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Family Matters

Chapter 19

I was growing everyday, and honestly I hated it. It was the night of when the Penguins were in the Raleigh, playing the Hurricanes, but it worked out for me. I could see Brett and Brandon and then go to Charlotte for a bit. I wasn’t getting morning sickness anymore so I was actually able to fly to Carolina. Honestly, I was so excited to see Tanya and Heather again. As I got off the plane, to my surprise, I not only see Brett and Brandon, but their whole teams as well. Except Kris, which I was thankful for. I was not in the mood to play nice with him. I was being fought over, not that I minded, but a girl needs room to breathe. Especially since only a few select members of each team knew my situation and that I was even pregnant.

If looks could kill…that was about right. Half of them (mostly the Penguins team) wanted to kill Kris.

“Guys, it’s fine. He doesn’t even know I’m pregnant. I’m happy with Hallsy, and it isn’t how we planned a few years ago, but we are making it work.”

“But we warned him, if he hurt you…” I looked at Joe Vitale.

“Joey it’s fine really. Look guys, I know you want to kill Kris, but please don’t. I made up my mind, I’m going to tell him tonight.”

I started walking to baggage claim to get my bags. I knew this wasn’t going to end well for me. I may let the man I am still in love with walk out of my life and my child’s life for good.

We were at PNC Arena, and I was in the family area, wanting to wish some of the guys luck before the game. Honestly I was trying to avoid Kris at all costs. And I managed to do just that, until the game. Brandon and his bright ideas, put me in the team suite, where Mario, and Kris were.

“Really Joey?! Come on Brett, kick his ass!” My cousin and Joe Vitale were fighting. Luckily neither of them had gotten seriously injured.

“Now is that anyway for you to root for your cousin?” I knew that voice.

“First off, Brett is my cousin too, and secondly I’m not doing this with you Kris.” That’s when it all started. I had felt off all day but ignored it.

“What do you want?” I asked in a smug tone.

“You and I both know we still have that connection. I still..wait is it mine?” I had turned around so I was facing him. I knew it was sooner or later, and I’d rather get that out of the way.

“No. It’s Hallsy’s. So you’re off the hook if that’s what you’re worried about.” I lied.

I knew it would come back to bite me in the ass but at this point I needed to get as far away from him as possible. Well as plans work for me, it didn’t. I later woke up in the hospital, hooked up to machines. I was dazed. I saw Kris, and against my better judgement, I asked what happened..

“Is my baby okay?” I could tell something was wrong. Because Brett and Brandon had frowns on their faces.

“One of you better tell me what the fuck is going on. NOW!” Brett sat on my bed.

“Brie, you fainted and had a miscarriage. Sorry.” It took me a minute to comprehend what he said. I broke down, as Brett held me in is arms.

“Where’s Kris? I need to talk to him.” Both Brett and Brandon looked confused.

“Bria, you’re with Taylor, not” I shook my head.

“No, I know what I said, I need to talk to Kris.” Brandon left to go get him.

“I need to talk to him alone. Please. I’ll be fine.” They nodded and headed out of my room and closed the door.

“Kris, I’m sorry..This is all my fault." I sobbed.

“Brianne, this isn’t your fault. No one could’ve known.” He soothed.

“No Kris, you don’t get it. I lost not only my baby, but your baby. I lied because I didn’t want to get hurt again and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let you disappoint him.” I turned away from him so I couldn’t read your expression.

“Mon Cherie, I don’t blame you for keeping this from me. I was a jerk but we can get through this.” He scooped me in is arms and kissed my temple. I laid there in his arms, until I fell asleep.

I had no idea how I would tell Taylor about what happened. Kris was there when I left the hospital and took me to my favorite restaurant in Raleigh, since he had an off day and didn’t need to be in Pittsburgh until tomorrow. In my head, I knew what he has doing, but in my heart, I knew I could trust him and that I still had feelings for him. I was so distraught that I didn’t care what I was doing.

“I love you.” I absentmindingly whispered to him. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking when I asked him to stay the night. I had forgotten that Brett and the Hurricanes were still in town. They had a few days off, and I of course was staying with him and Brett Bellemore.

Let’s just say they were less then thrilled when they came home and found Kris and I cuddling on the couch. Of course I woke up, I mean who could sleep with them being loud and drunk.

“What is HE doing here?!” My cousin all but yelled.

“Well if you must know, he was comforting me and keeping my mind off of yesterday, no thanks to you. I thought MAYBE you being my cousin, you’d stay with me. I didn’t know what to do, so I called him.”

I was frustrated and upset, who could blame me for blowing up.

“You shouldn’t…” I glared at Brett Bellemore.

“Don’t even finish that sentence Bellemore! I’ll do as I please.” I turned to Kris.

“I love you. Still do. But I need to figure some things out and tell Taylor. So I’ll call you soon.” I kissed him for a long time, for the road. Now, I needed to get back to Edmonton.
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