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Family Matters

Chapter 8

“Hey I’m flying up to Quebec tonight. Keep Kris distracted, and have Vero pick me up at the airport please and drop me off at Kris’. Oh and don’t let him get too trashed?” I shook my head knowing Flower would let him get trashed.

“Of course. Don’t worry Brie I’ll take care of it. Just text me the time you’ll be landing.”

“Thanks I owe you.” And with that, I had to pack. As I was packing Brody came into my room.

“Dad wants us to go out to-what are you doing?” I sighed, knowing I was going to have trouble.

“What did dad want us to do?” I didn’t face him.

“Dinner. He said he wanted to talk to didn’t answer my question.” I knew I couldn’t avoid it with Brody.

“I’ll go to dinner but I’m going to Quebec tonight. Vero’s picking me up from the airport.” I turned to him and then back to packing.

I was going to pack an outfit I’d been hiding, but I couldn’t grab it until Brody left. He’d have a shit fit.

“No you’re not. Even if I have to babysit you myself!” Brody yelled low enough so dad wouldn’t hear us.

I had no intention of letting my dad know any of my plans.

“Whatever Bria, be ready for dinner at 5!” and with that he walked out, slamming the door.

I grabbed the VS bag that I had hidden in my closet that I had brought when I went shopping with Vero that no one knew I had but her.

Dinner was interesting to say the least. My dad decided to drop the bombshell of all bombshell’s on us…He was dating again. Dad introduced us to his girlfriend. Needless to say I was NOT happy. I played nice, and my dad knew I wasn’t myself. The only thing that saved me, was the fact that I was surprising Kris. We got home, and started to storm upstairs.

“Brianne we have to talk! Get down here!” I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs.

“What dad?!” I yelled, standing up, not sitting on the couch. Brody was sitting next to where I was.

“I know the wheels were turning in your head. So say what you have to say.” My dad said calmly.

“What am I? Well let’s see I think it’s stupid dad! You’re replacing mom, whom I’ve NEVER known and you both refuse to talk about her! I won’t let you replace mom!” I glared at them.

It was true though, both dad and Brody refused to talk about mom.

“That’s not even fair!”

“No dad what’s not fair is that I barely remember my mother! I’m done!” And with that I stormed upstairs, texted Hallsy, and told him to pick me up immediately.

I didn’t even care if Ebs or RNH were with him. I knew it would be another hour before Taylor got there since they were in Edmonton. I didn’t have friends in Calgary and didn’t know who else to call.

I heard a knock on my door and I didn’t want to talk to them.

“Brie? Open up. It’s Lukas.” I had no clue Lukas was coming over.

“Hey…come in.” I smiled softly. I had only guessed Brody had called Lukas and told him what had just happened.

“You know you can’t hate your dad. He’s happy.” I wasn’t having any of it.

“Look it’s sweet that you came over but I’m not changing my mind Lukas.” Hallsy texted me telling me that they were in the driveway.

“I have to go..” I picked up my bags and walked downstairs.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Asked my dad.

“Out. I’ll be home next week.”

“I don’t think so. Don’t you walk out…” I slammed the door and ran to the car.

“So I don’t hear from you since we broke up and now you need me to get you? What’s going on?” I knew this was coming.

“Taylor, look I didn’t want to break up with you. You know I loved you and always will. But you couldn’t put your career on hold for me. I was forced to cut all ties with you. But my dad doesn’t know I still kept your number hidden. I had a fight with dad. I’m leaving. I need you to take me to the airport. I’m going to see Kris…umm Kris Letang.”

I knew that would open old wounds.

“What?!” Taylor was mad.

“Look, I knew shit would happen if we got back together. You know that! I love you Tay, and always will but I can’t be with you. My dad controls your career, I won’t let that happen.” Somehow I knew I couldn’t get through this ride without someone being upset.

“I was willing to sacrifice..” I cut him off.

“I know Taylor, but you would’ve been unhappy with your career. Whatever it may be if it wasn’t hockey. I couldn’t let you do that when I have ties to the NHL.” Taylor was stubborn, and somehow I had forgotten about it.

“Look, I’m sorry Taylor. It’s just hard because the one constant in my life was taken from me. And I have something good for now and I’d like it if we stayed in contact.” I sighed.

“Of course. You’ll always be in my life Brie. Your dad can’t keep us apart or at least from seeing each other, and neither can Brody.” And with that, I boarded the plane, and was off to see Kris.

What seemed like forever, I was off the plane and got to baggage claim and found Vero.

“Hey. Thanks for picking me up” I smiled as we walked to the car.

“So I assume you brought what you bought in Pittsburgh?” I nodded.

“So what does Flower have planned for him and Kris while I’m getting everything ready?” Vero rolled her eyes, and that gave me a hint.

“Let me guess a guys night out at a bar” She nodded hesitated.

“With Max?” By her reaction I knew I was right.

“Great…Maxie you better not get my boyfriend trashed!” I thought to myself. I knew I couldn’t text him, as he would give it away.

I had gotten to Kris’ and thanked Vero for the ride and for keeping it a secret. I decided I’d take his BMW to go get some groceries to cook dinner. I was just finished up the pasta when I heard Kris. Obviously he wasn’t expecting me.

“Hello?” He had a hockeystick in his hand. “Who are you and why are you cooking in my kitchen?” He walked cautiously.

“Do you realize how wrong that sounded.” I said as I walked out in nothing but his shirt.

“Damn baby don’t scare me. I almost fucking hit you with a hockey stick!!” He put his stick down and his lips crashed with mine.

“I wanted to surprise you. I’m so proud of you. And I couldn’t have done it without Marc-Andre and Vero. I had no clue Max was going with you, until Vero said something earlier.” I smiled.

“I cooked you dinner. I figured Marc-Andre would take you to a bar.”

I knew my happiness wasn’t going to last long. My dad knew I called Taylor. Hallsy at least warned me before my dad called.

“Brianne! Get your ass back to Calgary!” I sat up and rolled my eyes.

“No! Why would I? You can’t even look at me, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been since Taylor and how dare you threaten his career?” I was fuming.

I could tell by the look on Kris’ face I hadn’t told him about Taylor. “I did it for you! You think Hall could give you a good life?” I was about to punch a wall.

“Yes and even if I was married to him now I’d be fine and happy but no you fucking ruined that. You’re not about to ruin my relationship with Kris!” I hung up the phone and threw it across the room.

“Who’s Taylor?” I sighed, knowing this was coming. Actually I was hoping never.

“Hallsy. Long story short, we met while he was recruited by my dad. We started dating, and got engaged, were going to get married but my brother and dad got in the way. Dad threatened his career and I wouldn’t let him lose everything he’s worked for, just for me.” I couldn’t look at him, afraid of what Kris was about to say.

“So? He’s your ex. And you’re obviously still friends. That doesn’t matter.” I sat there in shock.

“You’re not angry with me?” Kris shook his head.

“All that matters is that he didn’t hurt my girl and he helped you tonight. Come on, let’s watch a movie and forget everything.” I nodded, of course it wasn’t hard to do, seeing as how I kind of maybe broke my phone, throwing it at the wall?

As in, there was no way I’d be hearing from dad, or Brody tonight. Although, if Brandon gave Kris’ number to them that’d be different. However, I don’t think he would be that stupid to ruin how happy I was, considering he was the one who set us up.

Calm down babygirl. They can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.” He kissed my temple.

Kris had a way of calming me down that not even Taylor could do. I guess it was his accent, and the sound of his voice.

As my intuition is, I was unfortunately correct. We…or I was awaken by a hard, loud banging. I rolled my eyes knowing exactly who it was. Kris slept like a rock, which in this case is good.

“What the fuck do you want?!”
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