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Family Matters

Chapter 20

“Brie, what are you doing here?” Taylor was shocked.

I broke down as soon as I saw what he was working on. He was building the crib himself. He came and wrapped his arms around me, in a big hug.

“I’m sorry…I..I lost the baby in Carolina.” I sobbed. I could tell he was upset.

“’ll be okay. We will get through this.” This caused me to cry harder.

I couldn’t hurt him twice in one day and yet the words came tumbling out of my mouth like a waterfall. “That’s the thing Taylor, we both know we were together because of the baby and we know our chemistry is gone.” He sighed.

“I know.. I was hoping..well I think we were both hoping that the baby would bring us closer.” I nodded.

“It’s better this way. I mean we don’t have to get a divorce, and I think we both know we are better as friends.” I hated it had to come to this.

Taylor was a great guy but he didn’t deserve for me to settle with him. We both knew I still loved Kris and thought about him, more than I probably should.

“I think I’m going to go home to Calgary for a while. I need to figure some stuff out. But first, would you mind being with me when I call Brody and my dad?” I knew I’d breakdown.

“Yes.” I dug for my phone, and dialed the all too familiar numbers.

“Daddy, Brody..” I took a deep breath.

“When I was in Carolina..I lost the baby.” It was dead silent.

“Guys? Say something.” I begged as I was getting choked up.

“Bria…I’m so sorry. “ Brody said, and I could hear he was sincere.

“Thanks.. another thing, Taylor and I are done for good. Just friends. The way it was meant to be. We are both fine with it. We have a mutual agreement and I am going to go home for a while. I need to just figure some things out.” I sighed, as Taylor gave me a warm smile.

“I think that’s a good idea babygirl.” My dad finally spoke up and I knew he was looking forward to being a grandpa.

“Alright so I’ll be home in a few days dad. As soon as I get everything settled here in Edmonton.” We finally hung up and I was feeling a little better.

“What do we do with the house?” Hallsy asked me.

“You should keep it. You paid for it. The house is legally yours.”

After a long conversation about everything from if Taylor was going to sell the house, which he was, to where we both stood. We had decided to remain best friends and to never lose contact again. Yes, it hurt to not be romantically linked with my once fiancée and boyfriend, but we both knew it was for the best. It was better to end things now, while we were still civil, rather than later when it would end in a nasty divorce.

A week later, I was all settled in, in my old room in Calgary. Boy was I glad I was home. It had been one thing after another and I needed a break. Daddy and I were as close as ever which I was thankful for. I knew I needed to figure out what was going to happen with Kris and I, and if I was going to live in Charlotte with Brett and Brody or in Pittsburgh with Brandon. As much as I wanted to live with Kris, I knew we couldn’t live together just yet. Yes, I said Brett and Brody in Charlotte. Unfortunately, after the Pittsburgh game, Brett was put on waivers, cleared said waivers and sent down to the Checkers. While I was in Calgary, I did a lot of thinking. Why did all of this have to happen to me? I broke down. No matter what, someone I loved got hurt and it was Hallsy. I called one of the only guys who could calm me down, Geno.

“I don’t know what to do. I love Kris and I want to be in Pittsburgh but I’m not sure it’s the best thing”

“Brie you love Kris. He miserable. You sad. Come live with me.” I smiled, even though he couldn’t see it.

“Thanks G. But you have hockey to worry about without me being in the way.”

“No, I come pick up and drag here.” I laughed, I loved the big Russian.

“Well then I guess I’m moving to Pittsburgh. But don’t tell Kris. I’m not entirely ready to see him.”

“Okay. I not tell him. But tell Brandon.” I rolled my eyes.

“Fine I'll tell Brandon; And Geno, thanks for this. Love you”

“Love you too Brie.” Geno was like a big brother, yes I already had one of those but what could I say? Geno was lovable, but I was not attracted to him.

I felt a little better but not totally. I knew I had to stay with my dad for a while longer. I couldn’t still be emotionally unstable when I went there. I had to be a perfect WAG. Which meant taking lessons from Vero and Erin. Vero was the sweetest woman you’d ever meet and Erin was my cousin by marriage. It was nice to know there was another woman in the family. Erin was married to my cousin Brett. She’s been in Calgary when I was in Charlotte. We kept missing each other by a few days. Luckily Erin was in Calgary, so I could start trying to be a perfect WAG.

“Daddy, I’m heading over to Erin and Brett’s. I know what I want, and what I have to do.” He nodded, as he was on the phone.

My dad tried to get me to go to some scouting stuff, but I knew it was a bad idea if I went, considering that is how I met Taylor.

“First you need a good image. No more cutting and I know the NHL WAG’s do a lot of charity work” I knew I needed to quit cutting and for a while I had, but with everything lately, it was just easier.

Erin and I had a long talk and I was glad I had another woman to talk to.
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In honor of me meeting one of my favorite players, Alex Grant from the baby pens from last season, and Goalie John Gibson who went to Worlds last year for Team USA.... here's a new chapter.

Hope all of you have a happy holidays.