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Family Matters

Chapter 23

About a week later, Brett was called up to the Hurricanes due to the injury of Riley Nash. He scored the game winning goal against the Islanders. I was so proud of him. Of course he wasn’t up long and thankfully he didn’t have to clear waivers this time. Brett played well, but I knew with Nash, Tlusty, and Eric Staal coming back from injuries that Brett and Chukie would be back. I felt so bad for Chukie, but at least he didn’t have to clear waivers either. I would’ve been more pissed if Chukie had to, and got claimed, then if Brett got claimed. Yes I know that sounds horrible, but with what Zach had been through last season, it would’ve been hard on all of us. Zach started off in Charlotte, then got claimed by Pittsburgh, and then Nashville, all to be claimed back by Carolina.

The Olympic roster came out…I was sad that Kris wasn’t on it and I know he was devastated. I was happy for Sid, and of course Kuni. I couldn’t be more thrilled when I found out Kunitz had made it. However, this meant that Kris and I could spend two weeks together. As luck would have it, Brett, Brody, Jared and the Checkers were playing five home games during that time. So, that worked in our favor. We still had our hockey and we could spend time together, watching my brother, cousin and best friend play. As Bellemore was up with the Hurricanes.

It was the Olympic break, and Kris and I had decided to take a trip just the two of us. We wanted some alone time to figure ‘us’ out and to be with each other, without anyone meddling. We threw up so many ideas, including Disney World, and Hawaii. We finally compromised on Key West. I was so excited. Two weeks in the sun with my man…it can’t get better than that. Oh yeah, and no big brother and nagging cousins. I couldn’t wait for the Olympic break to come. I needed out of Carolina, but not out as in home to Calgary.

“What are you doing for the Olympic break baby sis?” Brody asked.

“I don’t know yet…Kris and I hadn’t talked about it.” We had, but I had no intentions of him. I knew him, Brett and Brandon would find an excuse to go with us.

“Let me know when you do know..”

“No Brody why do you want to know so bad?”

“Because you’re my baby sister and I don’t like the idea of you and Kris alone. Not after last time.” I rolled my eyes.

“Brody, it’s not like that anymore. Kris and I are taking it slow. I don’t plan on even sleeping in the same bed with him. So take a fucking chill pill.” I stormed out and called Kris.

“I need to get out of here. Brody is driving me up a wall!!” I yelled into the phone.

Kris laughed. “Babe calm down. He’s protective. If I had a little sister as beautiful as you and if what happened between us happened to her, I’d be protective too.”

“Not funny Kris. I mean it.. I can’t wait to be with you for two weeks. Away from hockey and everything”

I started hearing some commotion, and that’s when I knew the guys were back, hanging out in Kris’ room.

“Umm Kris? Where are the moms?” I asked curiously.

“They’re shopping…” I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see me.

“Put me on speaker!” I demanded. I mean really? They would leave their mothers and do their usual?

“I know James, Geno and Paulie are there.. so, with that being said, Kris, James and Paul! You’re supposed to be spending time with your mothers! And don’t try to get out of it, I’ll know if you don’t go hangout with them after I hangup! And Geno, I know your mom isn’t there but you could help the other mom’s with their bags and keep those three in line.”

They all grumbled. “Stop grumbling and go! I’d kill to have my mother back so go!” Kris grabbed his phone.

“Alright, we are going. I love you and I can’t wait to see you.”

“I love you too. Now have fun.”

What am I up against? I loved Kris and the guys but sometimes, they were so dumb. The guys had a west coast roadtrip, and then were back home to play the Senators and off to play the Sabres before returning to play the Rangers all before the Olympic break. Needless to say, this week is going to go be VERY slowly.