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Family Matters

Chapter 16

I still had to keep track of the Penguins because of Brandon. Unfortunately they lost that game against Florida. Honestly I had no idea what I should do about Kris and I. I liked him a lot, but at the same time it wasn’t fair to him if I was still hung up on Hallsy and was getting a crush on Jeffy. Jeff was adorable and my best friend, Hallsy was my ex but I knew we would always have that connection, and Kris…well he and I had a lot to work on before we started dating again. If I had to pick, it was between Kris and Taylor. I never thought I’d have to go to Brody for my boy problems, but he’s my brother and he knows me better than anyone.

I also knew that I couldn’t bother him with the home opener coming up. So, I did what I did best, sat at his apartment, grabbed a few beers and sat on the couch writing.

‘Dear Diary,
I have no clue what to do. I will always love Taylor, after everything, I still love him. We have been through hell and back. Kris, I like a lot too but I think we are too different. Yes, he saved me from killing myself, and I do have feelings for him but again, I can’t hold him back. Jeff Skinner, I can’t be with him. EVER. He’s my best friend and I can’t hurt him like I know I would and I can’t put him through my bullshit. I don’t know, maybe I should give up. My brother and cousins wouldn’t have to worry about me, and they could focus on their game. My dad would be happy because then he won’t feel guilty about putting me on the backburner, and everyone would be happier.’
By this time, I was beyond drunk. I stumbled to the bathroom and got out my razor.

I was in the middle of cutting when I heard Brody. I quickly hid the razor and got in the shower.

“Shit!” I yelled. I forgot how much hot water stings on a fresh cut. Thankfully I was able to get in and out of the shower without Brody knocking on the door. Of course I forgot that I had left my diary out on the couch. I hurried to my room, but not before Brody stormed in.

“What the hell is this Bri?” He demaded, slamming my diary to the floor.

“What does it look like?” He came towards me.

“Let me see your wrists.” I slipped out of his grip but he was too fast. It was too late. Brody threw me over his shoulder and carried me to the living room where I saw Jared Staal, and Zach Boychuk.

“Jared, Zacky.” I nodded towards them. I wasn’t given a choice, and had to sit on the couch.

That’s where Brody put me and when I tried to get up, Jared and Zach held me down.

“Jare bear..let me go please.” I pouted.

“No. Listen to your brother.” He demanded.

“Brie, it goes without saying, we love you. But this isn’t you. I don’t know what happened between you and LeTang, but you need to stop. I can’t sit here and watch you do this to yourself!” He yelled, boy was he mad.

“That’s bullshit! This is bullshit! You have hockey to help! I have NOTHING! You’re fucking at the rink all the time, I’m not-” Brody cut me off.

“Now that’s fucking bullshit and you know it! You have me, Brett, Jared and Zack, and Brandon! So what if you don’t play hockey? You know what..” He stormed out of the apartment, with Zack going after him.

I got really drunk after that. Yes, I was somewhat drunk before, but Brody was pissed and that little talk was pissing me off more. It was the middle of the night, when I got the call from Ebs.

“Hello?” My head was pounding but I knew if Eberle was calling me at 3am I needed to answer.

That’s when I realized who was in my bed.

“Jordan! Calm down. I can’t understand you, not to mention I have a killer hangover.” I probably spoke a little too loud, because Jared woke up.

“Shh” I told him, so I wouldn’t have to explain everything to Jordan. I was in no mood to go there again.

“Hallsy is hurt. He’s going back to Edmonton.” I shot out of bed real fast.

“What do you mean he’s hurt? What happened?” I started pacing.

“He got hit and his knee is hurt.” I got mad.

“You couldn’t have called me at a decent hour?! I could see if he got boarded and was stretchered out and wasn’t moving! But a knee injury?” I rolled my eyes.

“Ebs I appreciate you telling me. I’ll call you tomorrow.” I was too tired to care that Jared was in my bed. So I got in, and pressed my body against his, and told him what happened, and fell asleep in his arms.

“So last night was interesting.” I turned so I was facing Jared. I knew we hadn’t slept together because Jared would never take advantage of the situation or me.

“Look, I know last night…”

“About last night, I really like you but I don’t know what I want…who I want. I need time Jare.” He nodded.

“I get it babe. I’ll be here, whatever you decide. But you should really go to Hallsy. I saw how worried you were last night. I can tell you still love him.”

The one thing I liked about Jared, is that it didn’t matter what was going on, he understood and wasn’t angry with me. And yes, we always have called each other ‘babe, baby or as I like to call him, Jare bear.’ We got changed and went to the kitchen, where Brody had a smirk on his face.

“Nothing happened Brody! I swear” I made breakfast, which consisted of eggs, bacon and pancakes. Times like this, I wish I had a girl best friend to help me decide.
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