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Hey, Red.

Hello? Daddy?

The week passed by without anything happening, and it was really starting to grind on Gwen’s nerves. After the dye episode she waited for him to try something, no she expected him to try something. But nothing had happened. Her classmates left her alone as if she had never insulted one of their beloved cheerleaders. Everyone acted as if she didn’t exist. And normally she would have been okay with that. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had pranked her sworn enemy.

It was finally Saturday and the only thing that she wanted to do was call her best friend from back home on the east coast. The one person that she could do and say anything to and there was never any judgment. Not bothering to put clothes on, Gwen fell back onto her bed and skimmed through her text messages looking for her friend Talia’s name. She never had anything interesting sent to her; other than the ones that Rosa would send her that was mostly about the guy Liam who she was obsessed with. What she was looking for was her best friend’s last text. Just a couple clicks and her phone would call across the country and connect her to her obnoxiously perfect other half. She only prayed that her brother wouldn’t answer the phone like he had done for the past few times.

Not that she had anything against the guy; she just never knew what to say to him since she left him high and dry the last time she visited without so much as a kiss goodbye. At the time she had opted to sneak around his room and slowly put her clothes back on, choosing to send him a text the moment that her plane had landed back in Oregon. Apparently that wasn’t something a girlfriend was supposed to do to a boyfriend, so their relationship pretty much had ended whenever she turned her cellphone off air plane mode. She hadn’t meant to piss him off, she just sucked at goodbyes. She always got so emotional and not in the whole ‘Bitch your face is about to be introduced to concrete’ sort of way.

Anger was the only way that Gwen was really able to express her feelings. Other emotions always made her feel uncomfortable. Even sexual ones always made he feel uncomfortable. Always opting to let the guy take over, she never really let loose. Unless she was with Talia, and had a couple shots in her. Then by god apparently she was a sex goddess. Talia’s words, not hers.

Sighing to herself, she threw her phone down on her bed. She wanted to talk to her friend, but she really didn’t want to take the chance. And if she told her that there was a possibility of her coming home for spring break then she would tell everyone and next thing she knew there would be a massive party with Tequila and kegs involved. She wasn’t entirely sure if that was how she wanted to spend her week back home. That spring break scenario was more of her sister’s type of thing.

Getting up from her bed she swayed over to her Xbox and touched the power button. It was Saturday, what better way to spend the day other than playing hours of video games and ordering the fattiest foods and eating pints of ben and jerry’s. Smiling to herself she walked out of her room and down towards the kitchen to grab her munchie marathon. Not bothering to cover her teddy that she typically slept in. It was eleven am in the morning and usually her sisters slept in until about two or three.

But apparently the gods didn’t like her this particular Saturday. Apparently they wanted to make her suffer in any form. The moment that her foot touched the bottom of the staircase her eyes widened and she stopped tracks.

There sitting in her living room was none other than Neji and the entire football team. Her sister Jezbelle and her mother sitting next to them chatting away happily. That is, until they noticed Gwen. Jez’s mouth dropped open and their mother’s eyes narrowed. Inhaling deeply, Gwen ignored all the eyes that were suddenly on her almost naked body and walked across the room into the kitchen. The seconds that it took for her to cross the room was almost unbearable. The silence made her want to scream at them. Already she could feel her body heating up with anger, if they kept staring at her she was liable to turn around and pound the first face that her fist came into contact with. Sighing a sigh of relief she crossed the threshold between hell and the room that held many pints of ice cream.


Neji couldn’t believe his eyes. Did the girl always walk around as if she had stepped out of a victoria secret magazine? All of his original plans to get back at her flew out of his head the moment she sashayed past him and his buddies. And he could feel the tension in the air, his buddies were all most likely fantasizing about her already and he could easily tell that her mother and his new girlfriend were livid by the fact that the girl was walking around in nothing but lace and elastic.

Clearing his throat, he caught the attention of everyone in the room. Nodding his head he stood up and thanked the older woman in front of him. She had already agreed to help him and his boys, with the help of his new girlfriend. Signaling his friends to follow him he led them through the front door.


“Gwendolyn Reyna!”

Wincing Gwen shook her head. She knew it was coming. Her mother’s high pitched scream. She really should learn to put a robe on or at least a t-shirt whenever she left the room. Not saying anything she walked out of the kitchen with a spoon stuck in her mouth. She had been waiting on the counter digging her spoon into the hardened sweet chocolaty goodness. The moment that she heard the front door slam shut she knew she was in the clear to walk back up to her room without getting lecherous stares.

Strutting into the room, she tried to hold back a groan at the dual stares of both her younger sister and her annoying mother. Swallowing a lump of brownie she smiled weakly.

“What do you think you are doing young lady?” Her mother growled,

“Uh…eating ice cream?” She questioned, her eyebrow shooting up. “What does it look like I’m doing? Walking a dog?”

“Young lady what do you think you are wearing?”

“Lace.” Gwen deadpanned, rolling her eyes as she made her way back up the stairs and into the sanctuary that she called her room.



“Hey Rory! It’s been a little bit since you called. What’s going on?”

“Oh you know nothing. I think you need to come visit.”

“…What do you mean come visit? Did something happen?”

“Mom is supplying highschoolers again. For Jez.”

“I’ll catch the next flight out. Wait by your phone; I’ll call you with the time I will be there.”

“Bye. Love you.”

And with a click Rory hung up the phone. She had woken up when Jezbelle’s boyfriend first came over, mistaking her room for her youngest sisters. After that she quit trying to get back to sleep and just decided to get up out of bed and find something else to do. That was when she had grabbed a book and walked to the empty den that was located downstairs right next to the living room. Closing the double doors behind her, she made herself comfortable on the bench that was built in underneath the bay window. That was when she overheard her mother and sister talking to a group of boys about the upcoming party that they were going to be hosting. It didn’t sit well with her, mostly because she knew how her younger sister got whenever she had alcohol in her body. Gwen wasn’t a good drunk; she turned from being the timid and somewhat angry Gwendolyn, into a nymphomaniac Gwendolyn, making out with any and every guy in her path. When they were home she usually had Dan her boyfriend keeping an eye on her. Making sure that all her slutty actions were directed towards him and no one else. But here, it was something entirely different. She saw how those jocks had looked at her as she walked past them into the kitchen. The worst part was that what she was wearing was one of the more innocent outfits that she owned.

Sighing she looked down at her phone as it lit up signaling an incoming text message. Her father had already booked the company jet to take him straight there. She had five hours to spare before she had to go pick him up, officially starting world war three.
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I'm having to channel my inner bitch for this story. Surprisingly its kinda hard. I've lost my edge.
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