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Family Matters

Chapter 3

Besides Brody and Brett, he was the one I was closest with. Lord only knows why, because for the love of me I can’t figure it out. Anyways he told me that my dad really wants to include me but can’t with me being a teenage girl and him dealing with boys. He’s afraid I’ll get hurt if I date one of them, which is another thing. He won’t let me date whatsoever.

“Alright, I’ll try to talk to my dad, but I need to do things on my own without him being all protective of me. That’s why I have Brody, Brett and Brandon.” I listened to Uncle Darryl some more and knew he had to get going.

“Kill it in the finals Uncle Darryl. I love you.” He chuckled. “Alright will do, love you too Brie.”

After talking to my dad, we tried to do things together. I went with him to a scouting thing, and that’s when I met Taylor Hall. We hit it off right away. Because of who I was, we decided to keep our relationship under wraps.


Recalling the night that Taylor proposed, he had come over and picked me up. We went for a night walk, under the stars after dinner. He knelt down on one knee and said

“I know we’ve been together for a few months, but it seems like a lifetime. I didn’t know I could feel this way. You bring out the best man I can be off the ice and make me want to work harder on the ice. I love you Brianne. Will you be my wife?”

I started tearing up instantly. “Yes Taylor, I’ll marry you.”

That night we decided why wait? So we hopped on a plane, okay my dad’s plane and went to Vegas.

It wasn’t the ideal situation but we couldn’t wait to be married. Yes, I had just turned 17, but we thought it was better to get married now, then to wait when he had a full blown NHL schedule. Of course the airport security called my brother, after I begged them not to, and in turn, my brother told my dad. I only knew my dad knew because my Uncle Darryl met us at the hotel, and I knew for a fact my dad didn’t know unless Brody opened his mouth. Needless to say I was pissed at Brody and didn’t speak to him until he left for Charlotte. Taylor and I had discussed ‘us’ and although neither of us wanted to break things off, we knew it was for the best. And that would be why I went off the deep end.

*End of Flashback*

Obviously talking to my dad didn’t help, which is why I’m in Charlotte now. I had a small smile on my face for the first time since Taylor and I almost got married.

“You’re thinking of Hallsy aren’t you?” Brett asked me, like it was THAT obvious.

“Yeah so? It’s not like we are getting back together. We all know what happened last time we did. I won’t put him through that again, plus he has his career. I won’t get in the way of that.” I sighed, getting up and putting my plate in the sink, I suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore. Brody began to open his mouth.

“Yes I still have feelings for him, and miss him like crazy.” And with that, I walked to my room and shut the door.

Last time we had tried getting back together, I was really trying to be the good girl I once was. I knew with Taylor I could possibly be that happy teenager that he knew, that my family knew. I was scared that he would leave me for a puck slut. One night I had a breakdown, and started drinking to the point where I was drunk. I got in my car, and had to swarve and hit a guard rail. Resulting in me ending up in the hospital with a concussion and us not knowing if I’d be okay again. I shook that image of a nightmare out of my head. There was no way in hell I was going back to that girl, nor would I ever put Taylor through it. He was so worried about me that his game suffered. We all saw it. I broke up with him so he could focus on his game. I wasn’t about to let him lose his career over me.

‘Someone hit me in the head so I forget these nightmares’ I said to myself silently. I knew how the boys would react if I said what I was really thinking.

‘Dear diary,
Today is my first day in Charlotte. As of right now, I’d rather be back in Alberta, Canada with my dad. At least I had a little leeway. With Brody, I feel like I am ten years old again. At least I haven’t met any of the Checkers yet. Lord knows what would happen if I happen to become attracted to one of the Checkers. I love my brother and my cousin but sometimes I need to be on my own. I just wish I got another concussion so maybe just maybe I won’t remember anything and I can truly start over. Hmm that’s not a bad idea. I’m heading out to the rink.’
♠ ♠ ♠
I couldn't decide where to break this up into two chapters, so sorry that it's long.