In All Your Perfection


When I first met you, I could have sworn you were an angel from heaven. You had broken wings, but by the way you presented yourself, not many people would have figured that out. You were so beautiful; always helpful; encouraging to no end; full of advice and goodwill. Your heart was as big as your innocence to sin. Not a single person you encountered was left unchanged by you, darling. They felt the pure wonder that radiated from your soul.

You were and still are perfect.

I remember all the times when you would hold me as I would cry into your neck. You'd tell me it was going to be alright and that I would make it through whatever tribulation I was facing. You would then kiss my forehead tenderly, making pleasant tingles fill me, even down to my painted toes. I believed every word you said. Without fail, you were always right.

Memories of summer never cease to replay in my mind. The time we made love in the back of your truck on the Fourth of July still makes me smile. I'll never forget when you asked me to be yours the next day. We picked flowers and danced around bonfires and sang as if the end was coming.

It hasn't yet, but I'm terrified it will.

If there's a God out there, I pray that he'll heed the words of this sinner - don't let my lover fall for someone else.

I have to go away for a bit.... It's only four weeks, but it'll feel like four eternities.

Maybe I'm being irrational, and perhaps too clingy.

But he's all I got, he's all I'll ever need, and he's all I'll ever want.

Not many angels fall from heaven, and those who do don't usually stick around. But I found one who had no chance of returning, and now I'm scared that he'll be taken away.

So God, please, please, please... Do not let him forget me.