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Family Matters

Chapter 4

I ‘borrowed’ Brody’s stick and hockey bag, and took a cab to the arena. I set everything up and started shooting pucks in the net. After puck shooting, I decided to skate a few laps and do a few drills that I remember watching Brody do. I hadn’t noticed anyone else was in the arena, until I heard skate blades on the ice, and I knew it wasn’t me, since I was sitting on the ice, thinking. Apparently I looked like I had fallen because next thing I knew, a Charlotte Checker had skated over to me asking if I was alright.

“Yeah I’m fine. I was just taking a break.” I smiled softly before getting up.

“Would you like to shoot some pucks with me?” He asked as he helped me up.

“Uh sure." I knew if the guys caught me, I’d be in trouble but it was worth the risk.

“I’m Brianne Sutter. And yes before you say anything, I’m the little sister of Brody and cousin of Brandon and Brett.” I smiled slightly.

“I’m Brett Bellemore. So you want to show me what you got?”

I smiled, and skated towards center ice.

“I like you already. Thank you for not making a big deal out of me being a Sutter. I hate that.”

I really did hate it, most people see me as Brody’s kid sister, or the baby cousin of Brett and Brandon or want to get close to me because of my dad or uncle Darryl.

“Don’t worry that won’t happen here, and if they do they’re either joking or you have the right to beat the shit out of them." Brett smirked.

“Good to know.. so I just moved into their apartment and they don’t know I’m here, would you mind giving me a ride home?” I asked him, smiling softly.

After I got off the ice, I had a ton of texts from Brody and Brett. Things like ‘where the fuck are you? You stole me hockey stuff?!’ ‘you are in big trouble’ ‘call me now!’ you know the usual from the guys. I called Brody and yes, he was pissed.

“Relax, I went to the rink and skated. Bellemore is driving me home.” I could hear Brody’s frustration.

“Like hell he is. I’m coming down there and getting you. This isn’t over.” And with that, he hung up the phone.

“Shit” I said underneath my breath, hoping no one heard me. I was wrong.

“Sutter pissed?” Bellemore asked as he sat next to me. I only nodded is silence.

“Brody’s coming here to get me. Ugh I love my brother but times like this I want to ring his neck. I can’t do shit without him flipping out.”

Brody picked me up and we had a long ride home. “Brianne you can’t go somewhere without me knowing. Suppose something happened to you at the rink? And Bellemore wasn’t there?” I sighed knowing once again he was right.

“I know. I’m sorry. I just..sometimes I need to do my own thing.” Brody nodded.

“I know. I wasn’t mad that you took my hockey stuff, I was more frustrated that you left without a word. Try not to do it again.” Once again my big brother was right but he didn’t understand I was seventeen and needed to be on my own. I knew he was trying to protect me, but I wasn’t ten anymore.

If there was one thing I hated, it was being told what to do. For some reason, Brody had this bright idea to drag me to practice. At least I had my ipod and diary. I’ve never gotten along with the WAGs, and I probably never will. Of course with me being only seventeen, it was harder. Not to mention I was there with my dad or brother, never for a boyfriend.

‘Days like these made me wish I’d gotten involved in hockey. Not that anyone in the family would let me even think about being in the NHL. Yes, I knew the fundamentals and everything, I just didn’t play. I left that up to Brody and our cousins. And now Brody’s shooting pucks at me, At least there’s glass in between.’

I felt my phone go off, and went out to answer it. “Hello?” I didn’t recognize the number, but I recognized the area code.

‘why would anyone call me from Pittsburgh if it wasn’t Brandon?’
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