking about our first afternoon, night and morning as a couple.
Pure fun and bliss, but I can't really say what it was like in one word. There's one thing I can say though, and it's that I'm in love with him. We haven't said it to each other though, but I plan on saying it tonight and hoping he feels the same. We were watching tv, since it was raining outside, but I wasn't really paying attention. Suddenly, he turned and kissed me, pulling me into his lap. I kissed him back, willingly, but I wanted to tell him. We pulled apart about two minutes later, and I took a deep breath.

"Skyla, what's up?"

Did I look worried?

"I love you." I stared deep into his eyes confidently.

"I love you too."

"I was waiting for the perfect moment."

"So was I."

I wasn't in love with anybody since Jasper, but I knew that I was ready for a commitment.
I didn't want anything to go wrong, but I couldn't guarantee that and I had to admit that I was a bit terrified.
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I know that the Twilight movie isn't out yet. This story is set in 2010.
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