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Hey SaltNPekka friends! What a season so far, right? Things are looking good here in third place but there is still a lot of season to be had.

We're at the midway point and its All Star game weekend. I am in Columbus with some of my favorite Predators and a lot of old friends. Tomorrow I'll be bringing you a full recap of tonight's all star draft, complete with a very special insider look from my most favorite Predators defenseman, Roman Josi.

Wait...who did you think I was going to say? ;)

I'll have a complete recap from the game itself as well, maybe even a few interviews for you over the next couple of days. Until next time.... Go Preds Go!


Camille Weber flashed a pass at security to get down to the locker rooms and moved with ease through the throngs of people to reach her destination. She waved to people she knew, stopping to hug Marian Gaborik when she saw him. She was chatting away happily with him and Hank Lundqvist when Shea and Pekka found her.

"You were supposed to meet us five minutes ago," Shea complained, pulling her into a kiss.

"I see you everyday though. I needed a little Rangers reunion in my life," Camille replied.

"You should let us borrow her for a week," Hank added.

"Oh yes, next month when you guys have the week long road trip to Canada," Camille said. "I should totally go to New York. I can stay with Hank."

"Are you out of your mind?" Shea asked. "Have you looked at him? No one can compete with that." He gestured wildly with his hands and Camille bit her lip to stop a giggle from escaping.

“I love when you get jealous.”

“I’m not jealous. It’s Lundqvist; no man in his right mind would send his girl off alone with him. He smiles and girls falls at his feet.”

"He's also married and has a kid."

"And another one in the way," Hank smiled.

"Bethany's pregnant again? But Lucy isn't even six months old!" Camille exclaimed.

"We need a boy though."

Camille grinned and hugged the goalie. "I'm so excited for you guys!"

"Thank you. I'll let Bethany know. And she'd love if you came and visited and stayed with us. Or Sky and Marc."

"She's not pregnant too, is she?"

Hank chuckled. "She is not. This is one thing they are not doing together." Shea looked on with confusion.

"Sky is Marc Staal's wife. She's also Giroux's sister," Camille explained. "And Sky and Bethany are best friends, were before they met Hank and Marc. They got married within a few weeks of each other and had their first kids a month apart."

"What about you two?" Hank asked. "Are there babies in your future?"

"No," Camille answered. "No plans. I'm on the pill."

"Thank God for that," Duncan Keith spoke up from behind them. "The world isn't ready for a mini version of you." He grinned as Camille turned and hugged him. "How are you guys?" He asked.

Camille peered around him. "Where is Kaner?"

"I ditched him. He's picking up girls with Seguin."

"You didn't stay to teach them how it's done?"

"I'm pretty sure they could teach me a thing or two."

"Where's LeTang? Get him to teach you how to flip that hair around and you'll be in business."

"Should we go find him?"

"Hell yes!" Camille nearly shouted.

"Hell no," Shea said, grabbing Camille around the middle and holding her against him. "You stay away from him."

"Jealous?" Camille teased.

"I'm certain you'd divorce me for him."

"That's probably true," Camille grinned. "He'd say something in French in that shy little voice of his and I would absolutely throw myself at him, no doubt."

"Will you stop adding people to his mental list of people to kill?" Pekka joked. "It's hard to get off that list."

"You're still on it," Shea told him.


"She calls her blog Salt and Pekka, why do you think? And just today she said Josi was her favorite defenseman so he's still on it too."

The guys laughed. "Salt and Pekka?" Marian asked.

"Isn't it great?" Camille giggled. "Because Peks is totally my favorite Predator and Roman is my fave Preds d-man. Don't worry, Duncs. You're still my all around favorite defenseman."

"Why couldn't you call it something with my name?" Shea asked.

"Like what? Fifty shades of Shea? I'll Shea it? No. Your name is not fun like Peks."

"I married you though."

"Peks would've married me if I had asked, right, Peks?"

"Absolutely," he agreed while shaking his head no. The guys laughed.

"You know, I've been meaning to ask you something," Hank said. "Cally said in your vows, that you thanked Mike Richards. Is that true?"

Camille blushed and Shea hugged her tightly. "She had to," Shea answered.

"I didn't have to," Camille corrected. "I wanted too."

"Story?" Hank prodded.

"When Shea and I started dating, it was sort of in part thanks to Mike and he said when we got married I should say thank you to him and that I'd name my first kid after him. So in my vows, I said thank you Michael Richards for helping my caveman win my heart but I will never name my kid after you."

"He was there?"


"Did my invite her lost in the mail?"

"It was small," she protested. "Our families, Tara and Sharpy, Ryan and Kyla, Peks, Mike, Duncs...that was basically it. Just us and our families and our closet friends on Shea’s dock in Sicamous with his family preacher. It was literally three days before we had to be back in Nashville."

"Excuses, excuses."

"Excuse me sir but I was not invited to your day either."

"Touché," Hank laughed.

"Come on, I owe you an interview," Duncan said.

"Later boys," Camille waved, linking an arm through Duncan's and walking off with him.

"How are you?" He asked. "Nashville treating you right?"

"I love Nashville," Camille replied. "It's been really great and the fans have really responded to my blog."

"And the women?"

"Super pissed I married Webs but dealing with the heartbreak a little bit better everyday."

"Them and me both."

"Oh stop it," Camille said, hitting his chest lightly. "You're the one that got us back together."

"I owed you that, for being an asshole."

"Yes you did."

"I am really sorry for what I did. I'm embarrassed by what I said, to try and break you two up. It was wrong. I was stupid not to see how happy he makes you. I'm just glad you have each other."

"But you want that for yourself?"

"To have someone to share my life with? Yeah, it would be nice."

"It's really nice," Camille smiled. "Really, really nice."
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I'm giving in to y'all. Gonna try and update once a week for now...maybe twice if I am so inspired. I start a new job Saturday so not sure how that is gonna be for me the first few weeks as I get back into the swing of working. Four months off was nice (although not planned for) but the husband says I must return to being a productive member of society.

There is a lot (IMO) with Cammie and Shea and Duncan these first few chapters, which will all be set in Columbus. We'll get to Chicago eventually and see Cammie fade out. And we'll meet someone new next update. :)

Hope you liked that little peek at Bethany and Sky I snuck in. ;)