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Hey, Red.

This Means War

“Her ass is mine.”

The entire locker room went silent as Neji walked out of the men’s showers with nothing but a white towel wrapped around his hips. His skin had a red hue to it, looking as if he had just been out in the sun for days without any type of sunscreen. All the guys stopped in the middle of what they were doing as they watched their prince stalk out of the men’s room and walk down the hall. Everyone looking at each other trying to figure out what the hell they had just saw.

Hand clutching his towel to his waist, he shoved open the women’s locker room and walked in. The room was filled with girls in the middle of getting changed, and some even walking out of the showers. Looking around the room, he was trying to spot the red head that was slowly becoming a thorn in his side. Girls squealed as he moved farther into the room, more of them laughed and some of them even lowered their towels to see if they could get him to take a quick peek at what their mama’s graced them with. But for once in Neji’s life he didn’t star at the other half naked women. He was only interested in one at this moment.

“Where the fuck is Gwendolyn Andrews?” He barked, making the girls that surrounded him stop with their antics. Looking at one another trying to figure out who he was talking about. “The red head! New girl!” he clarified.


Gwen pressed her naked body against the shower stall.

holy shit

She never expected him to barge into the women’s locker rooms. She expected to see him, red as could be whenever the final bell rang and everyone filed out into the hallways. Trying to breathe quietly, Gwen couldn’t get her heart to calm down. He yelled once again, but this time Gwen couldn’t hear. She had ducked her head underneath the warm water drowning out his intoxicating voice. Moving her head out of the steady stream her body stilled. The entire locker room had gone completely quiet. Not daring to move out of her stall, she lathered soap on her hands and started to wash the sweat off her body.

The curtain that closed her off from the rest of the locker room swished open startling the red head. Letting out a yelp she slammed herself against the back of the stall, her arms trying to cover her most private parts. There standing in just a towel around hips was the guy that she had just exacted revenge on. Blocking her only path to escape; and also her towel. She stood there like a deer caught in headlights. Her green eyes wide as she stared at the guy that made her blood boil.

Neji looked at her body, able to see the pink of her nipples through her fingers as she poorly tried to cover herself. Scanning his way from her red face down her pale neck, to her semi large breasts and down to the very area that any guy would kill to thrust himself into. Closing his eyes he pushed the dirty thoughts out of his head, barely containing himself he shifted on his feet so that he could discreetly move the towel so that his growing erection wouldn’t show.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?!” Gwen yelled, moving from the back of the stall and pushing her hands on his chest, trying to get him to move out of her way so that she could grab ahold of her towel so that she could wrap it around her exposed body.

Silently he stepped toward her, making her take a step backward. He was so much larger than her that his bulk completely outweighed her strength. Pushing her all the way back to where she originally stood when he first opened the curtain he reached over and turned the water off. Standing there wet, and adjacent from one another neither of them knew what to think. The moment he walked into the shower she hadn’t been able to form a thought. Only a few words kept forming, and those were ‘holy shit’.

Bending down he looked intensely into her eyes, not letting any of his thoughts filter through.

“Why am I red?” He asked his face inches away from her.

Staring at him with doe like eyes, Gwen couldn’t help but bust out laughing at his question. Here, both of them were standing naked in the woman’s locker room shower stall. And he was asking about why he was red.

“This is not funny.” He grumbled.

“Oh but it is!” Gwen laughed, “You look like a lobster!”

Closing his eyes in annoyance he pushed himself away from the hysterical girl. Leaving her behind in the shower stall. Gwen couldn’t help but smile as he walked out of the locker room. At that moment she knew, that she had won.


Neji sat in the slowly scrubbing his skin raw. He wasn’t entirely sure if he got the red dye off, but by gods he was going to fucking try. Throwing the bar of soap angrily at the ground he laid his head in his hands letting the steaming water run down his muscular back.

He had planned on yelling when he cornered her in the shower, but the way she looked; with her hair soaking wet framing her face and her body such a creamy white color he couldn’t help but stare. And when he finally was able to speak her response was to laugh at him.

The final bell had rung a good hour ago he had sat there in the showers as he heard his classmates talking and rushing out of the room and down the hallways. Turning off the water he stood, quickly drying himself off he walked over to his locker and pulled his clothes over his head. He would continue scrubbing once he got home. But one thing that he knew for sure was that this meant war. And he had already thought of a plan.

Walking out of the building and towards his car he pulled out his cell phone and scrolled through his contacts. If the girl wanted to play dirty then he would give her dirty.
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