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Family Matters

Chapter 21

After all of that, I decided my best bet was to stay with Brody. I loved Kris, Geno, Brandon and all of the Pens guys, but I knew in the long run, living with Brody would be better. Plus, I could support my cousins, and go see Kris when the Penguins came to Raleigh to play the Hurricanes. Kris and I have done the long distance before and if we were meant to be, it would work out. Of course Geno kept trying to convince me to come live with him. Kris and I weren’t entirely back together, but taking things slow this time.

“Brody…” I whined.

“I want to go to a club.” He never let me do anything fun and with the team.

“I guess. Brett is going to be there, and so is Jared. I’m not going, but since our cousin and Jared are going, you can go.” I was excited.

“Thanks Brody!” I wore a tight, short, strapless blue dress.

“Haha no you’re not wearing that.” I rolled my eyes at my brother.

“Watch me.” I grabbed my clutch and met Jared at Brett’s.

“Alright, here’s the deal, I’m on my own. Unless I give you the signal or look annoyed, don’t come to my rescue. I know Brody thinks Jared is my date tonight but we are both taken.” I said sternly.

“Fine but if Brody finds out, it’s all on you. We had nothing to do with it” Brett told me.

We were at the club for a few hours and I was drunk. I was dancing alone, when a guy started throwing himself at me.

“Go away!” I pushed him.

“I’m engaged.” He grabbed my waist.

“Where’s your ring babe?” I was getting frustrated. Luckily Jared was nearby.

“There you are babe.” He started kissing me.

“Get away from my girl if you know what’s good for you” He got in the guy’s face.

“Thanks Jare” I told him.

I was too focused on thanking Jared that I didn’t noticed people taking pictures.

“Come on, let’s go get Brett and head home.” We were out of the club and on the way home.

“Jared, did you tell Natalie what was going on tonight?” I asked him.

“Yeah she’s fine with it.”

“Good, cause I ain’t bailing you out babe.”

The next day, I woke up in my bed at Brody’s, with the worst hangover ever, and a few missed calls and texts from Kris. I looked at the texts first.

‘What the hell?’ with a picture of Jared and I kissing.

‘Shit’ I said softly before calling him.

“Kris, listen before you say anything. The only way Brody would let me go out was if Brett and Jared were with me. I was drunk and some guy was feeling me up and Jared stepped in as my fake fiancée and we had to make it believeable. I would NEVER do anything to betray you and not with Jared. You know he’s like my brother.” I heard him sigh.

“I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.” I sighed.

“I know Kris, but you have to trust me. This is why we aren’t back to dating yet. We have to work on trust.”

“I do trust you, it’s other hockey players I don’t trust.”

“I don’t either, but I trust you, Geno, Jay, Sid, my cousins, Jared and his brothers and their teammates.” We ended the conversation shortly after so I could eat some food and try to get over my hangover.

I was glad that Kris and I were working on things before we started dating again. After everything we have been through this past year, we didn’t want to jump into another relationship. And yes, even if we weren’t working our relationship, he did react like a boyfriend. Sometimes we seem to forget we aren’t dating yet. Unfortunately Kris had been put on IR. Which meant he hadn’t been playing, and I hated seeing him so down, so to speak. We weren’t in the same state, but I knew he was sad.

He had to have surgery for an infection and it needed to be taken care of. I knew he felt so helpless, watching his team, especially with all the other more serious injuries and suspensions.

“So..I could be back by the first game after the Christmas break.”

“That’s great Kris. Now I get to see you and Brandon when I make the 2 hour drive up to Raleigh.” He knew I was making the trip regardless but he was so happy, I could hear it in his voice.

The guys only had get through Ottawa. It was the 2nd round playoffs all over again, well it was the first meeting since the playoffs between them. Even though Kris wasn’t playing and we didn’t have Matt Cooke anymore, I was still worried. And I still had to figure out what Brett, Brandon and Brody were doing for Christmas. Brandon had to be in Carolina on Friday, and Brett and Brody had to be in Milwaukee on Friday. If I had to bet, I would say we were all staying in Charlotte.

I had talked to Brandon and he said he was flying down.

“Daddy won’t you come for Christmas? Uncle Darryl isn’t and neither is Uncle Brent. It’s only going to be Brett, Erin, Brandon, Brody and me, oh and Kris, although we aren’t dating yet, I figured he could come since Brandon and Kris have to be in Carolina anyways.” I could hear him sigh.

“Honey I’m not going to be there. I was hoping you guys would come home. All of your uncles and I are having Christmas at Uncle Rich’s.”

I was beyond stressed with figuring Christmas out and Kris and I. All I wanted was one Christmas together but nope, I knew being with my cousins was as good as I was going to get.

“Fine dad. I’ll call you in a few days then. Love you.”

I sat at home, watching the Penguins game. Not even five minutes into the period and I was getting pissed. Duper was injured, with Sid crashing into him, although I can’t blame Sid. It wasn’t his fault. I’m just glad that Kris wasn’t playing this game. Nisky also went to the locker room but was fine, thankfully. All I wanted was this game to be over already. I turned off the game, and started making a list of what needed to be done before Christmas. I was doing all of the cooking. Luckily I had the sense to go get a turkey before now. I started to clean the apartment, and we needed to find places for everyone to sleep. And by everyone I meant Brandon. Despite my brother, Kris was going to stay in my room. Brett always got the pullout couch with Erin when they would get too drunk to go home. If needed, Brandon would sleep on the floor in Brody’s room.

Tonight’s game was a nightmare and I felt so bad for Flower. I had managed to clean the apartment, and fell asleep, only to wake up to my phone ringing.

“Hello?” I answered, sleepily.

“Did I wake you?” I knew that voice.

“Yes but I was cleaning. I’m sorry about tonight. Is Flower there? I’d like to talk to him.” It was Kris.

“Yeah hold on.” I could hear yelling.

“First off, I’m going to tell you what Vero is going to tell you. It wasn’t your fault. DON’T you dare blame yourself!” I said sternly.

“But it is..” I stopped him.

“Marc-Andre Fleury! Stop it right now! This is Estelle’s FIRST Christmas. You’re going to forget about tonight and focus on your wife and daughter!” He sighed.

“I mean it Marc-Andre. Now give the phone back to Kris please."

“So you and Brandon coming tomorrow?”

“Yeah we should be there around 1.”

“Alright, sounds good. I’m going to bed. Good night Kris.”

Basically I had to make sure Brody and Brett didn’t mess up the apartment between now and Christmas. Yeah that was a job in itself. Luckily I made them stay at Jared’s tonight. I fell back asleep and finally slept through the night without any disturbances. I was able to wake up late, which was a good thing because I’d be cooking all day on Christmas and tonight too. I went to go pick them up at the airport, only to find out their flight was delayed. I could’ve been sleeping in. I sat there and listened to my ipod. Next thing I know, I feel two arms around me. I went to kick their ass, only to realize it was Kris.

“Damn it Kris! I could’ve injured you more!” Brandon was laughing in the background.

“Shut it Suttsy! Before I injure you!” I glared at him.

Christmas came fast. I got up early to make breakfast for the boys and Erin. I figured I’d better let the boys sleep in. It was 10am and the breakfast casserole was in the oven, and I went to wake them up. They were hard to get up but I told them breakfast was almost ready and they shot out of bed. Any mention of food they are up and racing downstairs. We all ate at the table for once. Once they were finished and the dishes were done, they were chomping at the bit to open presents.

I had given Brody a video and scrapbook of our memories up until this point, but most importantly, memories of our mom. Kris gave me a necklace and a promise ring. He promised me to always be faithful to me, always trust me, and to be a better boyfriend. I was about to tell him we aren’t dating, but he asked me to be his girl again. I caved and said yes. I had gotten Brett and Erin country concert tickets, or I was going to his summer once I knew who they wanted to see.

I made something special for Kris. It was something I knew would be special for the both of us. He knew he was getting his later. Brandon was hard, I never knew what to get him. I ended up getting him a big stuffed animal. Needless to say he busted out laughing. Brody gave me a charm bracelet with a hockey charm, Brett and Brandon gave me gift cards to Victoria’s Secret and the movies.

Kris and I excused ourselves, and we went to my room. I pulled out his present, and watched him open it, tears filled his eyes.

“Is this??” I sat next to him.

“Yes. I thought you should have these, to see what our son would’ve looked like. He was the spitting image of you.” I had a few ultrasounds done, and had found out the sex. I put them in a album and put what would have been our son’s name.

“You were going to name him Brian Allen Sutter?” he asked, looking at me, with sad eyes.

“Yes. I figured he could have some part of you and I wasn’t about to have a junior.” I wiped the tears away from my own face.

“Brie, this is the best present I’ve ever gotten.” He kissed me.

“I wish..” I buried my head in his chest.

“I know Kris, and I’m sorry. It’s my fault, we don’t have him. I was so stressed about keeping him from you that it was hurting him.” Kris kissed my forehead.

“Shh it’s okay. There will be other chances for us to have a family. It was my fault I was stubborn and an ass. None of this is your fault, do you hear me?” I nodded.

I loved Kris and I knew he was the one I was meant to be with. He always knew what to say.
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