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Hey, Red.


Neji looked down at the petite blonde that had tightened her grasp on his arm. Staring down at her in curiosity he followed her gaze to the table that sat next to his younger brothers. He watched as the red head that he had caught earlier in that morning wave to the girl on his arm, a broad smile on her face. Making her features stand out, she was gorgeous. But for some reason he knew that she knew she was. And that was one of the biggest turn offs out there. A girl that was full of herself. Confidence was good and everything, but too much he just didn’t even want to bother with. He already had enough problems containing his anger when it came to half his classmates. Most of them stayed out of his way, which was surprising when the red head had spoken to him that morning.

His younger brother; whom he had just been talking too followed his gaze to the table and smirked.

“That girl right there, I don’t know what to think of her.” Brody spoke, making the girl on Neji’s arm jump. Neji looked down at his brother his eyebrow raised in question. The girl on his arm kept opening and closing her mouth as if she wanted to speak.

“She shoved me off Rosie’s desk this morning.” He said with a smile on his face. Neji just shook his head as he turned to look at the red head that was sitting next to one of the girls that his brother friend couldn’t stand. He had heard a lot about Rosa Cherry. Mostly her stalkerish ways is what was spread around the school. But it was the way that his buddy stared at her that made him go out of his way to find out everything that he could.

Neji’s best friend Liam had been eyeing the girls for the past few years, all the while dating his longtime girlfriend Jessica. Liam and Rosa had been paired up together for a project a year back and that was when the rumors of Rosa stalking his friend started. He could only imagine that it was Jessica that had started them. After that Liam stayed out of the petite blondes’ way as much as he could, but he couldn’t fool his friend, Neji knew that Liam stared at her whenever no one else was looking.

“Don’t!” said a small voice.

Snapping out of his thoughts he looked down at the freshman on his arm, shocked by her sudden outburst. Glancing over at his brother, he could tell that he had the same reaction.

“What?” Brody sneered, making the girl on his arm flinch. But that didn’t keep her from talking.

“That girl is dangerous trust me. Don’t mess with her… please.”

Blinking the oldest looked over at his younger brother. They were both shocked by the freshman’s outburst, but Neji couldn’t help but feel intrigued by the red head. She caused the normally outgoing girl on his arm to shut up with just a single look. And now she was practically begging them to stay as far away from her as possible. Too bad both Neji and Brody took that as a challenge.


The moment the final bell rang, Jezbelle made a run for it.

The last thing that she wanted to do was have Neji and his brother ask her more questions about her sister. So far they hadn’t realized that she was her sister, but she was pretty sure that the more questions they asked the sooner she was going to crack. She was just going to kill her sister for waving at her in the cafeteria.

Running out to the student parking lot, she quickly scanned for her older sisters. Spotting Rory by her car, she was probably waiting for Gwen who was normally out of the school faster than her. Rushing over to her sister she smiled and waved.

“What do you want?” Rory asked as she took a drag from her cigarette.

“I’m so sorry about this morning!” Jez rushed out, and then dug her hand into her pocket producing a twenty. Handing it over to her sister she finished, “Please take me home!”

Rory just smirked at the money lying in her younger sister’s hand, snatching it from her hand she proceeded to take another drag.

“Bitch please. You took that twenty from my wallet. Walk.”

Furious Jez turned on her heel and stomped towards the sidewalk. Of course her older sister would be a royal bitch and not help her out when she really needed her. And how the hell did she even find out about the twenty?! Shifting uncomfortably in her new shoes, she glanced down at the sidewalk as she walked. Typically the first days of schools worked out great. Her sisters stayed out of her way, she didn’t expect to see her sister during lunch. That had never happened before. Clenching and unclenching her fists Jez mumbled to herself, not noticing as a blue jeep drove up slowly next to her.

“Babe!” A voice shouted waking Jezbelle up from her trance. Turning her head to the side she sighed as she saw Neji and his brother yelling at her. Mustering up a fake smile she half way skipped to the car.

“What’s up?” She cooed, peering into the window.

Brody, who was driving just grinned at her response, but Neji still have stoic face like he normally had.

“Get in, we will give you a ride.” He said coolly.

Jez grinned once again, this time a real one as she opened the back door and jumped in. She sure as hell didn’t want to walk the five miles across town to her house.


The moment Gwen walked into her new house; she made a beeline for her bedroom that she thankfully didn’t have to share with either of her sisters. The house wasn’t as nice as the one that she had back at her father’s house, but she wasn’t bitching…yet.

Once she hit the door to her room, she swiftly kicked it shut as she stripped off her shirt and slipped off her pants. She didn’t like clothes; the most she ever wore was whenever she was out with friends or at school. The rest of the time she was only in cheekies and a sheer demi bra with an oversize button up shirt so that she could leave the room and get something to drink on occasion. Sighing in relief she plopped down on her bed and turned on her flat screen and then her xbox. She always felt her best whenever she was engrossed in video games.

Standing up, she buttoned up her shirt a little and made her way toward the kitchen. The only other person that was home was her older sister. Jezbelle was most likely walking unless she got a ride from one of the jackasses that she had most likely already started to screw. Either way, Rory and Gwen had a 20 minute head start to the house where as Jez was walking for 20 minutes before she probably got picked up. The red head chucked to herself as she undid the braid that had tied her hair back, leaving waves that went down to her mid back. Not dealing with her sisters fighting after school was rare, because normally Jez rode home with them. She was going to enjoy the quiet. Walking over to the fridge Gwen pulled the door open and grabbed the leftover food that she had got from the restaurant the night before. Something about flat bread and cheese friends always made her happy. Quickly shoving them into the microwave she pressed a few buttons and patiently waited for the timer to go off.

As she was waiting she heard the door slam open and voices fill the air. Narrowing her eyes she looked up the stairs and saw that Rory’s door was still shut.

“Fuck.” Gwen moaned.

A high pitch laugh echoed through the somewhat empty house and Gwen narrowed her eyes. She knew that laugh anywhere. It was her younger sister and she apparently got a ride home and even brought them inside with her.

The microwave beeped signaling that her food had been warmed up, grabbing her food and a fork. She walked out of the kitchen and headed for the staircase that was just off from the foyer. Not paying attention to the company that her younger sister brought home, Gwen made her way up the stairs. Not caring at all that they could see up her semi short t-shirt that showed her black lace panties.


Neji’s was in shock.

One thing that he didn’t expect was to see the red head from school walk past him and his brother and climb up the stairs in nothing but a t-shirt and underwear. Blinking a few times he couldn’t help himself as his eyes wandered to her exposed chest and to her ass as she seductively walked up to the 2nd floor with a couple take out boxes of food with her.

Glancing down at Jezbelle, he cocked his eyebrows and smirked. The girl was as red as could be.

“So you know her huh?”
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I love how I named the main guy character Neji. I just love that name, almost as much as I love Naruto. But alas this is not a Naruto fic. >.<

also, if you can't tell I'm not all that terribly good at writing in 3rd person, I'm so used to writing in 1st. sigh. Its difficult I tell you!

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