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Hey, Red.

Home Sweet Home

The moment that Gwen and her sisters landed and arrived at their childhood home was when Neji finally showed his true colors. Without letting anyone else see, the first few days passed by with them constantly pulling pranks on one another. He would hide her tooth brush; she would clean the toilet with his. He would put fake snakes in her bed, knowing that she had a terrible fear of them thanks in large part to her younger sister. And in turn she would take all the toilet paper out of the bathroom. Causing him to walk weird, every time he walked past her she would start to roll on the floor laughing. Asking if something was wrong in a sweet voice.

The pranks were so tacky, but always Gwen did something a little bit worse than him. The entire time her step mother watching them with interest. No one else seemed to notice the hostility they had toward each other. It wasn’t until Gwen flung open his bedroom door and punched him did everyone finally take notice of the mutual dislike.

“What the fuck Neji!” Gwen screamed, as she constantly connected her small fist with his tired face. Him barely having enough time to protect his face. Shoving her off himself and to the floor he peered down at her with a pissed off glint in his face. He could handle little pranks, they were somewhat cute. But he was not a morning person, actually if someone woke him up in the morning they better not talk to him until he had downed at least two cups of coffee. He wasn’t approachable until after that.

“Bro.” Brody warned leaping up out of his bed and rushing over to where his brother had moved out of bed and hovering over the red head.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Neji growled, shoving his brother out of the way. Picking the petite girl up he slammed her into the wall forcing her to gasp and struggle in his hold. Pinning her arms again the wall he placed his knees in between her legs and spread them to make sure that she didn’t try to knee him in the groin. Still tired he stared down at her red face.

“Neji. Let her go.” Brody said once again, grabbing his brother’s arm and trying to pry his larger body off her.

“It’s okay Brody I can take him.” The red head muttered stubbornly.

Neji smiled darkly as he quickly twisted her body around so that her face was against the wall and his groin nestled against her ass.

“Or not.” She sighed.

“Seriously bro, let her go.”

Faintly his grip on her loosened as his younger brother talked him down.

“Red, he is still asleep.” Brody breathed as he finally pried his older brother off the somewhat shocked girl. “You can’t just run into his room and start hitting him when he is sleeping. He tends to react to it. What did he even do?”

Slowly Brody led his brother back to bed and let him lay back down, the entire time Neji not taking his eyes off the red head.

“Yeah well, care to tell me who decided it would be a good idea for Rosa to be led on my Liam and jumped at a party? ¬¬¬”

Looking confused Brody turned his attention back to the girl that was seething in the corner; her eyes were still trained directly on his older brother.

“Heh, so Liam finally decided to get with her huh? Ryan probably did it.” Neji sneered, the corner of his mouth lifting up into somewhat of a smirk.

Gwen stood there for a few moments and watched as he let himself fall back onto the bed. His younger brother kept looking at them worriedly. He knew his brother; he knew that Neji would just get back up and start attacking her out of nowhere. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t really know much about the guy. At school people didn’t really talk about him, and he didn’t talk to people. He just floated through his classes, meeting up with Jezbelle after school and going home with her. The moment he walked into the house he would vanish into her room and not come out until everyone else was asleep or the next morning when it was time for school. Her father still had yet to know that he had been staying the night, considering her father had been staying at the new house and making sure all the furniture was delivered and put into the right places. Leaving the girls to their own devices. But they knew better than to start randomly fighting, they knew that Rory had their father on speed dial. If Jez did or said something somewhat wrong Rory would just flip out her phone and Jez would shut up quickly and retreat to her room.

Rolling her eyes Gwen left Neji’s and Brody’s room. She wanted to punch him in the face again; the way he looked when he talked about her friend pissed her off. It didn’t help that he always seemed to walk around like he was the shit just because he was fucking her younger sister. Walking back into her room she ripped off her t-shirt and climbed into the bed in her underwear. Grabbing her phone she kept texting her friend that had been torn to pieces. Emotionally and almost physically. Bitch was going to pay when she got home.


Neji didn’t wake up again until midafternoon. And that was only because of the annoying squeals that were echoing down the hallway and filtering through his slightly opened door. Rubbing his hand down his face he groaned as he sat up. The bed had been ungodly comfortable. Probably the most comfortable that he had ever slept in. Faintly he remembered Gwen rushing into his room and punching him in the face, and his brother prying him off her small form. Already he could feel his annoyance set in. The girl was going to be the death of him. He was getting sick and tired of her. She would always say the most annoying things, and then do the most irritating things. Anything to make him on edge that girl would do.

Sighing he swung his legs over the side of the bed, stood up and grabbed a shirt. Pulling it over his head he walked out of his room and headed for the kitchen. He could smell the strong aroma of some of the best coffee that he had ever had, jogging down the stairs so that he could finally breathe in the heavenly scent he stopped in his tracks the moment he saw a group of girls and a guy standing around in the kitchen. Not saying a word he maneuvered around the girls, who stood there with their mouths open. He had been wearing sleep pants and the shirt that he had pulled over his head was nothing but a simple white tank top.

“That’s Neji.” He heard Gwen’s soft voice say, “Jezbelle’s boyfriend.”

He smirked at the collected gasp that went through the group. Leaning against the counter he slowly drank the hot coffee and watched as Gwen interacted with what he assumed was her friends that she had known since childhood. All of them wearing expensive designer clothes, the only one wearing simpler clothes was in fact Gwen. He was pretty sure the most expensive type of clothing that the girl owned was lingerie. Considering she usually shopped at the cheaper stores than what some of the more wealthy kids shopped.

Neji observed the guy encircle his arm around the petite red heads waist and kiss her neck. His eyebrow rose as he watched her face turn red and some of the girls giggle. Smiling to himself he took another long drink of his strong coffee. He officially knew what he was going to do to knock the girl down a notch. He was going to take one for the team, and actually flirt with the insufferable girl and mess up her relationship with the pretty boy.

Thank god she’s attractive.
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