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Hey, Red.

First Day Back

Rosa tapped her foot impatiently as she nervously waited for her friend’s plane to land. She had received her text hours ago and she almost couldn’t contain her excitement. Everything that had happened in the past week had been hell and she couldn’t wait to just be near her best friend once again. To have that person that no matter what stood up for her. She could only imagine what she would do whenever she saw her bruised face. The cuts were just now healing up and the bruises that had originally been black had now turned a nasty shade of purple and yellow. In a way she couldn’t wait to see what her best friend would do, but she really didn’t want her to be expelled again and be sent away. She honestly didn’t know what her friend’s father would do now that he was completely in charge of the three sisters.

Jumping up from the plastic chairs, Rosa rushed to the floor to ceiling windows and let a grin form on her lips as she watched a jet circle the air and lower toward the ground preparing for a landing. She was practically bouncing out of her shoes as she watched the large plane lower and finally land on the runway.

“Are they here yet?” A deep voice asked from behind her. Turning her head toward the male with a dazzling smile on her face, he didn’t even have to ask anymore. Her face was answer enough. “So they just landed?” He asked smiling back at her. Rosa turned fully so that her body was facing him. Tilting her head to the side she took a few timid steps toward him before wrapping her arms around his torso. Smiling to herself as she felt his arms wrap around her small body. The week before she wouldn’t have had the courage to do go up to him and do this, but then after the party when he had appeared at her front door and then took care of her. Something had clicked between the two of them, they had talked about everything and for once Rosa had actually spoke her thoughts. Because of that she found out that Liam had liked her back otherwise he wouldn’t had followed her home and taken care of her. Ever since then they had practically been inseparable. They did everything together and he wouldn’t let her go anywhere without him at least knowing or actually being with him. He went out of his way so that she wouldn’t be alone when she went shopping or anything of the sort. He didn’t want another repeat of the night at his party.

Inhaling his musky cologne Rosa sighed and closed her eyes. He was so warm and comfortable. It was a huge plus that he smelled good also. Pushing herself away from him gently she threw him one last smile before walking over to where her best friend would be emerging. Practically jumping with excitement as she saw a flash of red hair piled on top of a head. Letting out a scream she rushed toward the red head, completely by passing her sisters and the two brothers. All shooting her strange looks as she tackled her best friend.

Gwen let out a boisterous laugh as she felt the weight of her overly excited friend. Wrapping her small arms around her friend she squeezed tightly. She had missed her and her strange ways. Her crazy emotions were dearly missed. And by gods when she had texted her telling her about the fight, Gwen had wished with every part of her body that she could be home at that moment. She wished that she would have been there at that party so that she could have knocked the shit out of the two whores who couldn’t seem to leave her alone. It’s not a fight when there is three against one.

Pulling away from the blonde, Gwen looked her up and down looking for any problems. She had yet to look at her face but she knew once she did should would have to be practically be dragged to their house across the city. Those little bitches were going to regret it whenever she got her hands on them.

Finally letting her eyes scan the blondes face, Gwen bit back a growl as she took in the bruises and cuts that littered her pale friends face. It was bullshit how she had to constantly be on the lookout for herself because other people couldn’t find anything better to do than to team up on her unprepared form.

“I’ll cut them.” Gwen seethed as she traced a finger along her friend’s cheek, grinding her teeth as Rosa winced from the slight pressure.

“It’s alright. It feels better than it did. I was in bed for a good three days because I couldn’t bear to get up and face anyone.” Rosa said with a small smile. Gwen frowned and then grabbed her friend’s hand, pulling her toward the exit and back towards the male that was waiting for his girlfriend to return. The red head stopped in her tracks as she recognized the very boy who had been causing problems for her friend for some time now.

“Liam.” Gwen said coolly as she slowly walked toward him. Rosa broke from her grasp and rushed over his side and grabbed his hand, giving him a small smile. The red head stared at the two and blinked a couple of times before shaking her head. “What the hell happened while I was gone?” She asked with shock evident in her voice.

Both Liam and Rosa shared a look and then she opened her mouth to explain but was cut off before anything could come out from her between her lips.

“They are together dipshit. The fight must have got them together.” Neji stated from a few meters away. The couple glanced at him and then eyed Gwen warily. She was standing in the same spot her eyes trained on the stoic face of the guy that she had just slept with the night before. The very guy who had caused her and the guy that she had been seeing for the past few years to break up. The same guy who she was attracted too even though all she wanted to do was punch the living day lights out of him. Biting back a retort Gwen eyed him with disdain before completely ignoring his comment and turning her attention back to her friend.

Rosa stole a glance at Neji and the red head that she had come to love. They were acting strange. Well Gwen more so than Neji, he was just a compulsive asshole. She knew from the experience of growing up with him. Squeezing Liam’s hand she gave him a tight lipped smile before also grabbing ahold of her friends hand to lead her to where the baggage claim was.


Neji eyed Gwen from across the room. She had been acting strange since that night where he took advantage of her drunkenness. He hadn’t expected her boyfriend to show up and to confront him like he did, and he really didn’t expect him to raise a hand at her. It made him wonder what all she had been dealing with for the past few years to please her father. He could relate, considering he helped his father run his dojo. He had to act a specific way and please people that he really could care less about.

Muttering a few words to keep his girlfriend happy, Neji kept glancing at her older sister. She had been sitting on the couch across the room eyeing the night sky through the massive bay window. She had been doing the same thing for hours, one a few times breaking her gaze to glance down at her phone. He could only assume it was because of Rosa. She knew she had begun to worry the moment that Gwen had decided to not bite off a retort to him. It had even shocked him. Usually she was the first to say the first thing that came to her mind. But for some reason she was able to hold back from saying the words that he knew would have eventually caused them to get into a heated fight. Besides he now had ammunition against her. He had seen her room, her house, met her boyfriend and had even heard her moans of pleasure. He could very well use all that against her.

Smirking to himself he turned his attention back to his girlfriend who was moving a chess piece across the board. She had practically begged him to play, to teach her. She claimed it was because she wanted to be able to beat her father at the game. He had heard plenty of stories from her about how her father was this amazing chess player. He didn’t really think it was that much of an accomplishment, it was just chess. But apparently some people didn’t grasp it as well as he did. Without hesitation, Neji moved his queen and captured her bishop causing her to curse under her breath.

She is getting better, he thought to himself.

At first he had won within three moves, but as they played she quickly caught on. Eying the board lying in front of him he couldn’t help but smirk to himself. She usually lost within three moves, this was the first time that she would have lost within six. Improvement indeed.


Gwen was practically jumping with anticipation by the time school started back up. And it wasn’t because she was excited for school. Oh she was excited for the look on Sadie’s pretty face. You know, when she slammed her knuckles into and rearranged it. She had plans for that girl, and oh how she wished they were in gym class in a weight room. She would have done to her that she had done to the last girl she had had an altercation with.

A dumbbell to the face.

Perfection. She still got shivers when she thought about how it felt to feel the force of the weight collide with the girls face. The cracks of bones and the gushing of the red liquid. It gave her somewhat of a high. She really could make a rather decent serial killer. Only problem was that she had the bad luck of always getting caught. So she decided to do the only smart thing she could think of, not pursue that career.

Besides she had promised her father that she wouldn’t send any more people to the hospital. At least for the rest of the year. She had about seven months left of being a good girl before she could finally scratch the itch that annoyed the living hell out of her.

Chipping away the nail polish that adorned her small fingernails she waited impatiently for the school bell to ring. She didn’t know the girls classes, but she knew that they had the very same lunch. She decided the night before that she would have a talk with her during that time. She didn’t really want all the attention but she was going to take one for the team. She had to do this for Rosa. That way people knew not to fuck with her friend. Didn’t matter who you were you did not mess with her friends. Besides Gwen had a feeling that the girl would be bee lining straight for the shy blonde, considering she did steal Liam right from under her nose. Or at least that is what Gwen had been hearing from the crowds of gossip mongers since she had arrived on campus.

Smiling a sadistic smile the bell rang and she rushed straight into the building. She had a few hours to plan exactly what she was going to say to the girl. The bitch was lucky that they would have an audience. It would save her from getting severely hurt.
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