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Family Matters

Chapter 6

I loved watching the boys play hockey. Kris and I were getting along really well, skyping after games and texting constantly. Brody had found out about Kris and I at least talking and figured we would eventually date. Oddly enough, he was okay with it. I hated when I couldn’t watch Kris’ games because Brody had a game. It happened more times then I wanted it too. I’m guessing since Brandon set us up that that was why Brody was okay with the idea of Kris and I. Kris apparently had a few days off. I was blasting Luke Bryan’s ‘Country Girl (Shake it for Me)’ and yes I was shaking my ass, unaware that Brett had let Kris inside. I stopped as soon as I saw him. He had his famous smirk.

“Keep going. That was cute.” I think I turned as red as a tomato.

“You weren’t even supposed to see that.” I turned off the music and ran to hug him.

“Yeah Bria, I’m scarred for life now.” I rolled my eyes and threw a pillow at Brett.

“Don’t you have practice or something?” I asked Kris.

“Yes but Suttsy’s covering..” I cut him off.

“You better not get Brandon in trouble Letang!” I said sternly, joking with him. He knew I was half joking.

“Relax Brie, Dan knows I’m here. It’s fine. I couldn’t go any longer without seeing you in person.”

I smiled, and melted in his arms. Kris was so sweet and I didn’t know what I did to deserve this but I have him, even though we aren’t official, it’s inevitable. We hadn’t seen each other since we had met in February, when the Penguins came to Raleigh. Brody, Brett, and I had gone up to Raleigh to watch Brandon play.

“Brandon, why would you do this?” I called my cousin. We never really got along.

“You deserve to be happy. After everything. I’m not dumb, I could tell you liked Kris. Although it took me forever to get it out of Tanger that he liked you.” I had to laugh, Kris was never one to hide things.

“Thanks Brandon. I’m thinking of a trip to Pittsburgh soon.”

“Shit.” I said under my breath, hoping Kris hadn’t heard me.

“What’s wrong babe?” I took a deep breath.

“I need to tell Skinner. He became my best friend.” I met him when Brett had been called up to the Hurricanes.

“So tell him. I don’t want to hide us anymore.” I bit my lip.

“Us? I like that." I guess we are official.

I had gone up to Pittsburgh for a bit to visit Brandon and Kris, and also to go to the playoffs. We were all devastated by the shutout by the Bruins in the Conference Finals. Honestly I had dealt with this kind of loss with Brody, so I knew to stay out of the way of Kris.

“Bria, what if..” I looked at him.

“Don’t even finish that sentence Kristopher Allen LeTang. You love this team, Dan, and the whole organization. You’re not getting traded. And even if you do who cares? I’ll still support you. Hell you could quit right now and work a 9-5 job and I’d still want you.” He sighed knowing I was right.

“I don’t want to go anywhere else.” I hated thinking Kris was going to be playing anywhere but the Penguins.

Honestly I’d follow him anywhere. My brother luckily was going to be on the Charlotte Checkers for another two seasons, I couldn’t say the same for our cousin Brett. All we hoped was that he would sign with the Checkers again. I don’t know what I’d do if everyone I loved was going to be split up. It was bad enough Brandon wasn’t down in Carolina anymore, and Kris was in Pittsburgh for now. Who the hell knows where he would end up if not with the Penguins next season. Hell he had one season left on his contract so no matter what happened, he would at least still be a Penguin for another season.
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Changing the timeline to the playoffs that just happened and going forward. I'm having writer's block so it'll be while until I post again.