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Family Matters

Chapter 5

“Hi, Brianne? This is Kris..uhh Kris Letang.” I had to think about it, did I even know a Kris Letang?

Then it clicked, he played with Brandon.

“Is Brandon alright?” was my first question, since I had no idea why anyone whom I’d met once, after a game I had gone to, to watch Brandon play, would be calling me.

“Yes he’s fine. I was..hoping maybe you’d like to go out with me?” I still had no clue why Kris would call me, if I’d met him once.

Then I heard some guys, Brandon included, had been yelling in the background.

“Look Kris we hardly know each other, and I know my cousin put you up to this. I was hoping we could start by being friends and getting to know each other?” Why Brandon would do this for me was beyond me, but hey I’d take it.

“Of course, I’d like that.” We talked for a few more minutes and then I had to get back into the arena before Brody had another one of his ‘protective older brother’ moods.

I felt so much better after talking to Kris. I’m not sure what had come over me. Normally, when I talked to a guy it was nothing, but with Kris, I felt something. It was like I could be me, and not have to worry about my past or my family name getting in the way of what Kris and I could have. Yes, there was a bit of an age difference, and honestly I believe if Brandon didn’t think it could work between us, then he wouldn’t try to set us up. I just had to hide this from Brody for now. The one rule my dad had was that I couldn’t date any of HIS players or prospects. Kris was neither, so I knew my dad would be on board.

“Hi daddy.” By the sound of it, my dad was surprised that I called, let alone called him daddy.

We hadn’t left on the best of terms.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.” In all honesty, I loved my dad, didn’t matter if he was harder on me or not. He was doing the best he could.

“It’s okay sweetie, I know I may have been over reacting on the whole thing with Hall. I just knew you could do much better.” He had a hint in his voice that maybe he already knew about Kris asking me out.

“Brandon talked to you first didn’t he?” Leave it to Brandon to ask my dad’s permission to even set me up in a relationship before even talking to me about it.

“Brody’s being extra protective. I mean I love him and all but damn I need my space and to get to know the area without him. He isn’t going to be around, what with all the road trips the Checkers have.” I never thought my dad and I would get along again, and I’m greatful for it.

“Bria you know he’s making sure nothing bad happens but..” I cut him off.

“But when he finds out about Kris, he’s going to go all ape shit. Which he won’t until the Cup is won.” After a few more minutes of chitchat, we ended the call and I was happy my dad approved of Kris.
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