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Spring Break

The next few weeks passed by quickly as the girls all got used to their dad being around them. Their mother had disappeared within hours of him arriving at the less than extravagant house that he was used too. The party that night was cancelled within minutes after his arrival, and after that he finally got to meet his youngest daughter’s new beau.

Already he could tell how enamored she was with the guy. But he way that he looked at his middle child had him somewhat unnerved. He knew young men; he was once a young hormonal man himself. He knew how they worked and could practically read one’s mind whenever they eyed his red headed beauty of a child. He knew that eventually he would have to come to terms that his daughters were going to date. He had just come to terms with the fact that Gwen had been dating her best friend’s older brother. Dan was already in college and majoring in business so that he could work in his company. He had already practically accepted the boy as one of the family. This new development though bothered him, especially since his Gwenny had no idea that the guy was eyeing her like a hungry dog. But of course the boy would deny it.

He had already gotten into contact with his lawyer about his daughters and his wife’s actions. A court date was already being set, but he knew that she wouldn’t show. Not since his two oldest daughters had admitted to him that they no longer wanted to live with him, especially since they thought that their youngest sister would be safer and better watched if she went back to live on the east coast with him. His ex knew that they would testify against her. But he was going to let them finish out their school year where they were already at. Especially since it was Rory’s final year. Only this time he was sending his trusted butler across the country to live with them in the new house that he was buying for them.

Sighing he shuffled through the papers that had just been faxed to him. He had already rented the house across town that was in a better neighborhood. A gated community where you had to have a password or be cleared to even get in. He had left the girls to pack up their things into the boxes that they had stored away. Both his oldest daughters were excited to move, Gwen especially loved that the new house had a chefs kitchen and he knew that he would have to make sure the kitchen was well stocked at all times. Already he had supplied the new house with an office that he knew his oldest would come to love, especially since two walls were lined with bookshelves and a flat screen television.

Leaning back in the new office chair he surveyed the study. The large bay windows to the left of him overlooked the ocean. The dark blue waves were crashing into the rocks at the base of the cliff. He planned on taking the girls back to the east coast once spring break began. He actually was being lenient and letting his younger bring a long a few of her friends. Her boyfriend included.

Powering off his laptop he placed it in its case and zipped it up. He was planning on heading back to the house where the girls were at and help them finish packing up their suitcases for the trip back home and help them finish loading the boxes in the moving trucks.


It was the last day of school before spring break and Gwen was on edge. Her father had confirmed that her sister could bring Neji and his brother along with them back to the east coast. And she wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about it. Ever since her father came back home things had went from tense to something more relaxed. Her sisters didn’t nearly fight as much, mostly because they didn’t want to suffer the wrath of their father. And the fact that he was moving them out of the older two story house and into a grand beautiful mansion like the one that they had grown up in was something that Gwen knew that her sisters had longed for.

She wasn’t entirely sure what Neji had up his sleeve. But for the past few weeks he had completely left her alone. But that didn’t mean that he was never around her. He had started to stay the night at the house without her father knowing for weeks now. And the only reason why Gwen knew was because she could hear the moans coming from her younger sister’s room.

Thinking about them having sex made Gwen’s eye twitch. She was hoping that her father would say no to him coming along with them back to their home on the east coast. But she knew she would have to suffer with his presence at their massive home. But she knew he was up to something, every time he walked past her room in the middle of the night and she was awake she would see him out of the corner of her eye, looking into her room and grinning slyly.

It made her uncomfortable. What was worse was that once on the east coast he would be subjected to Talia and all her other friends. The people who really knew how Gwen was. The people who could get Gwen to do the things that typically she would never even dream of doing.

Groaning Gwen slid down in her seat. She didn’t even want to think about the upcoming break from school. She didn’t want to think about what Dan would say about her sudden appearance. She had already told her best friend about her arrival, and made her promise to not tell her older brother. Which of course she agreed to as fast as she could, it was then that Gwen learned that Dan had suddenly became very close with her father, even interning at the company that her father owned.

Dear god, this is going to be horrible.


Neji smiled to himself as he packed up his suitcase. He would be out of the state for more than a week and he honestly couldn’t wait. The only other states that he had been too were to California and that was to go surfing at his uncle’s house that was situated on the beach.


Neji looked up from his suitcase and watched as his younger brother walked into the room. Patting his hands on his jeans.

“Sup Brod.” Neji sighed as he walked over to his closet and grabbed a couple t-shirts and threw it in with the rest of his clothes.

“You ready?”

“Yup.” Neji smiled. Zipping the bag closed he followed his brother out of the room and to his car. Flipping out his phone he scrolled through the text messages, ignoring the ones from his other friends and zoning in on Jezbelle’s. He quickly typed a reply telling her that he was on his way and stuffed his phone into his back pocket. He was definitely ready for this trip, not only was he going with a girl that was gorgeous but he would ultimately be able to get back at Gwen for when she hit him and colored his body red. She had no idea what was coming to her. All he needed to do was convince her to go to a club and let the emotions fly.
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