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Hey, Red.

Lust Filled Nights

At first Gwen refused when she found out that her best friend Talia was throwing a spring break bash and wanted her to come. She wasn’t a partier and every time that she went to a party she always woke up naked in someone’s bed. Thankfully all the times she had woken up naked she had been in Dan’s bed and no one else’s. But then Talia brought over a bottle of Jack and Gwen couldn’t help but say yes. Her father and step mother had gone out for the evening. Saying that they wouldn’t be home until late. And that was when Talia took the opportunity to invite all the Andrew’s girls plus the two boys that she knew would be the stars of her party.

By the time Gwen’s parents had left the house, she was already almost drunk. Feeling tipsy in her bedroom, she sat across from her best friend giggling as she took shot after shot. She wasn’t even going to bother with beer. She didn’t want a messed up hangover. And she was pretty sure that her father already knew, because when he peeked his head through her door he just took one look at her and then shook his head. Not even bothering to deal with the drama that would involve a drunk teenager. Saying a few words to Talia and then left for good, shouting that he would be back in a few hours and not to do anything stupid.

Once the door echoed shut, Talia looked expectantly at Gwen and in return the red head grinned. Stumbling around her room she grabbed a bag and shoveled in random pieces of clothes. And then grabbing ahold of her best friends hand for support before rushing out of the room and down the stairs and into Talia’s car to head for the party.


Neji was completely bored.

The party had been going on for a few hours and one thing that he was sure of was that rich kids had no idea how to throw a party. People literally just sat around talking to each other and sipping out of a red solo cups. Shaking his head he peered over at his brother who was flirting with a semi drunk blonde girl. Pulling all his best moves, Neji couldn’t help but shake his head. If the moron wanted to hook up then he might as well just pull all the right moves, screw the girl and then move on and never talked to her again. Something that Neji was very good at. Practice makes perfect.

Moving from his spot, Neji slowly ambled toward where he knew the kitchen was. He was in desperate need of strong liquor, especially if he was going to put up with half of the drunken preppy girls that were at the party. He wasn’t like them; he didn’t have a bunch of money. He had enough to feel comfortable but he didn’t like to flaunt it. He wore regular clothes that everyone else wore. He never bothered with the designer labels that half the people in attendance wore.

Grabbing a bottle of vodka he took a huge swig of it and then chased it with the beer that he had been holding. Clenching his teeth he fought off the disgusting after taste. Raising the bottle to take another swig a hand grabbed ahold of his muscular arm. Looking down at the person who had just grabbed him. His eyebrows rose at the site of his mortal enemy all flushed with a huge smile attached to her face.

“I want some.” Gwen purred, as she reached for the bottle in question. Neji shook his head, with a small smirk on his face as he lifted the bottle above his head so that it was out of reach.

“C’mon Neji!!”

“What do I get in return for giving you this bottle?” He asked teasing her.

She stopped reaching for it and stared at him with wide eyes. He could tell that she was beyond drunk, so drunk that she probably wouldn’t remember anything that she did the next morning. Bringing down the bottle he chugged a small amount then held it back up. His face twisting up in disgust. He seriously could never get used to the retched taste that came from drinking alcohol. Peering down at the red head, her face was still distorted in thought.

“Have an answer Red?” He asked once again, breaking her out of her thoughts. Not saying anything she pulled herself up on the counter so that she was sitting directly in front of him. Face to face, she reached her hand and pulled the collar of his shirt and brought him just a whisper away from her face. Smirking she leaned in and traced her lips across his collar bone, laughing inwardly as he took in a sharp breath.

“I do.” She whispered her voice surprisingly clear. He could smell the strong scent of alcohol off her body. But at that moment he didn’t really care. Jezbelle had been holding out on him when it came to sex. And he had actually gone a few days without and he was practically dying for it. And he was drunk, enough to know that if he didn’t get any tonight he would be royally pissed the next morning. Probably suffering from blue balls.

Grunting he pulled her closer to him and captured her mouth in his. He wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to fuck the living daylights out of a girl. Especially the sexy red head that he was strangely attracted to yet wanted to knock the living crap out of. The girl had balls. Metaphorical of course. First day she met him face to face she punched him, causing his cheek to swell up from the cut that she left behind. It was that moment that he swore that he would make her life hell. But right now all he cared about was the fact that the girl was pressing herself up against him. She knew exactly what she was doing; he wasn’t going to deny that. There was a side of her that not many people saw. Most saw the angry side, but he had glimpsed the fun side of her. With her skimpy outfits that she wore to bed.

He had originally planned to break her and the Dan guy up. Something to piss her off royally, but to ruin that relationship he thought he would have to do a lot. He didn’t think that it would be this easy. And he definitely didn’t plan on sleeping with her, especially since he was dating her sister. All he planned on doing was making it seem like there was something going on between him and her he definitely didn’t plan on this.

Biting his lip, she tangled her fingers through his hair, pulling him even closer. Moving her hips in a slow motion so that she was directly on his pelvis. Biting back a groan he grinding himself more into her. Slowly raising his hands from her hips he slid them up her flimsy top and trailed his fingers up her sides. Feeling the goose bumps he was creating, she broke the kiss and nuzzled into his neck. Nipping and sucking at one of his sensitive spots. Lifting his shirt she ran her hand up his stomach muscles letting her nails dig somewhat into his skin.


Quickly they broke apart. Both breathing heavily, Gwen trying to straighten her shirt from where his hands had pushed it up and Neji shifting so that he could hide the practically obvious erection that the small red head had just caused. Standing in the door way stood Gwen’s older sister, behind her Talia. Both in complete and utter shock, although Talia had more of a ‘Fuck yeah girl!’ look. Stomping over to where her sister sat Rory grabbed the red head and pulled her down and dragged her out of the room. Talia just grinning as she followed behind.

Neji sighed and ran a hand down his face and took another swig of vodka.


Rory stumbled into the house with her younger very drunk sister. She could not believe what she had witnessed earlier that night, could not believe that her sister actually made out with the one guy that she claimed that she could not stand. But then again, she had no idea how many shots that her younger sister took. It was the first time that Dan hadn’t been babysitting her. She had seen him holding her earlier as she drank a mixed drink that most likely had been spiked with everclear thanks in large part to their mutual drunken friend Talia. The girl knew how to party, or well knew how to get her best friend drunk. Dan had stuck around Gwen for most of the night and then suddenly disappeared right around when it was time for him to take her back home. Rory had looked all over and almost expected to see her younger sister making out with the future businessman but instead walked in on her sister practically dry humping Jezbelle’s boyfriend.

Oh god how she wanted to lecture her. Tell her what she did was beyond stupid, and that she had the most amazing guy out there. A guy that would never do anything to her. But at this moment in time, she knew that her younger sister wouldn’t remember a word that she said. Rory was just happy that she had stopped the couple from going all the way and regretting it all the next morning. Well she was pretty sure that her red headed sister wouldn’t really regret it. She never regretted the things she did when she was drunk. Although this would be the first time she almost hooked up with a guy that wasn’t her Dan.

Dragging her sister up and the stairs and kicking her door in, she plopped Gwen on her bed. Giggling incessantly the red head rolled over and snuggled into her bed. Rory wasn’t even going to bother telling her to change; she was too tired to deal with anymore drunks. Walking out of the room, shutting off the light and closing the door until she heard a click she walked to her room stripping the moment her feet melted into the ungodly plush carpet. Kicking the door shut behind her she let herself fall into her bed.


Not bothering to be quiet Neji and his brother made their way up the stairs. They had just watched the two sisters go into the house, not really wanting to deal with the pissed off oldest sister Neji had told his brother to wait a few moments before going in. Both completely trashed they stumbled up the stairs and opened their bedroom door. Mumbling Neji ran to the bathroom that was across the hall and he figured that his younger brother had already fallen on his bed and crashed without even bother to take of any of his clothes or shoes. Sighing to himself as he left the bathroom he yawned. Bringing his hand to his door he was stopped as a familiar hand shot out and grabbed his arm. Not saying anything he looked down in a haze at the red head that had stopped him. Grinning she led him toward her room. Throwing one last glance at his bedroom door and at his girlfriend’s door he followed without a fight.


Pushing him on her bed Gwen crawled up on his lap and straddled him, leaning in to capture his lips with her own. She liked the way he felt, the way that he fit perfectly. Even in her drunken haze she knew that even if she was sober she would be doing this. Thank god for lower inhibitions when drunk. Hearing a growl Gwen was flipped over and Neji stood above her. Pulling off his shirt and finally giving the girl a really good look at his body. Letting her breath catch she drank in his appearance, he was perfection. Sitting up she quickly unfastened his pants and pushed them down as he fingered the clasp of her bra and unhooked it. Throwing the bra across the room he picked her up and threw her completely on the bed and crawled up to her half naked body. Staring down at her he captured her lips with his again as he slipped off the rest of her clothes. Kicking off his boxers he positioned himself on top of her rubbing himself against the very heat of her. Moaning she dug her nails into her shoulders and twisted around so that she flipped him over and that she was on top of him. Staring into his eyes she grabbed ahold of his member and quickly impaled herself with him. Letting out a small shriek she leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest. Breathing hard she started rocking against him.

Neji gripped her hips as she rocked, she was so damn tight and already he couldn’t get enough. The way that her breasts were bouncing as he quickened the pace. Leaning forward he captured one of nipples in his mouth and gently sucked on it. He could feel her body tighten and her breathing pick up. Flipping her over, he lifted her legs above her head and rested them on his shoulders. Bracing himself against her bed he slowly started to pull out and then rammed himself back in.

“Oh my god.” She moaned as he continued the slow torture. Smiling to himself he let it go into a faster pace. Again and again until she was withering beneath him, her nails drawing blood on his shoulder. Normally he didn’t like it when girls drew blood, because he would always have to explain to marks to someone else later. But at this moment he didn’t care, it was in the heat of it all. He couldn’t get enough. Pounding harder and faster he stared down at her twisted in pleasure, he could feel her tighten and he knew she was about to let loose. Closing his eyes he let himself get carried away, the sound of skin slapping against each other echoing through the room, and for once in his life he was somewhat worried if someone heard what was going on in the red heads room.

After a couple more thrusts he felt her entire body tense up, her nails digging harder into his skin. Following shortly after he sighed as he came inside her. Falling on top of her she looked into his eyes and leaned up and kissed him chastely on the lips.

“You can sleep in here. There is a lock on my door.” She whispered her voice thick with lust.

Nodding he got up and walked to her door, flipped the lock and rejoined her back in her bed. This time under the covers, both basking in the afterglow of drunken sex.
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