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Family Matters

Chapter 7

The next day I was ecstatic when we found out Brett had signed a year contract with the Checkers. That meant we would be together in one city. Most of us Sutter cousins anyways. Then it happened. I was not ready for this next rumor and if it was to come true, I’d be happy but knew Kris wouldn’t be. It was that this was another Jordan Staal trade. That Kris could get traded to Carolina. Yes, I should be happy because we would be closer, but I knew he wanted to stay a Penguin for life, and I wanted him too. He was happy up in Pittsburgh.

There were a crap-ton of rumors going around, and believe me when I tell you I hated it. Only I knew what Kris wanted, and that was to stay a Penguin. We never went into detail as to what that entailed but I was hoping they could come to an agreement. I couldn’t take much more of this. To be honest I don’t think Kris could either.

"Come on babe let’s get out of here for a few days. I know you could use a break.” Kris just sat there. It was like he was here physically, but mentally was on another planet. I knew this was hard on him, wondering what would happen.

Well the draft came and went. But not after the devastating news of TK being traded. I loved Tyler like a brother. I was taking it really hard. I mean everytime that I missed him, I’d watch the videos of Kris and Ty doing the weather. Now, I couldn’t even watch it nor look at pictures of Tyler especially not on Tuesdays. It has been at least two weeks and it was still too soon, even though the video had Kris also. The best news was the news Kris told me. Ray Shero and Kris agreed to a eight year deal. That meant he was going to be Penguin for nine more years. Kris was ecstatic and so was I even if it meant we still had to do the long distance thing.

I just needed to know that the Checkers team was going to remain the same and that Kris and I were going to make it. I didn’t want to have console my brother and my cousin, especially if I had to console Kris all in the same night. That wouldn’t be fun. It was mid July and everyone was anxious to get back to hockey. We had almost the whole team back, and by that I mean the Checkers. We just had to sign Boychuk and Dalpe. I was a little sad when we found out we weren’t going to have Muse anymore but we still got Murphy. Hell I was ecstatic when we got Bellemore back. He was my best friend on the Checkers.

Kris, on the other hand, was a different story. We had talked a lot about what would happen since I had to stay down in Charlotte with Brett and Brody. If there was one thing we agreed on, it was that we wanted to be together. We knew that the NHL had agreed that there would be an Olympic break and that the boys would participate. I left my phone on the table beside my bed and went to take a shower. When I got out, got dressed and rang my hair out of the excess water, I looked at my phone.

‘damn, ten missed phone calls.’ My stomach was Kris. So I called him back, frantically.

“Hello?” Kris answered.

“OMG Kris, are you alright? I was in the shower and didn’t hear my phone! Please tell…” He cut me off.

“I’m fine. Great actually.”

“Then why the fuck did you call me ten times?!”

“Well…I’m an invitee on Team Canada. I wanted to tell you before you saw it.” I couldn’t believe it. I screamed.

“AHH!! That is awesome babe! I’m so happy for you. You’ll do great and make the team. I’ll be right beside you, every step of the way. Oh hey babe can I call you back? I have to dry my hair.” I had a plan of surprise.

Yes, I was staying in Calgary with my dad, and brother, and Kris was in Quebec. As soon as I booked my flight to Quebec, I immediately called Marc-Andre. I hatched a plan.
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sorry it's been a while since I've updated. Had writer's block and it's hard to write with it being the offseason, and hardly any trades or anything happening. what do you think the plan is? what do you guys want to see happen?