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Hey, Red.

New School.

Gwendolyn Andrews stood in front of the school entrance. She was a good hour early, one of the first students to arrive. It was her first day and instead of arriving fashionably late like her elder sister she decided it would be a better to arrive early. Walking up to the front doors of the school, she nervously surveyed her surroundings. The court yard had benches scattered throughout, all placed a good distance from one another. It was most likely where most students tried to smoke their last cigarette before the first bell rang. The book nerds probably sat the closest to the entrance, while the jock probably dominated the rest.

This was the way it was with every new school year. She would arrive early, take in her surroundings, get her class schedule and then probably sit in the wrong seat. She had learned from a young age that it was better to just stand off to the side, blending into the crowd. But today was her lucky day, she needed to enroll. For once her father hadn’t called ahead and enrolled her before she got the change. Her last school had failed to inform him of her behavior. Like always her mother didn’t care, everything was always left up to Gwen or her father. Enrolling her and her sisters meant that she didn’t have to wait for everyone to file into the classrooms to find a spot to sit. Gwen walked up toward the lit glass doors. It might have been an hour until her new school officially started, but it seemed as if were already there. She pulled open the door and slowly walked along the hall taking in all of the details of her new school, following the signs that read ‘Office’.

Roosevelt high school was relatively larger than most of the schools that her mother and father had dumped her and her sisters in. It was most definitely the most spirited. Banners hung off almost every wall, and the main hallways had rows of glass cases that displayed trophies, pictures of all-stars and basketballs with people’s names on them with the amount of points they had scored in a season. She stopped walking and read one of the banners that were hanging from the ceiling.

“Go Cougars! Go, Fight, Win!”

Glittery names of females were written underneath the letters. Gwen could only assume that the cheerleaders had made it.

“Excuse me?" A voice suddenly said. Gwen jumped, and then turned around quickly. Her face flushed and red spread throughout her face; the curse of being a ginger, turning her attention to a blonde haired girl no taller than her. Gwen smiled sheepishly and gave a small wave. The blonde girl giggled and waved back before saying,

“I haven’t seen you here before. Are you new?”

Gwen quickly nodded her head yes. The blond squealed as she latched onto the redheads arm, and quickly pulled her in the direction of the main office. Bypassing all of the school trophies. Gwen trailed after her quietly, trying to figure the petite blonde out. She had never met someone so forward. At her last school, no one had really bothered with her. Well they did at first, but stopped when they realized that insulting her probably wasn’t a good thing to do. Gwen smiled at the thought. She’s always had a quick temper, a vile one at that. She was the sole cause of their migration to the east coast.

Suddenly Gwendolyn was thrown from her thoughts, the petite blonde that had been leading her somewhere had suddenly stopped and had started to clench her hand in nervousness. Gwen winced at the pressure on her wrist, and then looked at the small girl. She narrowed her eyes at the blonde, the girls face had turned red and her eyes somewhat bulging. It would have been funny sight, if it wasn’t for the boys in front of her smirking. Slowly Gwen took in their appearance. They all looked as if they were in sports;, wearing their team jerseys. And all of them were sporting the smirk that was taunting her new friend. Gwen twirled her red curls absentmindedly; it was something that she tended to do whenever she witnessed confrontation,, as the blonde sputtered something unintelligible. The leader of the group smirked again and spoke,

“What Blondie? Cat got your tongue?” He laughed and continued, “The way you’re looking it is true that you want to hook up with my boy Liam here.” He said gesturing to his blonde haired friend on the right. Gwen gazed at him taking in his appearance. He was tall, very tall. And his blue eyes twinkled at the petty bullying. Gwen smirked, as she looked at him and then looked at the girl next to her, who was now blushing profusely. It was her first day at this school and already she had run into a couple who didn’t have the balls to get together in fear of what their friends would think. Liam, at least seemed to care.

Gwen poked the blonde girl and she snapped her head up in embarrassment and finally remembered what she was doing. Her face went from tomato red to its original pale color as her returned. Quickly she pushed past the group of boys; who were now all starting to notice Gwen and dragged her the rest of the way to their destination.

“Who were they?” Gwen asked abruptly, as they reached the office. The blonde looked up surprised, but then quickly smiled.

“It was Ryan and his goonies. They are some of the jocks of the school.”

Gwen nodded, “Are you okay?” She asked, as she tilted her head to the side.

The girl just grinned and shook her head yes. But Gwen could easily tell that she wasn’t. Before heading into the office she asked the blonde girls name.

The blonde smiled and stuck out her hand, which Gwen politely took.

“My name is Rosa, but everyone just calls me Rose.”

Gwen nodded and smiled as she turned around and headed into the office. But not before slamming into a hard object. A large, warm hard object. She stumbled backwards and was about to fall, but its hands reached out and grabbed ahold of her waist, holding her steady. She looked up and her eyes widened. The boy standing in front of her was of the most handsome guys she had ever seen. He quickly let go, and took a step back.

“Thank you.” Gwen said smiling, looking up at him. He looked taken aback for a moment. But a hint of a smile appeared, and nodded as he walked off. She smiled to herself as she went to the school counselor to get her and her younger sisters classes organized.
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