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Moving Forward

It's been a few months since Annie passed away. I try not to think of her too often because then I start to miss her and I realize how lonely my home life is without her.

It's amazing really, to look back on my life. I started off as this lazy, unproductive guy and now I'm doing a degree in photography. I love every minute of it as well, something I never thought possible. I've also made some new friends from my classes, they're all pretty cool, not as cool as Annie, no one ever will be but they're pretty close to it.

If it weren't for Annie's encouragement I would never have gotten this far.

Who would have guessed that one person could influence another person's life just as much as Annie did to mine?

I closed my laptop screen, it was getting pretty late and I had to get up early for a class. I put my laptop away and settle into bed, I closed my eyes and a smile drifted on my lips as I thought about Annie sitting on a cloud and looking at me with pride. Then she was pointing and laughing at how I'd forgotten to print the photos I'd need for my board for class tomorrow.

He's still my hopeless Greg!

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This was the last chapter in this series, thanks for all the support! :) Couldn't have done it without you all.