Status: Drabble that are on and off There may be more ;) Please comment it mean alot

Rose of Grief

When The Phantom of the Opera, Erik, wakes one dark night in the dank underground of Paris he is startled to find he’s been found by a young woman who’s been watching over him as he slept. After the loss of his angel, Christine Daae, to The Vicomte de Changy can Erik learn to accept someone into his life once more? For who is this mysterious young woman who has found him and threatens to take and mend his broken heart?

This is story I started but didn't finish then my friend Brittany add to it, so we been just adding more and more so on. There may be more to it, it is worth the read.
I don't own phantom of the opera
  1. Part I
    By Brittany E. (bestie) and Victoria M. (me)
  2. Part II
    By Brittany E.
  3. Part III