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Family Matters

Chapter 9

I opened the door, not even looking at my dad, who brought Brody.

“You’re coming with us!” Brody grabbed my arm.

“Brody get off me! I’m not going anywhere!”

“Like hell you aren’t!” Brody had a death grip on me.

“Get off her!” Little did I know Kris was behind me, trying to pull me away. I should’ve known he would’ve called Flower and Max.

“Vous allez bien mon amour?” (Are you alright my love?)

“Oui” (Yes). I had been learning French so I could communicate with Kris better. His English was good, but I wanted to be able to talk to him in his native language.

“I’m going to KILL Brandon! I know it was him who told you where Kris lived! I’m not leaving!” I folded my arms, whispering to Kris in French.

“Je suis désolé pour tout cela.” (I’m sorry about all of this).

“C'est bon.” (Its okay).

“Pas de Kris, je pars.” (No Kris, I’m leaving). I stood up, accepting defeat. I knew I wouldn’t win against my dad and older brother, even if I had Kris, Max and Marc-Andre on my side.

“Comme l'enfer vous êtes! Je te protégerai.” (Like hell you are! I’ll protect you). Kris and I started yelling in French, which only Marc-Andre and Max could understand our conversation.

“Kris, je ne peux pas.” (Kris, I cant..) I stood up and ran for Kris’ room, slammed the door and sunk down in the corner, crying. Little did I know, Kris would come after me.

“Come on, let me in babe.” Kris kept knocking.

I gave in and let him in. He instantly pulled me into a hug.

“Ca va aller. Je te le promets.” (It’ll be okay I promise.) He kissed my forehead.

“Kris, you deserve better, you shouldn’t have to deal with my drama. I can’t put you through this anymore.” I started packing my things.

This was the last thing I wanted, but with everything that was about to go down at home, and the new season, Kris couldn’t focus on me, it would affect his game. I knew it would. And I refused to let it.

”Fuck!” I screamed.

“What happened? Are you okay?” I shook my head, sobbing into his chest as his arms engulfed me.

“This is what they want. More my dad though. This is JUST like the Taylor thing. It’s hard to explain but trust me Kris.” I continued to sob.

Why would they do this? Don’t they want me happy?

“Ma chérie rien ne va nous faire du mal.” (My darling nothing will hurt us.) He whispered and rubbed circles on my back.

“Kris, you’re the best thing to happen to me in a while. I care for you a lot and I can’t let you throw everything you’ve worked so hard for away. Your dream.” Kris was still holding me.

He cupped my face in his hands. “None of that matters ma chérie. My dream has changed. My dream is with you, and a houseful of kids.” He sighed.

“Look, go with them, do what you have to do. I’ll be here. Always.” With that I got up and left. Needless to say, I was giving my dad and Brody the silent treatment.

As soon as I got home, I barricaded myself in my room. I had no intentions of talking to them until Brody and I left for Charlotte. So, I resorted to my old ways….I swore no matter what I wouldn’t resort to my old ways. Luckily I had a bathroom in my room. I took my razor blades and started cutting again. I was brought out of my thoughts by my phone ringing. I knew it was Kris because my phone ringtone for him is ‘Cruise’ by Florida Georgia Line.

“Hello.” I quickly wiped my eyes trying to sound normal.

“Open your window.” Kris instructed, and I did, only to see him….shit.

“Kris, what are you doing here?” I asked him, and then realizing I was still bloody.

“Nevermind me, why are you bleeding?” I slowly backed up and ran to the bathroom.

I knew I had to clean up and hide everything. Unfortunately he got to the bathroom before I could close the door.

“What the fuck?! Are you cutting!” Kris was furious.

“Vous êtes fou” (You’re insane).

“Kris, English please! And let me fucking explain.” He walked out and sat on my bed. I didn’t care if I bled everywhere.

“Kris, listen to me. There’s a past that you don’t know about, that no one knows about. I used to cut. My mom died when I was young, and my dad never paid attention to me when it mattered and I felt like I was a burden and the boys would be better off.” I started crying.

“The words that I had engraved in my head, I kept playing over and over again.”

I got up, but he grabbed my arm.

“Keep going while I clean you up.” I smiled softly, and nodded my head.

“Well yesterday I had those thoughts again, and I started again. I’m not a child and-” I was cut off by him kissed my forehead.

“Don’t. You need to stop. You’re beautiful and you’re not a burden to anyone. You have to promise me you’ll stop.” I nodded.

“I’ll try. I thought I was better..until today. Everything came back to me and I tried not to think about it, and again I thought you’d be better without me Kris.” I sobbed and buried my head in his chest.

“Brianne, if anything, I’m better with you. My game is better and I’m happier.” I looked up at him, not believing it.

“You better not be lying to me Kristopher!” At least Kris and I didn’t have a blowout.

I just had to worry about my dad. Just when I thought dad and I were good again.

“Babe stay here. I need to talk to dad.”
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Kind of a filler but trust me drama is coming. comments?