Back It up, Baby

Closer and Closer.

“Alright guys, take a knee!” Coach yelled from the red line. We all skated over, exhausted from a long practice. My right knee was bothering me something fierce and I thought for sure if I didn’t get it off it soon, it would be too sore to do anything tomorrow and that was the first day of pre-season. Beau, my new best friend, took a knee right in front of me. I grinned and sat right down on his leg, pulling my mask off and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Awh, thanks for offering me your knee!” I gushed with fake sincerity. Sidney laughed behind me and I could see Jarome shaking his head, a grin on his face. I couldn’t help but, smile to myself. I was accepted by them already. They didn’t adore me yet but, I was accepted and thats all I wanted for now.

“Fuck, you’re heavy,” Beau muttered, shifting under me. I gasped.

“Did you just call me fat?”

“Thats enough, Lily,” Coach chuckled, obviously amused by my antics. He had already called me a brat numerous times over the last couple training sessions and told me to stay away from Matt Cooke. Flower and I coming up with pranks would be inevitable, the least he could do was try to keep me away from scheming with the king himself. “First, amazing Black and Gold game, guys. Didn’t get a chance to tell you earlier but, very nice. Geno, Neal, you guys are unstoppable. Flower, looking great. Olli and Scott, I’m going to have to pair you guys up more often.”

I looked over at Olli Maatta and Scott Harrington, grinning at each other. I knew them well from the OHL and was glad to see them doing so well. It was really fun working with two guys who you could clearly see their improvements from the summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the team this year, or at least were placed in the AHL for call-ups. “Lily,” Coach called out. I looked up, wide eyed. He grinned, “amazing shut out. I am very impressed. I would have liked to see what you could do to stop Geno and Neal’s line. That being said, watch your temper. I saw you take a swing at Sutter.”

“Sorry, Coach,” I frowned. If there was one person I would never be snarky to, its always the coach and coaching staff. Lip off a trainer all I want, but the coach is the one who will teach you the most and will drive you to your best. I always had respect for my coaches. Part of me became instantly disappointed in myself but, I couldn’t let one game and one idiot get the best of me. In my defence, Sutter chirps like a girl.

Coach looked down at the clipboard in his hands and nodded, “okay, I have the rosters for the first two pre-season games. You are to attend every game but, may only be playing one. I’m going to run through the rosters and then let you guys go for the day. Flower you’re going to play tomorrow, Lily you’ll play Tuesday.” I grinned at Marc-Andre who grinned right back. This was a very, very good sign.

“Geno, James, Cooke, Sutter, Kennedy, Craig, all both games. Sid, Jarome, Duper, Tanner, Sill and Peters, you’ll play Monday. Morrow, Beau, Dustin, Kuni, Archibald and Sundqvist, Tuesday in Philly along with Olli, Scott, Letang, Brooks, Engo, Simon and Bortuzzo. Eaton, Martin, Murray, Matt, Derrick and Samuelsson on Monday. That’s it. Have a good night and see you tomorrow.” Everyone went to stand but, I just wrapped my arms tighter around Beau’s neck.

“Yay! You get to play with me! Aren’t you excited to play with such a talented teammate!” I giggled. Beau rolled his eyes and stood, pulling us both up with him.

“So excited I could pee myself,” he replied. I grinned and started to skate away. Olli and Scott cut me off before I could get to the door.

“We’re too young to go out tonight, rookie in our room?” Olli said, in broken English. The poor Finnish kid worked really hard at being able to speak English, I decided to give him a break and switched into Finnish.

“Are you guys drinking?” He looked shocked at first but, then gave me the biggest smile, happy that someone could communicate and almost looked relieved. He gave a short nod. “How did you get the alcohol?”

“Sutter,” Scott, who had previously watched confused, grinned. He understood just by the name. Of course Sutter would get them alcohol, he understood what a pain in the ass this drinking age was and, damn it, they were legal in Canada. I wasn’t but, that was a minor discrepancy.

“I’m in,” I said, this time in English. The boys, satisfied, scurried off the ice. I turned to Beau as I skated after them. “Looks like I’m going to have to bail on our usual nights. I’ve got plans.”

“Look at you, making friends and shit.”


Once more, I pulled at the hem of my jersey, frowning. “God, I wish I didn’t look so slutty in this.”

“Well, if you were wearing pants,” Beau commented from where he was laying on his bed. I shot him a dirty look.

“I AM wearing pants. They are pj shorts and my jerseys are big because I’m a fucking goalie!” I huffed, making him laugh. Scott had sent me a text telling me to wear my Niagara jersey, if I had it with me. As a good luck charm, I did. He said we were going to relive our glory days where we were top dogs and surrender to being the little guys again. I sighed once more, “I look like a puck slut.”

Beau shrugged, flipping channels on the TV, “but, like, a smart puck slut. The one who knows what icing is.”

I dove at him, pinning him to the bed and pulling at his bottom lip, “take it back.”

“Sorry, you look like a dumb puck slut who thinks Sidney Crosby is related to Bill Cosby,” he yelled, both laughing and wincing from how much I was pulling his lip out. I let go.

“That’s better,” I jumped off him, grabbing one of the room keys off the bedside table and a bag of chips. Goalies love their snacks.

“Don’t get the boys too riled up and remember, Malkin is a player, not a type of Russian milk.”


I stumbled into an empty hotel room, giggling. The alcohol was swirling around in my head and I couldn’t think straight but, I wasn’t completely wasted. Thank God, I wasn’t playing the next day. I wasn’t even the back-up. I looked down at my jersey, draped over my arm and just dropped it on the floor, closing the door behind me.

Frowning, I rubbed the wall until I found a light switch and flicked it on. I looked at myself in the mirror. Short, brown hair everywhere in just a tiny tank top and little pj shorts. I looked like a hot mess. I forgot that Finns liked their shots and tried to go shot for shot with Olli. Bad idea. I lost out by like 6 shots and one to Scott but, overall it was a great night. I was so comfortable with those boys.

It was cold in the room. I looked around for a t-shirt but, all I could find was one of Beau’s on the edge of his bed, what a messy prick. I pulled off my tank top and was just about to pick up the t-shirt when I heard the door open. Without really thinking, I turned right around and watched Beau walk in, closing the door gently behind him. It didn’t clue in until his mouth gaped open that I was standing there completely topless. I didn’t move to cover myself right away though, God knows why.

“Are you drunk?” He asked slowly, trying hard to look at my face. Slowly I raised an arm, covering myself. I shrugged.

“I’ve got a healthy buzz,” I answered. He nodded, walking towards me, dropping his room key on the dresser and kicking off his shoes. He never broke eye contact. “Are you in the same boat?” He nodded, still moving towards me. I could smell his cologne, oh God, did it smell good. My heart suddenly slammed into my throat and I couldn’t really speak, just whispered, “okay.”

Then his lips were on mine, hungry and excited. I answered him by wrapping my arm around his neck, exposing myself for the second time, and placing my free hand on the top of his sweatpants, tucking my fingers into the fabric. I pulled away and looked at him, “are we allowed to-?”

“Probably not.” I frowned, looking away for a second. Every part of me wanted this, wanted him. My body pressed closer to his, without me even being aware I was doing it. I let go of his neck and placed that hand on his hip. He was my potential teammate though and I had never done anything like this with a teammate, ever. I made a rule a long time ago to stay away from the team, that they were just brothers but, this felt different. This was a new league and Beau was not the boys in the OHL.

And we weren’t jumping into a relationship.

I looked up at him and licked my bottom lip, “got a condom?”