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Hey, Red.

Get Out

The moment that Gwen plopped down on her bed completely intent of scarfing down the food that she swore was made by the gods just for her. The door burst open. Staring angrily from the door stood her younger sister. Her face completely red as she stalked into the room and started to scream. Behind her were her sister’s new obsession and his younger brother. Narrowing her eyes, Gwen slipped off her bed and looked down to make sure that her shirt was still buttoned up.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing Gwendolyn?!” Jez yelled, as she rushed at her sister.

Gwen’s eyes narrowed at her sisters incoming form, sidestepping her she quickly tripped her sister causing her to fall on the floor. Swiftly moving away from the body on the floor, Gwen once again looked toward her door. This time Rory stood there in nothing but a tank and booty shorts watching the fight with a smile. She always liked it whenever Jez was stupid enough to challenge her older sister to a fight.

Ever since they were younger their father had always encouraged them to try different things. One of the things that Gwen had always wanted to try was martial arts, so at the tender young age of four, her father enrolled her in classes. And from then until her parents divorced Gwen participated in martial arts, going to competitions and finally gaining her black belt before her mother went crazy and decided to move away from her hometown on the east coast.

Gwen quickly positioned herself for her sister’s next attack. She was pissed, she didn’t like whenever her sisters barged in on her in the middle of her video games. And she defiantly didn’t like it whenever they barged in on her whenever she was about to eat delicious food. Not even bothering with the two curious set of eyes that were leaning in the doorway watching with curiosity. If the guys had been anyone else, Rory would have already started to take bets. But considering they were jocks and it was Jezbelle who had brought them home she wasn’t going to bother communicating with them. Because most likely in a few weeks Gwen would connect her fist to one of their faces and in turn get expelled once again. Rory knew better than to make friends, she just tried to keep her grades up so she could graduate, at whatever school that her younger sister ended up landing them in. Shockingly she had yet to land them back home; in their luxurious house on the east coast. With their father who would probably shut Jezbelle down the moment she brought home a guy.

Rory snapped out of her thoughts the moment she heard her youngest sister scream, and the two guys who were next to her moved from her side and rushed into the room to pick up the crying girl.

Gwen smiled as she moved herself from her position over her younger sister back to her bed. Laughing inwardly she watched as the two jocks picked up the bloody girl. The moment that her sister had got back on her feet she had rushed at her once again, this time with tears welling up in her eyes, giving Gwen enough time to pull her arm back and land a punch right between her younger sisters eyes, causing blood to gush from her nose.

“Get out Jez.” Gwen smiled, her eyes shimmering with delight.


Neji glanced up at from the crying girl and studied the red head that sat happily in barely any clothes on the large bed. He couldn’t help but smirk, the girl knew martial arts. Something that both him and his brother had been trained in for years. Picking up the bloody girl he followed his brother out of the room, watching as the other girl that had joined them in the middle of the fight laugh and say something to the girl on the bed. Shutting the door behind her, she walked up to the guys and shook her head.

“Her room is this way.”

Neji and Brody looked at each other before following the girl down the semi dark hallway until they got to the room that was almost to the end. The door was cracked a bit, letting light peek through. Opening the door the girl pointed toward Jezbelle’s bed. Maneuvering around the scattered objects and clothing Neji placed the girl on her bed. Still crying and bleeding, he wasn’t a doctor so he didn’t even really want to bother with it. Walking back to the door, he heard Jezbelle jump off her bed, run into a room and slam the door shut. He could only assume that it was the bathroom.

“We should probably go.” Neji muttered, as he shut her bedroom door behind him. His brother nodded as he moved away from the room and started to walk down the hall. Neither of them had expected to see something like this. The red head could pack one hell of a punch, one hit and her younger sister was floored.


Neji and Brody stopped walking and turned their attention the slim strawberry blonde girl. She was smiling, her teeth perfectly straightened.

“Stay away from Jez. Or you get Gwen’s wrath.”

Neji smirked as he continued to walk down the stairs and away from the nameless girl. Before stepping off the last step he called out,

“Yeah, bring it.”


Gwen was tense. Her food was forgotten on her bed as she heard the gorgeous guy practically challenge her. Clenching her fists so tight, she could feel her nails breaking her skin. Her younger sister had a fucking death wish, dating a guy who wasn’t afraid of her. She would show them. Standing up from her bed she stalked out of her room and into the hallway just as she heard the front door open.

“Hey jackass!” Gwen yelled from atop of the stairs. She could see the two figures still standing in the foyer ready to leave. Smiling inwardly she watched as one of them moved and appeared in the living room.

“What?” Neji asked, his eyebrows knitted together, His face showing a half way hidden emotion. He wasn’t used to being called out.

“Stay the fuck away from my sister. I don’t want to have to beat the shit out of you.” Gwen threatened.

The guy at the bottom of the stairs just stared up at her before he deeply chuckled. Gwen grinded her teeth as her heart sped up. There was something about this guy that was exciting. And the way he laughed made her feel on edge. In a damn good way.

“Like you could Red.” He chuckled shaking his head.

Narrowing her eyes, Gwen did the only thing that she could think of doing. The only way that she could prove to this guy that she was serious. With light steps, she rushed down the stairs and right as he turned to see her coming up on him she raised her fist and connected it with his face, throwing him to the ground. The momentum of her run had caused her knuckles to hurt him more than it would have normally. Standing over him, she smiled a sly smile and bent down making eye contact with him as he clutched the side of his face.

“Fucking listen.”

“Bro! Shit, you okay?” Brody cried as he rushed into the room, and helped his brother up from the floor. Neji’s eyes had taken on a dark hue as he stared at her. No one had ever dared to hit him before, and all those who had had regretted it immediately after. He wasn’t above knocking a girl out, especially if they hit like a man. And Red sure as hell hit like a man. Shrugging his brother off him, he leaned down so that his face was just a whisper away from hers. Her green eyes widened with how close he was but she didn’t back down.

“What is going on here?” Cried a pissed off voice from the entry way. Neji backed away from Gwen as Rory descended down the stairs. Her face impassive. Turning around, he watched as a skinny woman with platinum blonde hair walked into the room, her stilettos clacking against the wood floors.

“Nothing mom.” Came Gwen’s voice, she had voided it of any emotion, “I was just talking to Jezbelle’s new boyfriend.”

Putting her shopping bags down on the wood floor, the older woman looked Neji up and down and then turned toward his brother. Both boys were tense they weren’t that good with parents. But they were shocked as her angry face suddenly turned into a broad smile.

“Oh hello! Finally Jez brings home a boyfriend! I’m Cathy.” She said shaking both of their hands. Neji smiled and shook her hand, his other hand was still cradling his face that Gwen had just made contact with.

“Please tell me that Gwendolyn hasn’t been rude. She has a habit of getting into fights.” She laughed, as she shot her red headed daughter a dark look. Without saying a word, Gwen turned on her feet and walked back up the stairs. She wasn’t about to deal with the bullshit that always followed her mother.

“It’s nice to meet you Mrs.Andrews.” Neji replied politely, “But my brother and I were just on our way out. I’ll be sure to come back another time.”


“Dad called.” Rory murmured as she walked into Gwen’s room.

“What did he want?” She asked, as she lied down on her bed. The food still forgotten.

“He wanted to talk to you. He was wondering if we were going to come see him for break.”

Gwen didn’t say anything, only turning over on her bed so that her back was facing her older sister. Shaking her head Rory walked back out of the room, sparing her sister one last glance before shutting the door behind her.
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