The room was packed, there’s wasn’t space to breathe and the line was endlessly long. I looked down at my phone: See you soon love xx it read, a message from Siva.

“I thought you said you had a VIP pass, Gillian!” Mel shouted over the noise.

“I do! But you don’t. Plus Siva said that would get us into the signing, not the show.”

“I can’t take much more of this! Let’s just try the VIP line, it’s way shorter than this! And they have room to breathe,” Morgan suggested.

“Fine!” I called back. I lead my friends over to the VIP line, Morgan was right, it was whole lot shorter, we barely had to wait two minutes before being served.

Telling them my name, I said, “I’m on the VIP list!”

“I don’t see you here, hit the road.” Said a grouchy lady.

“Look again, I must be there!”

“Nope, no one by the name Gillian is on the list, and believe me when I say it’s a short list. If you were on here, hun, I’d see you.”

I cursed under my breath.

“Next!” The lady behind the window called and we found ourselves been shunted aside by some beefy looking security guards.

“What now?” I turned to my five friends, it had been their idea. “We’ll never get tickets now, the line is too long! And they said only the first five hundred will be served.”

“You never said that!” Morgan wailed.

“Actually, she did,” defended Cassie.

“Well that’s just great!” Morgan was the hot head of the group.

Tayla hushed us. “Let’s sneak in!” She whispered, grinning.

We all glanced around suspiciously.

“Let’s not,” moaned Kelsey.

“Do you wanna see the show or not? Where’s the backdoor, Gillian?”

I was at an odds. Should I tell her? Siva had taken me around the venue last week. He and the other boys had been so excited for the show and it was first in my home town ever. He’d been so excited for me to finally see him perform.

“It’s through here.” I was confident that I could find my way to the stage, but whether we could all go unnoticed was a different story.

We were quiet enough to go unnoticed and made it into the crowd just as the lights dimmed. They were about to perform. My heart swelled. My Siva, up on stage. Nathan, Tom, Max and Jay were there too of course, but I only had eyes for my handsome Irish boyfriend.

Lightning, Glad You Came, All Time Low… They sang all of my favourites before the crowd began to jostle during Nathan’s solo in I Found You. From our position we began to see people being lifted out of the crowd, it was all getting too crazy and Nathan kept singing.

“There are too many people!” I heard someone call.

“Hey you!” I gasped, spinning around. It was the beefy security guy, the one to push us out of the VIP line. I shoved Tayla, who in turn shoved Mel, who shoved Kelsey, who shoved Cassie, who finally shoved Morgan.

“Go!” I cried. We dashed for the exit we had come through, probably not the best idea as it was a direct entrance to back stage where there would be no crowd to disappear in.

“Come back here!” Beefy security guy called, beckoning for backup.

We were in trouble. We were in serious trouble. How had things gone so horribly wrong? One minute we’re sneaking into a The Wanted concert, next minute we’re running for our lives from security.

It’s not like we had hurt anyone. Siva had wanted us there, well, he’d wanted me there at least. And so what if I had tried to make five of my friend’s dreams come true, they’d never been to a The Wanted concert either. Was that a crime?

Apparently, it was.

We ran down corridor after corridor, but I was at the back of the group and couldn’t lead them in the right direction. We we lost and then Tayla ran us right into a dead end. The security guys caught up with us quickly and lead us into an interrogation room.

Kelsey was whimpering from fear. We hadn’t even seen the full show.


Max belted the last note to adoring cheers. The show had been amazing. So many fans had shown up that they’d allowed another hundred tickets to be sold. I hadn’t seen Gillian in the crowd though and I’d expected her to be up the front.

“Mr. Kaneswaran,” security called to me.

“Yes?” I replied, the other guys crowding around me.

“Is there a problem?” Jay inquired.

“Just six girls claiming to be associated with you Mr. Kaneswaran. They snuck into the show and then ran from security, they’ve been detained.

“What are their names?” Max asked.

“I know only one name, Gillian.”

The boys gasped. I was stunned. Gillian? My Gillian? Caught for trespassing? But she had a VIP pass! “Take me too them, please.”

“Certainly Mr. Kaneswaran.”


There was a knock on the door of the cold room we had been placed in. Morgan sat, comforting Kelsey. Tayla was still full of adrenaline from the run, revelling in the excitement of the whole situation. The single security guard in the room, stood up to open the door. Siva entered, follow by Max, Nathan, Jay and Tom.

I huffed sigh of relief, my mouth cracking into a smile. When Siva spotted me, he smiled too.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“These girls were caught without tickets, sir,” security answered.

“I told you, I have a VIP pass,” I said for the twentieth time.

“Well you’re not on the list,” he snapped.

“These girls are friends, not trespassers,” Siva stated.

“Best to just leave us too it,” Nathan added and the security guy exited the room in disgrace.

“Gillian,” Siva smiled and I ran to him, pulling him too me in a tight embrace, I never wanted to let him go. His strong arms wrapped around my lower back and he sighed contentedly.

“I take it you girls are here to see us?” I heard Tom asked. There were squeals of delight from all my friends.

“They’ve been waiting a long time for this,” I giggled. Tayla was bright red, breathing heavily.

“Would you like a photo?” Nathan asked Kelsey and Morgan. They almost burst into tears.

“We’ve got this,” Jay told Siva and I.

Siva proceeded to pull me into a corner of the room, away from our friends. “Thank you for coming. You have no idea how much it means to me. I’m sorry I got you in trouble.”

“I got me in trouble. But I’m glad I could be here. You were amazing, from what I saw anyway.”

“I wish you could have seen it all. I’d dedicated a song to you.”

“Really? Will you sing it for me now?”

Quietly he began to sing, his perfect voice leaving goosebumps on my arms and sending a chill down my spine. He pulled me closer and I could feel his breath on my face. “I love you, Gillian.”

“I love you more,” I whispered.

“Not possible.” He was perfect, and he was mine, no matter how many stupid things I did.

Smiling, he leaned his face into mine and touched his lips lightly to mine. I melted. I would never get tired of Siva.