Status: completed

Family Matters

Brianne Sutter is the little sister of Brody Sutter. She is 17 and needs to change her life around. Being a Sutter adds pressure when your dad is barely home, always working and your big brother is much older and in the AHL in Charlotte. Not to mention having the best thing to ever happen to you taken away from you. will Brianne ever change or will things stay the same in Charlotte?

*Takes Place between the current season that just ended and next season. Will add more as I can because obviously the new season hasn't started yet.

*Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own the Sutter's or the Charlotte Checkers, Carolina Hurricanes, or any one affiliated with the NHL. These storylines, plots, and the character of Brianne Danielle Sutter is from my own creativity. The title is from my very good friend, H_DIZZLE. you guys should read her James Neal story called "Middle Of Nowhere" it's amazing.