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Family Matters

Chapter 22

Taking it slow was hard. Especially when I knew we could pick things up where we left things before the whole fight. Christmas was so much fun, and I’m so lucky I got to spend it with my brother, some of our cousins and my boyfriend. Not many people can say they got to spend Christmas with their hockey playing boyfriend. I remember not even seeing my brother some Christmas' and Canadian Thanksgiving's because of the schedules.

The next day was a chill day for all of us, because all the boys had a game tomorrow. We spent half the day at my place and then Brandon, Kris, and I drove up to Raleigh to meet the guys at the hotel. I hadn’t seen the Penguins in two months, since my miscarriage.

“So…are you going to quick being lazy and score some goals?” I snuck up behind James.

He turned around and picked me up threw me over his shoulder.

“I’m not lazy!” I rolled my eyes.

“Uh huh sure you aren’t. I’ve seen you play with Geno and this ain’t it.” He finally put me down. I wished these guys would see me as a friend and not some little sister.

James, Geno, Paulie, Kris, Flower, Brandon and I all went out to dinner, meeting Jordan and his wife at the Carolina Ale House. Of course they all joked on Jordan, which was a relief to me.

“So Flower, do you think you can let one go in if Jordy shoots it?” I asked knowing the answer.

“No way I’m letting this fuckface score.” We all busted out laughing.

“Seriously, Jordy you need to score on him.” I whispered. He chuckled.

“I'll try my best Brie.” I missed Jordan, from when he was a Penguin to when Brett was on the Hurricanes. I didn’t get to see him much.

The first period nothing major happened until the last second of the period. Andrej Sekera scored for the Hurricanes, with Jordy and Nathan assisting. Personally, I was impartial to who won. Only because my best friends, my cousin and my brother were all in the Hurricane’s system, and then my other cousin, and Kris were Penguins. All I asked the hockey God’s for was for no one to get injured. I was in the stands, against everyone’s wishes. Brandon, Jordan, Eric, and Kris all wanted me in the family suite with Tanya, Heather, Parker and Levi. Let’s just say, I lied to get my way. I told them I would go in the suite for the last period. It was the only way they’d let me be an actual fan.

Dan and Kirk must have said something to the boys, because both teams came out, full force and with more contact. James got hit hard right in front of me, I was freaking out.

“OMG! James! Please be okay. Please get up” As soon as he got up I was relieved and watched him carefully.

I had to make sure he was skating well, and that he didn’t go to the locker room. Thankfully he got right back into the game and played like his normal self without Geno. The Penguins were all over Jordan. He couldn’t get a shot on goal. I wanted to go into the locker room and kick the Penguins’ asses for being all over Jordy. But I knew it wouldn’t do a bit of good so I waited until after the game. Sixteen seconds in to the 2nd period, Sid scored a goal on Petey, with the assists going to Jay and Olli. Fourteen seconds later, Nathan Gerbe shot one past Flower, with Semin getting the assist. I love Nathan but I wished it was Jordan, knowing what was about to go down later. There were some major hits going on in the 2nd period. James was getting a lot of chances but none of them going in. At the end of the 2nd period, the Hurricanes were leading the Penguins 2-1.

In the 3rd period, was when it really got good. Both teams wanted the win. Almost two minutes in, Chris Conner scored the tying goal. Jussi Jokinen and Neal had the assists. I was so happy for James, getting 2 assists so far. About twelve minutes later, Engo scored the go ahead goal, assisted by Brooks Orpik and Jokinen, and I was so happy for him. This game was Brooksy’s first game back and he looked amazing, like he hadn’t missed a game. He looked confident and was back to his old self. Four minutes later, Drayson Bowman scored the tying goal. Poor Flower, he was so upset with himself. The clock began to wind down and we were headed into OT. A minute into OT, James went from basically near Flower, down center ice and scored the overtime goal. I was happy for him, it had been a while since he scored a goal.

After the game, I went to the Hurricanes locker room.

“Great game boys. Don’t give up, you played hard and I’m so proud of you.” I walked out and went right to the Penguins locker room, pissed off.

“Alright boys! What the fuck was that?! You were all over Jordan! We all know he wouldn’t have been able to score on Flower. You’re so lucky you didn’t hurt him!” I was talking to all of the guys who had played with Jordan, and not the baby Pens, or the call ups that Ray decided to recall for all the injuries we have had.

“By the way, great goal Jay.” I congratulated him and I walked out, without acknowledging Kris.

I knew it wasn’t his fault, since he didn’t play but I was mad. Sidney, Geno, Flower and Jordan were all in Jordan’s car.

“Calm down babe.” Kris came behind me, as we got on the bus.

“I can’t.. you know how I feel about what happened out there.” I knew for a fact Geno and Flower were going to get wasted. Sid, being Sid, wasn’t going to get drunk and Jordan was driving so I knew he wasn’t drinking. He knows better, and he knew he would be dead if he did get trashed and drove.

The Penguins headed out early Saturday morning, to get to Columbus. Kris actually skated without a sling or anything, which was amazing. Honestly, we both wanted to pick up and be intimate with each other, but I knew we would be better in the long run as much as it killed me. I missed them already, as I drove back to Charlotte.