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Family Matters

Chapter 14

Honestly, if I had been smart, I would’ve looked on the Hurricanes website at the schedule to see that they were in Pittsburgh. That way I could’ve seen Brandon play Brett, which would be awesome. Nope, I am not that smart and didn’t even think of it until I was halfway to Raleigh, or well Charlotte really, to see Brody before Saturday. I did have the sense to watch the game on gamecenter. I was about ready to kill the announcers. Whenever they said Sutter, I needed to know if they were talking about Brandon or Brett. And NO, B. Sutter wouldn’t have worked either. I could see when Brody made it up with the Hurricanes, that would be a problem, especially if The Hurricanes were playing the Penguins. Either Brett and Brody would be on the same line or they would all be out on the ice at different times, needless to say it would confuse the hell out of me.

My phone kept blowing up, and I knew who it was, obviously having caller ID. I didn’t want to talk to him, but deep down I did. I missed him but I didn’t know if I could trust him again. I kept ignoring his messages and sending him to voicemail. I made the mistake of listening to one of his messages.

“Bria, I miss you. I fucked up, and I know that. I believe you and I want to make this right. It seems like I can’t do anything right.” I deleted that message before it ended. I sat there, with tears streaming down my face.

Brandon had called me numerous times and I figured this time I should pick up, given my history and all.

“Yes I’m fine, yes I miss him, and no I don’t plan on talking to him yet.” I said as soon as I picked up.

“Brie he’s bad. I’ve never seen Kris like this. He knows he’s fucked up and he regrets it. He knows he overreacted.” I sighed, knowing I needed to talk to Kris, but I was already in Raleigh.

“I love you Brandon but this is something I have to do on my own. Not you, James, Geno or anyone else can fix this. If he wants this to work, he will find a way to let me know he’s truly sorry and that he trusts me.” I hung up on him, not wanting to hear anything else, and making me feel worse.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I messed up too, and I needed to fix it. I went to Brett’s apartment in Raleigh first, before I headed down to Charlotte. Well imagine my surprise, a few hours later when I was sitting on the couch watching NHL Network. I was confused as to why I was hearing a knock at the door. It was Brett’s apartment, so he had a key, and all the other usual suspects were with Brett, as they would be his teammates.

“What are you doing here?” I asked not looking him in the face.

“We need to talk.” He shoved open the door and walked in. I shut it, following him, but not facing him.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to you. I know you weren’t lying to me.” He grabbed my arm and turned me so I was facing him.

“I’m sorry too. But I can’t..I have to know that you trust me. A part of me wants ‘us’ again but a part of me doesn’t know if ‘us’ is going to work.” I sighed, as he embraced me with a hug. I knew if he came here and if I let him in, that I’d cave.

“If I had just listened to my gut and not my head.” I pushed him off of me.

“How the hell do I know this won’t happen again? I..wait a minute, why the fuck are you not in Florida?!” It occurred to me that he should be with the team and I knew they were playing in Florida.

“I’m not even playing tonight so it doesn’t matter.” He snapped.

“Like hell it does! Hockey is your life! I know that! And I’m okay with that. You need to be with your team Kristopher! We can work on ‘us’ when you get back from your roadtrip but you need to go.”

It took everything in me not to punch him from being so dumb. Even I knew he should be with the team. I knew how he felt about hockey, hell it’s how Brody and Taylor felt.

Just for good measure I called James, Geno and Brandon to let them know Kris came by and that I sent him on his way to Florida. Now, all I had to do was figure out what I really wanted with Kris and I and how I was going to kill Jeff Carter when they played the Hurricanes. Speaking of which, I probably should text Brett to let him know I was at the apartment so I wouldn’t get murdered by a hockey stick.

“Well..let’s see, I could kick the shit out of Carts, but that would be too easy. No, I needed something he wouldn’t see coming.”

I was thinking long and hard about this, until I got the perfect plan to humiliate him.
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