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Family Matters

Chapter 10

I knocked on my dad’s office door. “Daddy can we talk?” He nodded, signaling me to come in. I waited until he got off the phone, with whomever he was talking to.

“Dad I’m sorry. I went about everything the wrong way. I was so mad that you didn’t even clue Brody or I in on the fact that you were dating.” He nodded, motioning for me to go on.

“I know that I shouldn’t have run away to Kris’ but I was so confused. You drop the bombshell on me without a warning and expect me to be okay with it. I’m not dad. She’s not my mother.” I had to try not to yell, I wanted to be civil and be good with my dad again.

“You’re right, I should’ve told you sooner. I love you, but it’s hard to look at you because.. you look exactly like your mom. It kills me to see you, because she was as beautiful as you. I’ll try to work on that. But you ran away, and you’re still seventeen, so for that you’re grounded until you and Brody leave for Charlotte.” I was tearing at the thought of my mom.

“Alright. Seems fair.”

“And that means no phone, and you’ll be leaving only to either go to your cousins or out with me or Brody.” I sighed, turning my phone off and handing it to him.

“Okay dad.” I got up and went to my room.

Walking into my room, I looked at Kris, not knowing what he was reading. It was then that I realized what it was.

“Kris, I can explain that… Yes, I write a diary, when I feel necessary. I haven’t since we met, as you can tell the last entry was the day we started talking.. It helps me not cut.” I sighed, grabbing it from him.

“You really don’t want a concussion Brie. It’s not fun.” He sighed, looking up at me.

“My dad took my phone away and I’m grounded until I go back to Carolina.” I sat in his lap.

“Here, take mine. I can get another one.” I looked at Kris like he had three heads.

“No, I can’t take your phone. Plus you have to leave for the orientation camp for the Olympics.” Of course it was Kris Letang, and he insisted I take it.

“Fine but tell your boys I have your phone. I don’t need it going off every five minutes. I can only use it in my room and secretly.” Kris chuckled and nodded.

“Will do babe.”

‘Now, how the hell am I going to talk to Kris on the phone so I don’t get caught?’ I thought to myself.

“As much as I don’t want you to go, you should before someone catches you in here. Kill it at the orientation.” I smiled softly, as Kris pulled me into a kiss.

Kris was at the Olympic orientation camp in Calgary, which if dad wasn’t being so strict, I’d be there. Everything came rushing back. That’s when I lost it.

“AHHHH” I screamed in frustration. I took my phone into the bathroom with me.

“Kris, I can’t do this. I care a lot about you, but you don’t need to be distracted. In fact, everyone is better off.” I knew he was at a golfing thing until tonight.

I took some of my depression pills, and started cutting. Honestly I thought I was the only one home. I left my doors open..Guess not.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up to machines beeping and IV’s in my arm.

“Brody?” I managed to say.

“Bria… thank God you’re okay.” He got up and sat on the bed.

“Bria, you passed out. Scared me to death. We’ll talk when we get home.” I only nodded, as I was still weak.

“Kris…” I managed to choke out, crying knowing I left him a message.

“He wanted to come, but we both knew you’d kick his ass for not staying, knowing he could make the Olympics." They ended up keeping me for a few more days.

Unfortunately, Brody stuck to his word, and dad was there too.

“Tell me why, Why would you do this Brianne?” Dad was serious. He used my whole name.

“You’re busy, even have time for your girlfriend. You never had time for me! You get to do what you want!” I turned to Brody.

“And Brody, you get to be some hotshot hockey player. I was happy with Taylor! You ruined that. Both of you. I’m just normal. Even Kris is a hotshot! What do I have to live for? Nothing.” By this time I was yelling and pacing.

Dad knew I was right.

“It wasn’t fair, but I did it for your own good! Do you honestly think you’d be happy with Taylor? He makes 6 mil! That’s nothing compared to Kris and Sid.” I shook my head.

“Yes dad I do! I love Kris but Taylor will always be my first love! I could care less about the money! It was NEVER about the money! You’re missing the fucking point! This has NOTHING to do with who I’m dating and who I’m not! It’s about..” I noticed Brody wasn’t saying anything.

“Brody…” I gave him a look, saying he better talk.

“I don’t understand you Bria. We have been through everything. Why did you think you couldn’t come to me? I had to find you fucking passed out from cutting?!” He got up.

“Brody, I knew I couldn’t fucking tell you! Hell the only reason Kris found out is because he walked in on me in Montreal!” Yes I did lie, because I couldn’t tell them he had snuck in for a few days and found out I was cutting.

“I love you. And my past, when you left for Carolina, that’s when I really lost it. Dad was still ignoring me and I know it had to do with mom. You had your career and I wasn’t going to distract you!” He pulled me into a hug.

“Bria I’m only upset that you didn’t think you could come to me about anything. The things I do for you, are because you’re my baby sister and I’ll always protect you. I made mom a promise that I’d look after you. Always.”

After that, dad paid more attention to me, which in a way was a good thing. Although I still was grounded for a few weeks, I really didn’t care. I got to have a secret relationship with Kris. I missed him so much. It was just practice for the season, which I was now dreading. I loved hockey but being away from the love of your life sucked. There was a little over a month until the season started, and the boys were busy. I never thought I’d say this…

”I wish there was another lockout.” At least tensions wouldn’t run high and the guys wouldn’t compete with each other over who is the most fit, or who worked out the most.

My dad wanted me to stay here in Calgary, and I had thought a lot about it. I wasn’t sure what would be better for me in the long run. On one side, I could be with my big brother, cousin and get to see my boyfriend, but on the other, I could spend time with dad. Speaking of, I will never be okay with him dating. Once again, I had to have a secret relationship as I was still grounded. He always called me when he was going out. I knew he was back in Pittsburgh, which meant a night out with the boys. I didn’t mind it but when he didn’t call, I got worried. Late at night, I was getting ready for bed and I got a text, or well a picture message from James. “OMG…” was all I could say….
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