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Hey, Red.

The Text

Rosa plopped down on her bed and sighed. It was officially spring break and already she missed her best friend. Gwen had left the day before, the moment school letting out she was climbing into a suv with Neji, his brother and her sisters. She had received a few text messages in the past hours from her friend. Most of them she was complaining about her sister and her unnaturally gorgeous boyfriend. Rosa couldn’t help but smile. Out of all the people she had known at her school no one had ever messed with Neji or Brody. They were both the most violent and dangerous guys that she knew. Having known them both since her early grade school years she knew what they were capable of. She had tried to warn Gwen, but from what Gwen’s older sister had told her. Gwen knew how to take care of herself. But Rosa wasn’t entirely sure that her red headed friend would be able to handle Neji. He was known for playing dirty. From what she had been told Gwen was just known for being unnaturally violent.

It had taken her a few days to get out of Gwen why she left her last school. It wasn’t until her older sister Rory spat out,

“It’s cause she got expelled again.”

That Gwen finally fessed up what she had done in order to get expelled. Apparently someone had been messing with the red head during gym and it just happened to be during weight lifting day. Gwen had picked up a dumbbell and slammed it into the bully’s face, breaking her jaw. Once she heard that story, Rosa couldn’t help but let her jaw go slack from shock. The petite red head was downright violent, but she just looked so innocent. The way she walked and talked, it just seemed that she wouldn’t be capable of such a violent act.

But Neji didn’t play like that. Only if he had too. He rarely ever hit girls, unless they hit like a man. Growing up the way he did, he was taught to protect himself. And Rosa could remember when Neji actually got into an honest to god fight at school. He got suspended for two weeks because he had severely injured the other guy. The other kid had got expelled from school, while Neji was allowed to come back because he was only protecting himself. After that he had the reputation of being dangerous, having to go as far as registering himself as a lethal weapon at the local police department. Oh the only way that Neji played was through sex. He was known to just use girls and then throw them away. He and his brother were well known for that. Neji being so gorgeous could get any girl that he wanted, and with a school as large as the one that they attended he had a never ending supply of fresh meat.

That was what worried Rosa the most. The first day, and he already had got ahold of Jezbelle, Gwen’s younger sister. And now she was pretty sure that he was after Gwen. Considering that that very same day, Gwen told her that she had punched the guy. Not believing the red head until he arrived at school the next day with a bruised and cut cheek.

Rosa’s hand suddenly vibrated. Pulling her hand up to her face, she swiped the screen a couple time and quickly sat up. Her heart was suddenly pounding and she couldn’t believe what she was reading. She had just got a text from Liam. The one guy that she had been practically in love with for the past few years. The first guy to ever get her naked and into a bed. They had something together, she had been assigned to tutor him, he had been failing science and of course she hadn’t been. She had been the top in her class. So every day for a few months they met up and she would help him with his school work until he finally was able to pass a test with better grades. But right when she thought that him and her were done. He had shown up out of nowhere at her house one night. Claiming that he needed help with another subject. That night had changed her life.

Normally they would just meet up at the library and talk and work on their assignments. And she would help him with other things. Always smiling and always being patient with the guy. But that night he had personally came over to her house, knocking on the door. And being as she was half asleep she had answered the door in just her night clothes. Everything had gone so fast, one moment she was talking to him about biology and then once they walked into her room and she shut the door he had her pressed against the wall. Catching her completely by surprise. She had looked up at him, confused but she didn’t stop him. Oh how she sometimes wished that she would have stopped him. She would have saved herself from the heartbreak that she suffered from afterward; when she found out he still had a girlfriend.

His girlfriend had been suspicious. Especially considering Liam had actually stopped his friends from bothering the girl that they all considered a nerd. She had been the main source of fun for them since they had targeted her in junior high. But then all of a sudden her beloved boyfriend had decided that she wasn’t worth it. And then she soon learned that she was the one that was tutoring him. Going out of her way she watched and waited, asking Liam where he was going and then suddenly going there and finding out he was nowhere to be found. It was the fifth time he did that when she decided to show up at his house, fetching the hideaway key that he told her was hidden underneath the welcome mat. She had let herself in and then stopped, anger pulsing through her when she heard the moans coming from his room.

What she had gone through that day would forever haunt Rosa. She had been lying on the bed, when Liam’s girl barged into the room. Both connected through an intimate embrace, neither Rosa or Liam tried to move. Neither paid any attention to his girlfriend until they heard her high pitched scream. Within moments Liam had went from buried deep inside her to jumping off the bed and pulling on his boxers, throwing the blanket to completely cover her naked form. Her eyes wide, he watched as he steered his screaming girlfriend out of the room leaving Rosa to lay there on the bed. She listened to them screaming, but she knew better than to think that he would leave his popular girlfriend for her. She quickly threw on her clothes and bolted from the house. Not bothering to say goodbye or talk to Liam. After that she refused to text him, just opting to ignore him and cry herself to sleep at night. It disappointed her that he didn’t try to chase after her when he saw her run out of the house. Instead choosing to stay and calm down his girlfriend of one year. His only attempt at talking to Rosa had been through text but after she replied to him; telling him to leave her alone, he just stopped talking to her all together. Oh how she had wanted him to ignore her and try to fight for her. It had only been five months since the fateful night, when Gwen had arrived at school and witnessed Ryan making fun of her.

Breathing hard, her eyes skimmed over the message once again. She had thought that he had long deleted her number, but she was wrong. There staring at her in bold black cursive writing was Liam’s phone number, and the message that she had been dying to receive.

Hey, we should talk. My house? 8 p.m.?
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