Not Just A Rat

The heartbreaking story of a rescue rats struggle as he tries to break away from the cliches of being a rat.

Remi is pulled from is mothers teat and thrown into a cage by himself, barely able to eat solid food. He is forced to watch his mother and sisters from across a room, being given love and attention. He learns he can only trust himself.

He makes it through each day at a time, never having a plan to change things. This is the only life he knows, men are treated poorly, there are unwanted.

Little did Remi know that his life was about the change, when he'd meet the Dark Furred Girl. He never could have believed he could be loved.

*please give it a try i know the summery isn't very good.
  1. Glossary
    Works I'll use/may use in the story.
  2. Chapter 1
    Despite all my rage I'm still just a rat in a cage.