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Hey, Red.

Screams from the Parking Lot

The counselor’s office was somewhat plain. The walls that had once been a stark white had faded into a disgusting off white color that had yellowish hues from the fluorescent lighting that came from the ceiling. File cabinets lined the walls beside the large desk. Fake plants were placed on top of the cabinets, trying to make the room more inviting and livable.

Gwen scanned the room as she took a seat across from the elderly woman that sat behind the desk. The woman hadn’t even noticed the young girl, being as she was too busy rummaging through all the papers that were scattered across her desk.

“Excuse me?” Gwen shyly asked as she sat her book bag on the floor. The woman looked up from the document that she was reading and examined the red head.

“Name?” The woman barked. Setting down the papers that she had once been holding, turning to face the dark computer screen. She tapped on the mouse and once it lit up she positioned her fingers to type, turning her head she stared expectantly at Gwen.

“Gwendolyn Andrews, Rory Andrews and Jezbelle Andrews.” She murmured, as the woman’s fingers started to tap away at the already faded keys. Gwen sat there for a few moments in silence; the only sound was the constant tapping against the ancient keyboard. The printer across the room lit up and started to print out numerous papers as the counselor pushed herself away from the lit up computer screen and towards the printer. Grabbing the papers the older woman skimmed through the numerous papers. Not bothering to hold back a scoff as she read through what was probably Gwen’s history.

Clenching her teeth, Gwen held back a retort that would probably get her and her sisters instantly suspended. Instead just choosing to smile a small smile. She wasn’t exactly surprised that the woman was disgusted by her file. Typically Gwen was a shy and exceptional student. Never getting into trouble, but she did have a red heads fiery temper, something that had been passed down from her father. It wasn’t her fault that her youngest sister tended to shack up with the most annoying guys that attended whatever school they had just enrolled in. It also wasn’t her fault that her sister normally went after the guys that already were in a serious relationship with the most influential girl at the school, and it was really not her fault that she was protective of her younger sister whenever the rumors started and the other students decided that she would be the perfect target to attack. They always just had to say the wrong thing to her, or shove into her because they thought it would be funny to attack one of the people closest to the freshman that went against their queen. But they soon learned that it was never a good idea to mess with the small red head.

What she had done to the girl that had attacked her at her last school, and sent her and her sisters to this school was still something that Gwen refused to talk about to her sisters. Even though both had tried repeatedly to get it out of her. All they knew was that the other girl had been sent to the hospital, and Gwen had charges pressed against her causing her father to get a long distance call from across the country.

Somehow her father got her out of trouble, but she was threatened with moving back home and away from her mother and sisters. Something that Gwen refused to do even though her mother practically ruined her and her sisters lives. She wanted to stay because if she left then Rory and Jez would be left to their own devices, and that was never a good thing. Left alone they typically fought, left alone long enough it would turn into a free for all cat fight. Something that Gwen always had to get in the middle of.

“Well it would seem that you have got into quite a bit of trouble in your past schools.” The counselor spoke up snapping Gwen out of her thoughts. Nodding in response the older woman handed the red head a small stack of papers.

“We will not put up with any type of violence at this school Miss Andrews; I suggest that you be on your best behavior so that I will not have to call your mother. Have a good first day of school.”

Nodding, Gwen stood up, grabbed her bag and stalked out of the office. Not even bothering to say goodbye or thank you the old woman. Sighing, she walked into the hallway. It was a bit busier than it had been not even an hour before, teachers were walking in and out of the office, and the schools principle was talking to a couple students probably about something they had done. Shifting her bag, Gwen walked past all the busy people, none of them even bothering to pay attention to her. Tightening her grip on the papers that the counselor had given her she pushed the main glass doors open and walked out into the crisp early morning air.

Outside there were hoards of students that were gathered around the schools courtyard, waiting for the first bell to ring so that they could go inside and get away from the cold air. Looking around for her sisters, Gwen shook her head. She should have never let them drive to school together. Looking up at the morning sky, Gwen turned on her heel and headed towards the student parking lot. Knowing her sisters, and oh boy did she know them, they were predictably still in the parking lot arguing about pointless things.

Smirking to herself as she walked closer to the parking lot, she saw a group of students gathered around one of the vehicles.


Gwen thought as she pushed people out of her way so that she could see what the crowd was all about. Breaking past the last few people Gwen came faced exactly what she thought she would.

Jezbelle Andrews and Rory Andrews were on the ground rolling around, both of their hands entangled in the others hair. Screaming at each other, both spitting profanity at each other. Shaking her head, Gwen grabbed a hold of both of her sisters and pried them apart.

“You guys have got to be kidding me! It’s the first day!” Gwen yelled, as her sisters both pushed themselves up from the ground that their sister had thrown them on. Brushing themselves off, Rory spoke up first as she pointed at the youngest.

“She fucking started it!” She screamed, grabbing her book bag off the ground. She wasn’t about to try to attack her sister again now that the red head was standing in between them. No matter how many fights that they had gotten into one thing that Rory knew for sure was that the smaller girl could back one hell of a right hook.

“What did you do Jez?” Gwen asked her face stoic.

The youngest Andrews girl just smirked and shook her head. Grabbing her purse that had fallen to the ground in the middle of the fight, sticking her hand in her bag she pulled out a billfold that Gwen recognized to be her eldest sisters. Shaking her head as Jez threw the object to her strawberry blonde sister and turned and walked toward the main entrance.

“Seriously?” Gwen murmured as Rory stuffed the wallet into her bag.

“Fucking seriously. I’m ditching her after school.” She huffed as she followed after her youngest sister. Gwen followed close behind, and replied,

“Mom said to stick together.”

“Dad said that, mom couldn’t give a shit.” Rory shrugged as she adjusted her bag and increased her pace.

The first bell had just rung, and if her and her sister didn’t hurry they would be late for their first class. As both sisters walked through the main doors, Gwen shoved a few of the papers at her oldest sister and then looked down at the map that the counselor had supplied and then proceeded to make her way toward her homeroom.
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