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Chemistry is Kerosene


Twenty year old Brian Dales wasn't entirely sure what he was getting himself into when he signed on with his band The Summer Set as a supporting act on All Time Low's Dirty Work tour.

He was vaguely aware of how huge this was for his band - the exposure they were about to get could really bring them to the next level. It made him excited but it also made him incredibly nervous. He was having a bit of an issue getting used to the idea of being the center of attention - which makes his lead singer career choice a little ironic.

Brian wasn't sure of a lot of things, but he was definitely not expecting to meet some a girl that would essentially knock him on his ass but on the third day of the Dirty Work tour, when Dylan Sparks came (literally) barreling into his life, that's exactly what happened.

"I am so sorry!" Dylan gasped from where she sat on the concrete sidewalk.

Dylan had been assisting Vinny loading in all the boxes of merch. She was carrying a box a bit heavier than she was capable of holding. Rushing to get inside before she dropped the box and unable to see where she was going, Dylan tripped on a bump in the sidewalk, barreling into the person who walked out of the venue just then. She ended up completely losing her footing and falling to the ground. The box of T-shirts crashed to the ground as well, merchandise falling all around her.

Brian stared at the disheveled girl on the ground, who looked extremely frustrated but still may have been the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He blinked a few times before he pulled himself from his trance and cleared his throat.

"No. I'm sorry," Brian said quickly. "I wasn't paying attention."

Dylan shook her head. "Believe me; it was my fault. I'm cursed," she muttered as she reached around herself to retrieve the shirts that fell from the box. She hoped none of them were too badly damaged because Vinny may have killed her. Just the day before she was helping him set up and managed to knock her entire cup of iced coffee on a box of posters. There was no saving them after that.

Brian quickly bent down to help the poor girl gather the shirts. Once they were all back in the box - none actually badly damaged, thankfully - Brian extended his hand to Dylan to help her up. She gladly took it and only stumbled once as she stood up. She wasn't sure if it was because she was Dylan and being clumsy was her thing or because for the first time she got a good look at Brian's face and realized he had the nicest eyes she had ever seen.

"I'm B-Brian," he stuttered after a few awkward moments when Dylan was standing and they were still holding hands.

"Dylan," she replied, quickly dropping his hand and clearing her throat. "Um- Which band are you in again?"

Brian gave her a warm smile. "The Summer Set. I sing."

Dylan nodded. "Right. I saw you guys for a few songs yesterday during soundcheck. You're good."

Brian smiled. "Thank you. You're lying. But thank you."

Dylan gasped. "I'm not lying!" she protested.

"Well, then, for real - Thank you."

"You're welcome," Dylan nodded, leaning down to pick up the box again.

"I got this," Brian said, taking the box from her when she immediately started to struggle.

Dylan thanked him as they started to head back to the venue. Brian walked inside as Dylan held the door for him. The box was heavy as shit - no wonder the poor girl lost her balance while holding it. He tried his best to not let her see him struggle.

"You can just leave it here," Dylan said, pointing to the area behind the All Time Low table where the other boxes were.

Brian put the box down where he was told and stretched his achy arms over his head. "That box was freaking heavy. No wonder you went down like a house of cards."

Dylan let out a laugh. "That may be true. But really, I am cursed."

Briannbnodded. "Well, that's the second time you've said that now. So I have to ask - why?"

"I'm a klutz. I trip, I fall, I bang into things and other people. I constantly drop things. I'm a mess."

"It can't be that bad.

"I've broke eleven bones. I've gotten stitches six times. And I've had four concussions," Dylan explained.

Brian's couldn't help the laugh that escaped his lips. "That sounds brutal."

Dylan shrugged. "After nineteen years you started to get used to it."

Brian laughed again. "No offense... But I hope that's never something I get used to."

Dylan smiled. "That's totally understandable."

Brian nodded and suddenly his nerves and awkwardness that flared up sometimes when he talked to cute girls came out and he wasn't sure what to say next.

"So, um- Which of the All Time Low guys are you dating?" he finally asked lamely.

Dylan laughed. "What?"

"I just figured-" Brian said quickly before she interrupted him.

"I'm not dating any of them. We've been friends for a really long time."

"Oh," Brian said, hoping she couldn't detect how relieved he sounded.

Dylan nodded. "Yeah. When Alex moved to Maryland from the UK, he moved into the house next to mine. My mom kind of made me be friends with him. But I guess something stuck because it's fourteen years later."

Brian nodded. "And you guys never..." he trailed off.

Dylan laughed. "Me and Alex? Heck no. Rian or Zack? No. Jack? A little bit."

Brian raised an eyebrow. "You and Jack?"

She nodded. "We dated a little over a year."

Brian felt less relief at this. "That's a long time."

She shrugged. "I guess. But it's much better this way. We are meant to be friends and I'm very much okay with that."

"Now what brings you out on tour?" Brian asked, glad to have a way to change the subject.

"Alex was under the impression that I was in a funk and essentially talked me into coming out with them and helping Vinny with merch."

Brian nodded slowly. "Why did Alex think you were in a funk?"

Dylan looked up at him quickly, suddenly aware of how much sharing she has already done. She was starting to feel a little awkward.

Thankfully Vinny had come into her view at that moment and she knew it was now time to get to work.

"Hey you two," Vinny greeted them when he reached the table, making eyes at Dylan.

She shot Vinny a glare before turning back to Brian. "Thanks for your help with the box," she said.

"Yeah," Brian nodded, realizing he was being dismissed. "It was no problem."

"I gotta get back to work now," she said, gesturing to the pile of boxes behind her. "So, I guess I will see you later," she said, unsure sounding as she turned and opened the first box.

"Yeah. I will see you later," Brian muttered before turning on his heel and heading backstage.

"You two are pathetic," Vinny said.

Dylan looked up from the box. "Excuse me?"

"Uh- I guess I'll see you later," he mocked Dylan. "Yeah-" he finished, mocking Brian.

"Shut up," Dylan hissed, whacking Vinny in the arm with the shirt she had in her hand.

"What? Why do I have to shut up?" Vinny rubbed the area he was just hit.

"Because. You're gonna make a big deal out of nothing. I was just talking to him. That's all."

Vinny laughed. "That's bull shit."

"It is not. We just said about sixty words to each other. It wasn't a big deal."

"But just between me and you - There's potential for something to be a big deal?" Vinny pried like a twelve year old girl at a sleepover.

Dylan shrugged. "Maybe? I don't know. I know next to nothing about this guy."

"But from what you do know, you like him!" Vinny decided.

Dylan rolled her eyes and knew there was only one way to get Vinny to stop speaking. "Yes Vin. He's cute. And seemed nice. I guess that could be translated to liking him."

Vinny beamed with pride. "You didn't really need to admit it. I could tell before I made it halfway to the table."

Dylan rolled her eyes again. "Just do me a favor okay? Don't mention this to Jack. Or Alex. Or Matt," she sighed.

The guys had a knack for being incredibly protective over Dylan.

"As a matter of fact... just don't mention it to anyone."