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I'll Drink to That

Part Two

For the rest of the day neither Oliver nor Amanda talked to anyone or really left the bus. Oliver took up post in his bunk, sulking with headphones in to block out anyone who might try and communicate with him while Amanda stayed put in the back lounge, quite content with a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to somewhat numb her pain and a box set of Desperate Housewives to keep her company. Both of them managed to remain somewhat undisturbed, until it was show time.

Reluctantly she climbed up off the couch and discarded the cushion she had been crying into by firing it into one corner of the room before quietly slipping out of the room and into the bathroom, unnoticed by the other residence the bus held.

She was a mess.

Her hair which was usually perfectly straightened and styled into intricate plaits trailing down past her shoulders or tied up in messy buns was now sticking up all over the place while her makeup looked as if it had been applied by a demented five year old.

She had eyeliner smudged all around her eyes, blended with the dark eye shadow she had been wearing which made it look like she had been in a fist fight. Her mascara, thanks to her tears, was now trailing down her cheeks in messy streaks while her skin was blotchy and flushed.

Quickly she found a cloth and twisted the tap until the cold water ran, she shivered at the sensation of the chilly liquid hitting her flushed cheeks but soon got used to it and finished the job at hand. After washing off her now destroyed makeup she applied a fresh lair of foundation to cover up the redness the tears had caused to appear on her cheeks and drew a thin line of eyeliner onto her eyelids, finishing with just a touch of mascara.

After sorting out her hair so that it looked relativity normal, she walked silently out of the bus and made her way into the venue, ignoring some of the insults fans were paying her. She was used to people being jealous, and with jealously came insults, lots of them.

''You came!'' Oliver beamed running over from where he had been standing next to Nichols who was deep in conversation with some female roadies, no doubt looking for an easy fuck.

''I said I would.'' She whispered shrugging him off as he wrapped his arms around her, trying not to cause a scene, but using enough force for him to get the message. ''This doesn't mean you're forgiven, it means I stick to my word.'' She hissed harshly before walking past him and finding Beth exactly where she thought she would. Chatting up some roadie at least five years younger then her. Typical.

''Hey.'' She said quietly grabbing Beth's attention away from her next hook up. The other woman turned around and smiled with a look of complete devilishness at her friend, confirming all suspicions that she was indeed chatting the guy up.

''Hey Mandy! How are you?'' She smiled hugging Amanda tightly. Amanda smiled at the nickname she had been addressed by, she didn't mind when Beth called her that name, but for the past few days, since she found out that Oliver had chrated on her, when he called her tat it made her skin crawl.

''I'm okay...'' Was the response given as Amanda hopped up onto a speaker which was placed behind them both. Beth soon followed her example and jumped up beside her, swinging her legs as she hummed along to the sound of the supporting band playing their set.

Amanda looked down at the shining ring placed on her finger. Engagement. To some it might be the one thing they long for in the world, to some it's the gateway to an eternity of happiness. For Amanda though, it felt like a trap.

''Come on, what's up? You can tell me.'' Beth winked nudging her friend in the shoulder. This only made Amanda feel even worse. How could she tell her best friend that she was about to break up with her brother?

''Listen, give this to Oliver, yeah?'' Amanda asked pulling the shining engagement off her finger and handing it to her friend. Catching the look of shock on her face she told Beth to get Oliver to explain everything, she knew that is she stayed long enough to tell her herself that Oli would come back and manage to persuade her not to go, as he had done so many times before. But this time she couldn't let him, she wouldn't let him.

''Tell him I'm sorry... and that I will always love him. But this time it was just too much.'' She whispered before running back out of the venue and pushing her way through the crowds of fans lined up to get in, tears streaming down her face.

She quickly climbed the steps and onto the tour bus, threw all her clothes into her suitcase and gathered up all of her belongings. She only had one place to go, one place she didn't particularly want to go, but it was her only choice.


When Oliver and Amanda were eighteen they ran away. Bring Me The Horizon had just gotten signed and she was looking for an escape from the tiny village she had grown up in, and escape from the captivity of living with parents, just an escape from her life. She wanted a fresh start, and Oliver was offering her that, so she grabbed it with both hands and never let go. Now five years later though, she was going back. Back to the little village in Scotland she came from, back to her parents, back into the trapped feeling she tried so desperately to escape.

After taking two taxi's she reached the train station she had been in too many times. She'd go there countless times a year, with intentions of going back to her parents, just even to say she was sorry. But she could never follow it through.

This time she would. This time she had to.

After buying herself a ticket and settling down in her seat she took out her phone. Just like she had expected she had numerous texts and missed calls from Oliver. She sighed to herself and pressed the play button to the messages he had left.

''Please baby, take me back, I love you.''

''I'm begging you babe, I fucked up, I know I did. Just understand how sorry I am.''

How was that supposed to fix everything. She was supposed to forgiver him with just one simple voice mail. Like hell that was going to happen.

''I'm scared to get close... and I hate being alone.
I long for that feeling to not feel at all.
The higher I get... the lower I'll sink.
I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim.''
This message was the one that made her break down. Of course he'd break out some meaningful shit like this just to make her crack.

''Would you like a tissue?'' A strangely familiar voice asked her from somewhere in front. She looked up from her phone to see someone she did indeed recognize.

''Thank you.'' She smiled at the man sitting in front of her, gladly taking the tissue he was offering.

''Jordan, right?'' She questioned dabbing her eyes and stuffing her phone back into her handbag, she needed to forget about Oli, and the man in front of her seemed like the perfect distraction. She looked up again to see his familiar brown eyes staring into her own, a look of concern creasing his face.

''That's me, your Oli's girlfriend, it's Amanda?'' He asked smiling lightly. She nodded thoughtfully. She had gotten used to being addressed as Oli's girlfriend. No one seemed to bother remembering her name, she was always just associated with him, so it was quite flattering that someone she hadn't even known that well remembered her.

Jordan and Amanda had met the previous year. He had worked on Bring Me's new album and he and Oli had basically become best friends for those few months.

''So where are you heading to?'' He asked breaking the silence as he let his glance fall over to the window where he watched the scenery whoosh by. Amanda let her gaze follow his own before answering.

''I'm not quite sure yet, somewhere that serves alcohol is top of my list though.'' She chuckled gently, she knew alcohol wasn't the answer to dealing with heartbreak, but it held the promise of postpone the situations that were at hand just long enough for her to forget about them.

''You know I'm headed to a pub just before we hit Glasgow, I'm supposed to be meeting some friends, you're welcome to tag along if you want.'' He offered smiling slightly as he saw her face brighten up a little with the invitation.

She nodded her approval at the idea and sunk back in her seat feeling slightly more content with the idea of going back to Scotland now that she had someone to join her. But the idea of facing up to her parents was still daunting, and made her slightly uneasy when she let her thoughts wander to what they'd say to her.

After another half hour sitting on the train chatting, Amanda had reluctantly filled him in about what had happened between her and Oliver. But she had been pleasantly surprised by how understanding he had been about her whole situation.

Now sitting on opposites bar stools to the single person in the world she never thought she'd find such comfort in talking to, in a pub she had never even heard of, she lifted her class and swirled the liquid around, watching as it made a distinctive dark mark on the glass it touched. She had never been a girl who went out drinking with people she hardly knew, hell she had never been a girl to even talk to someone she didn't know, but something about Jordan made her feel at ease.

''I'm sorry about you and Oliver.'' Jordan sighed lifting his own glass. It seemed to Amanda that he was indeed feeling genuinely sorry for her. He reached out and placed his hand on top of hers, making her shiver at the sensation of their skin touching. ''I really am sorry.''

'Don't be, I guess it just wasn't Sempiternal.'' She laughed lightly quoting the title of Bring Me The Horizon's latest album. Ironic how that word that she'd heard everyday for the past year could now suddenly fit in perfectly in describing her own relationship.

''Well I'll drink to that.''
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