Let It Happen

I wish Dennis could see how truly unhappy he is in his relationship. I've lost count of how many times he's slept in my bed because Gus has kicked him out. I have no idea what he'd do if my boyfriend lived in the same flat as me.

Gus doesn't really know what he wants. He met Dennis at a bar on the first week of uni, and Dennis showed absolutely no interest in him, so naturally he had to have him. But now that he has him I know he thinks he made a mistake. He never really wanted a boyfriend, and now he's stuck with one who's desperately in love with him, who he in turn treats like shit.

I hate it. I can't stand watching Dennis let his boyfriend rip him to pieces. Pre-Gus Dennis wouldn't have put up with any of this. He let no one push him around. Now he's putty in Gustav's hands.

The worst part is that Dennis can't see the problem.

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