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Family Matters

Chapter 1

I don’t even know where to begin. My brother is Brody Sutter, my uncle is Darryl aka the head coach of the L.A. Kings, my cousin Brett plays hockey with Brody and my other cousin Brandon was a Hurricane and is now a Pittsburgh Penguin. Yes, you could say my family is all over the country. I am confident that I am in great hands in Charlotte. I’d rather not have to stay with my brother and cousin but it’s what our father wants. As you probably I guessed, I come from the Sutter family. I got sent to Charlotte to keep an eye on Brody and Brett. Uncle Darryl and my dad didn’t give me much of a choice. Hell I think they told me that to make me feel better about moving here. When in reality, I was sent so they could keep an eye on me. I’m 17 and yes maybe Taylor Hall and I shouldn’t have done what we did, but he was going to be a Edmonton Oiler, and I still had to stay home or go on the road with my dad and I hated that.

We had done the unthinkable.. we got married, or well engaged. That is until Brody got smart and figured out what they were planning. Of course, being the fun ruining big brother he was, decided to tell dad. Needless to say, he freaked out. Therefore, forcing us to break things off, due to the fact that he controlled Taylor’s career and I couldn’t let him give up his career for me. So, here I am in the airport at Charlotte, trying to find Brody. He was picking me up. Honestly I would’ve been better off going to live with Uncle Darryl. My dad did the best he could with me, but he always was doing hockey stuff with Brody, so yes I rebelled a bit by dating and getting engaged to Hallsy.

To be honest, I was still pissed at Brody for this whole thing. He’s the reason why I’m not happy. He’s the reason I had to give up the one thing in my life that made me happy. Maybe I was being selfish, because I knew my brother and my dad cared and loved me.

“Bria, you ready to go? Hello, earth to Bria.” I knew right then it was Brody or Brett. They were the only ones in my family or anyone really to call me Bria.

“Yeah I’m ready.” I sighed, walking towards the car. We drove in silence for half of the trip back to their apartment.

“Dad’s doing this for you, you know. It’s not fair to you that you are always on your own and he is never home.” I knew where this was going and there was no way Brody was going to tell me what to do.

“No Brody he isn’t. He can’t stand to look at me! You and I both know it’s because I look like mom! Ever since I was five it’s been that way. Don’t fucking tell me you didn’t notice! He spent his whole time either at work or with you at the rink.” I was fuming.

“Bria that’s not even fair! It killed him every night that he couldn’t spend time with you."

"Yeah okay so his only solution is to fucking send me away so my brother and cousin can look after me?! AND break me and my boyfriend up? No, that’s not even relatively fair to me! You always got what you wanted. Dad’s time. With you at the rink! I’m surprised he even noticed when I ran away to Uncle Brent’s.”

“Taylor was no good for you anyways! You deserve better!”

I could tell this was never-ending. “and I suppose by better you mean one of your teammates so you can keep an eye on us?!” I was so frustrated.

“I don’t want to fight with you Brody. Yes I am still mad at you ratting me out to dad, and I’m pissed as hell at dad for sending me here. I don’t think dad can look at me ever again.” They pulled into the parking lot.

“Look, forget about everything. This is your chance to start over.” I smiled softly, knowing he was right. Sometimes being the baby sucked, but knowing my brother would be there for me made me realize how lucky I am.
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