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Hey, Red.

The Morning After

Gwen groaned as she opened her eyes, only to quickly close them. The little bit of sunlight that was filtering through her blinds were making her head hurt. Actually no matter which was she moved her head hurt, hell her entire body hurt. Groaning again she tried to move, but was stopped when she finally noticed a hand that was firmly wrapped around her thin waist. Breathing a sigh of contentment she snuggled closer to the warm body. Thank god for Dan. She had no recollection of what had happened the night before, she just knew that she let loose and had fun but not before making her long time on and off again boyfriend promise to not leave her side. After he promised she had been more than happy to follow her friend and sister into the kitchen to take tequila shots. After that she didn’t remember much other than pulling Dan down so that she could kiss him repeatedly throughout the night. Always smiling at his kisses, they were always so soft and caring just like his body.

Snapping her eyes open she blinked against the harsh sunlight. His body was all wrong. Yeah she hadn’t been in a bed with him in a while but it wasn’t how she remembered it. Dan had never been one to exercise. Only doing enough so that he stayed relatively skinny, he never focused on muscle toning so he always had a softness about his body. This body was hard, hard and muscled. Gwen felt her heart rate pick up and closed her eyes tight as she mentally went through her mind of what her boyfriend felt like naked.

This guy was: Hard. Not soft. Muscled. Not soft. He was taller. He fit perfectly with her body.

No no no.

Slowly turning her body she looked out of the corner of her eye and felt her eyes widen considerably as she took in the dark hair and muscled skin. A tattoo prominent on his bicep. Closing her eyes once again. This guy was definitely not her boyfriend.

“Oh shit.” She whispered bringing her hand up to her face to cover her eyes. She was lying naked in her bed next to god knows. And she was pretty sure she had slept with him considering the light throb that she felt in her groin. The guy next to her shifting against her and pulling her closer to his body. Letting out a small squeak she pried herself out of his grip and grabbed the sheet to cover herself.

“What the hell.” The guy grumbled his voice slightly husky from just waking up. Turning to speak to him she felt her mouth drop open.

The guy that she had woken up naked next to was none other than Neji. Staring down at him with her mouth gaping open she couldn’t help but stare. The dude had an amazing body. Still sprawled out on her bed he had stretched out lazily. One of his legs hanging out from the sheets and since Gwen took most of the sheet to cover herself it barely pooled at his hips his happy trail showing.

Feeling her eyes trace the muscles down his body she pulled herself away the moment they dipped into his V. Swallowing loudly she brought her eyes back up to his. He was staring back at her except he wasn’t nearly as shocked as she was; he more or less had a look of smugness about him. Narrowing her eyes she kicked her legs at his side and pushed him out of her bed. Landing with a thump on her floor she couldn’t help but smile at the thought of him experiencing discomfort. Her smile quickly faded as he stood up his eyes staring dangerously down at her.

“What the fuck.” He bit out as he walked around her room gathering up his clothes not bothering to cover himself up.

“What the fuck?” Gwen asked, her eyes narrowing. “Why the fuck was you in my fucking bed?”

Not bothering to look at her as he slid on his boxers.

“Because I wanted to get laid.” He said nonchalantly grabbing for another item of clothing.

The red head across the room stared at him in shock. He came in her room and got her out of her panties just because he wanted to get laid? He was dating her sister for crying out loud, why would he even want anything to do with her. Narrowing her eyes she got out of her bed and stomped over to him dragging the sheet with her. Shoving him into the wall, he lost his balance and fell to the floor once again.

“Good god.” He seethed as he stood back up and faced the fuming red head. “What the fuck is your problem?”

Poking a finger into his chest she backed him up against her pale wall.

“You are dating my sister you jackass. You can’t just walk around fucking other girls being all like ‘Cause I wanted too.’“ She said mimicking his voice at the last part. He stared down at her form his face completely devoid of any emotion.

“Yes. Yes I can.” He answered pulling his shirt over his chiseled chest. Smiling a patronizing smile he nodded his head, moved around her, opened her bedroom door and left the room leaving the confused and emotional red head alone in her room.


It was hours later before Gwen finally emerged from her room which was completely unlike her. Her sisters had both came to her door and knocked and tried to come in. But she wasn’t having it. She couldn’t face them after what had happened the night before. She didn’t even know if he used protection or pulled out or anything and talking to him would mean that her little sister found out. And so far she knew that her younger sibling really liked the guy. For crying out loud she had brought him to their father’s house and introduced him to her father. She had seen what had happened when Jezbelle had slept with her older sisters ex. They still couldn’t stand to be in the same room as one another, and if she found out that she slept with Neji then she was pretty sure that Jezbelle and her would become mortal enemies. She didn’t want to have to put her little sister in the hospital, although she would have it coming if she tried to start anything.

Ignoring her sisters worried voices she had sat at her bed texting the one person that she knew would know what to do. The one girl that she had met that had been through numerous encounters like this. Then again she did typically go for the married guys; actually Gwen was pretty sure that she didn’t care about who she hooked up with. She had had tons close calls when it came to pregnancy that was until she got on the pill. Gwen had met her at one of her last schools only running into the blue haired temptress because her younger sister had just decided to fuck the girl’s best friend and then turn around and cheat on him with another random guy. Gwen had had to step into the middle of their fight and block the attacks that the blue haired girl had tried to land on Jezbelle. When she finally got the girl to calm down - Which she only was able to do when she got Rory to take the blonde away – she had learned that her name was Reese and that she was also a rather violent person with a sarcastic and morbid personality. They had quickly become friends much to her younger sister’s dismay. It meant that every time that the blue haired girl came over that Jezbelle would have to lock herself in her room or leave the house entirely. So that she wouldn’t randomly land a punch on her and Reese had found the entire ordeal hilarious. Especially since the young blonde went so much out of her way to stay away from her. They had only been friends for a few weeks before Gwen had finally lost it and broke a kid’s nose at school and got expelled.

They had said goodbye at a McDonalds over happy meals and that was the last time that the Red head had seen her overconfident slutty friend. And it had been weeks since the last time that she had texted her. She swiped her small fingers across her touch screen sending her friend a long message about her situation. The blue haired girl had responded quickly. It was simple and straight to the point.

Be @ ur house next sat. Preggo tests on me. Pizza on u biotch.

The red head couldn’t help but smile at the girl’s response. If it had been Talia there would have been a million questions and a freak out about going on and on about how her brother was an amazing guy and that she was a fucked up person for cheating on him. Dealing with situations was one of Reese’s talents. Always taking everything with a grain of salt. She didn’t care unless it actually had something to do with herself, and she didn’t get too much into other people’s business. She only would if you paid her. Actually most of the time she charged people just for speaking to her. Gwen smiled at the memory of her blue haired friend. They had been at the park that day sharing a blunt, ignoring the people that walked past them staring. They hadn’t been staring at the thick smoke that the girls inhaled they had been staring at the pleather outfit that Reese had been sporting that day, along with her clip in synthetic dreads, heavy makeup and her blue and black hair. She was also unnaturally pale, which she had claimed it was because was Swedish.

Reese had that way about her. She always drew attention to herself. She was one of those unique girls that everyone just couldn’t help but stare at and Gwen was pretty sure that even if the girl dressed normal and had her natural hair color that she would still pull everyone to her unintentionally.

Pushing herself off her bed she stared back down at her phone. She had no idea how long that her friend would be staying with her. Probably quite a while considering she had just told Gwen that her father pulled her out of school and enrolled her in an online school because he thought that public school was bad for her. Glancing at her clock she finally took a deep breath and unlocked her door and headed downstairs to den where her father would be working.

Bypassing all the people that were situated in the living room. Gwen opened her father’s door and slipped in. After quickly speaking to him about her friend that she wanted to come stay with her for a while. At first her father was hesitant considering the girls background with Jezbelle. But when Gwen reassured him that it wouldn’t be a problem because she would personally stop a fight if one were to break out. And after a few long minutes he finally nodded in agreement. Her friend was allowed to stay as long as she didn’t get into any fights and wasn’t a bad influence. Pretending to not hear the last part she slipped back out through the doors after giving her father a quick kiss on his cheek. Heading back up toward her room she stopped in her tracks as she saw Dan walking down the stairs with a worried look.

Gwen stood there for a moment motionless. She couldn’t move, she wasn’t sure if she should rush across the room and give him a black eye, run from him and ignore him or ask him about what had happened the night before. Not noticing the footsteps behind her, she felt a hand touch her shoulder. Spinning around with her hand held in a hitting position she lowered when she saw her younger sister staring at her worriedly.

“Gwen?” Jezbelle asked her voice laced with concern moving her hand away from her shoulder, staring at her sisters raised fist with unease.

Lowering her fist Gwen turned back toward the guy that she had grown to trust. Grabbing his wrist she pulled him back up the stairs not bothering to say a word leaving her very confused sister in her wake.
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