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Hey, Red.

Party Party

Shoving open her front door, Rosa fell to the ground. Already she had her phone out and was texting the one person that she knew would be there for her. Letting the tears fall from her face, she cried harder as they fell on her touchscreen, making it harder for her to type. Finally pushing the send button she threw the phone across her living room. Her parents weren’t there. If they were though she would have been going through hell and probably would have been carted to the closest police station.

Pushing herself up from the ground, she choked back sobs as she slowly made her way up the stairs and into her room. Picking up her phone, it was already lit up with received messages. Sliding her fingers back and forth on the screen she read the messages. Getting to the last message she screamed and threw the phone across her room. She just wasn’t going to bother with the damn thing. Practically falling into her bathroom door she trudged up the sink, tears still falling down her cheeks, and looked into the mirror.

The person staring back at her only succeeded in making her cry harder. Her eye was starting to swell shut and her lip was busted, and still somewhat bleeding. She had bruises down her neck and scratch marks up her arms. Her hair was messed up and she was pretty sure that some of it was missing and probably in the other girls hands. They were probably laughing about what all they did. Wetting down a towel, Rosa started to clean the blood off her face. One of the girls had slammed her head into the concrete by the pool; her entire face looked like Carrie’s did when they dumped the vat of pig’s blood on her.

Gingerly touching the large gash on her head, she felt the tears continue to roll down her face. She knew that in the morning her head would be pounding and that she probably had a concussion, but right now she was just thankful that she had drank that night. It was holding off the searing pain that she knew she would suffer from. The only bad part was that she was going to have to deal with the hangover along with the massive headache from her head wound.

Pulling away the towel that was now covered in her blood; she stumbled back through the doors and tried to walk down the stairs. Her vision was blurry and she could barely feel her legs. All she could think about was how Liam had been so surprised to see her. The moment she had walked through the doors he had just stared at her with a stupid look on his face. It had only taken her seconds after seeing his surprised face that she knew she had been tricked. Knew that it hadn’t been him who texted her, who made her heart leap out of her chest.

All over again she could feel her heart breaking. His confused stare and his friends all laughing and pointing at her. The girls giggling to themselves as they took in her plain appearance. Trying to fit in she poured herself a beer, making it seem like she had come with a mutual friend. But everyone knew that she hadn’t. She was just trying to make it all easier. She had never drank before, so after about second cup and a couple rounds of shots she was so far gone that she had stumbled out into the back yard toward the pool.

The pool had been glistening in the moonlight. And Rosa had been far too drunk to even notice the people who were standing around outside, had been far too drunk to notice the group of girls that were closing in on her. They had pushed her on the ground, Rosa being so drunk her head bounced off the concrete that surrounded the pool. She had tried to fight back but she vaguely knew what was going on. She had been so angry but she was so defenseless. Trying to protect her face, she didn’t notice when the girls got pulled from her body. The next thing she knew was Liam and Ryan standing over her beaten body. Both of their faces in shock, Liams more so than his friends. His face was contorted with worry. Helping her up, Liam tried to lead her to his room, but she had found. Oh god had she fought. And she got away and ran down the road. Stumbling and falling on the asphalt a few times before finally reaching her house.

A pounding on the door forced her out of her thoughts. Staggering towards the door, she leaned against the cool glass pain. The porch light wasn’t on and she knew that whoever it was on the other side would be in shock at the site of her face. Hoping to god that it wasn’t anyone her parents knew she swung open the door. There standing in the door way was the guy that she was practically in love with. Standing in front of her door, his chest heaving up and down. He had ran to her house. Blinking a couple times she stepped back to let him in. Crossing the threshold into her house his arm instantly grabbed her unsteady form, only causing her to yank herself away.

“Rosa…” Liam whispered, once again trying to grab ahold of her arm.

Letting the tears pool at her eyelids she blinked and let them run down her bruised cheeks. Letting her eyes flutter a few times, she then completely slumped into his arms.

“I’m so sorry.” He said, bringing her sagging body to his. Picking her up bridal style he carried her up the stairs and put her in her bed.


The next morning Rosa didn’t even want to open her eyes.

Her body hurt, her face hurt, her chest hurt and her eyes stung. Trying to move to release the pain she only cried out as her body pushed up against a harder one. Blinking open her crusted over eyes she winced at the light in her room. Seeing black dots she closed her eyes once again and pulled the blanket up over her face to try to block out the harsh rays.

Letting herself fall back into a deep sleep she didn’t even bother to look to her side to see who was sleeping next to her. She was in too much pain to care.


Jessica was livid the moment that her boyfriend ran out after the blonde nerd. The girl was going to get it the moment she saw her next. Too bad she didn’t know where she lived; if she knew you could bet your ass that she would be there, trying to knock the door off the hinges. Blowing her bangs out of her eyes she brought her phone up to her face, scrolling through Facebook, checking to see for any updates and then going to her messages to see if he had texted her back yet. The past few hours she had messaged him on Facebook, sent text messages and even called him numerous times. Not once did he bother to reply to her.

“Babe, come back to bed.”

Jessica looked over at the guy lying naked in his bed. She had went home with Ryan once Liam had left, leaving her with no one to take her home, with no one to release her sexual pent up aggressions too. Shaking her head she dropped her phone back on her discarded jeans and sauntered back over to where he was waiting. Smiling coyly she crawled on top of him and straddled him, rubbing herself against his swelling member. Groaning he grabbed ahold of her hips and flipped her over letting himself get carried away all over again.
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