Sequel: Just One Yesterday
Status: two-shot! Please comment!

I Set My Clocks Early, Cause I Know I'm Always Late

I still remember the day my brothers told me what had happened to their friend and our room mate, Pete. It was horrible, I never thought that it would've happened to any of them actually. Though when it did, it was the hardest transition that any of us had ever made. I stayed locked in my room for days at a time, never wanting to see what had become of one of my brothers. Patrick tried his best to make things easier on Pete, by making a blend for him to drink every night at sundown.

Pete, he had weekly meetings with that paster of the local church, who gives him a small container of holy water for the blen that Patrick had created. Me on the other hand? I did everything in my power to stay away from Pete after what happened. I'll admit that before all of this, I cared for Pete more than I had ever cared for anyone else; but now things have taken a drastic change. And I just don't know what to do about it...

*I'm not too good with FOB stories, but I hope you enjoy this. Two-shot story. Please comment.*